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  1. B

    Help finding new tires

    First, I have looked at every tire post on here and got some great info. However I'm still not sure what to do. I'm looking for new tires for the 1700 with the 240 rear tire mod. I've only had it for about a year and never purchased tires for it before. currently it has a scorcher ll T on...
  2. Rick M

    Shinko 011's - Found 4/10!! In stock

    Hey guys, I can't find a set of shinkos to save my life right now?! Any help would be appreciated. If not.. what's second best for a season until they come back?
  3. Rénier Jonas

    17" or 18"? That is the question...............

    Hi guys Newby here. How easy is it to change from stock wheels to either 17" or 18" inch superbike wheels? also, which size is best? Then lastly, what is the widest tyre that will fit front and rear with stock swingarm and between forks? Thanks for any advice.
  4. K

    Wheels with tires SOLD

    Cleaning out the garage. I need these gone. Essentially going to give them away and you will just pay shipping! $125 for the set!! The tires are about 7 years old at least and the front has had brake fluid on them lately so it may not be too safe (unless the tire rubber holds up to brake fluid)...
  5. U

    Milage variance with bigger tires?

    I used to get to about 114 miles before the fuel light came on with the stock tires, now I have a 170 on the rear, 150 on the front and it comes on around 90 miles? Does this sound right? Can someone explain it to me?
  6. Fire-medic

    History of motorcycle radial tires

    A very interesting article. See what multiple time world champion Freddy Spencer has to say about the importance of radial motorcycle tires. According to the article 1987 is claimed as the first year of available to the public...
  7. Bill Seward

    Solid rubber tires..

    July 3, had a flat on the rear of the Roadstar. I was about 15 miles from home and 25 from my friends shop. We used AAA towing to get the bike to Tims shop. A day and a new Michelin tube later, I'm back up. I went out to the garage yesterday afternoon, the damn rear tire is flat again.. I...
  8. Traumahawk

    Tires for aftermarket wheels

    I'm running Carrozzeria wheels on my 07 Vmax, so running a 120 tire up front, and a 180 tire on the rear. What tires or tires combos are everyone running? I'm running a Shinko Verge up front and a Shinko Stealth on the rear. Thanks

    Mounting tires at home

    I've thought about trying to mount my own MC tires for awhile. I've looked at the No-Mar equipment and mojolever but both mount tools are over $100. I bought an ATV almost 2 years ago and decided it was time to upgrade the tires. I belong to another forum and the guys posted up some great deals...
  10. Red Rocker


    I have read about every thread about tires on this forum and I knkw that Shinkos seem to be the tire of choice for many, I think I'm going to go with Michelin Commander II's. Size 170/80-15 rear and 110/90-18 front. I want the wider tire in the rear and quicker turning in the front. I have a...
  11. TheMeanSupreme

    Tires for my '90 Max

    Anyone have experience with Shinko 777's? I've heard the Shinko 230 is a good tire for the VMax but haven't seen anything about the 777 series. Need a rear put on today and found it, just hoping someone knows if this tire is a good fit for Maxine...

    Looking for some help on tires

    I'm buying a 2009 Yamaha Vmax 1700 and I have to replace the rear tire, I like to replace both tires at the same time, just my preference. What brand do you guys think are the better brand tires . Looking to replace with factory default size. Unless if a wider rear tire is better without having...
  13. N


    Will need to replace the tires before the summer. any recommendations on a decent replacement or is stock still a good choice?
  14. maxrom

    Shinko tires

    Hy, i would like to try Shinko tire this Summer for price and reliability i have stock wheels i go a little larger 180 / 70 / 15 It looks like the; SR777 is the one Is it the good one for weight and speed rate Any sugestion Regards :punk:
  15. J

    shinko tires 2 thumbs up

    Well the front and rear Shinko tires finally came it, "brake pads to" and I just finished taking it for a cold rip down the double lane highway. It feels much better than the dunlops. I can easily change lanes , maneuvers corners better and the front tire doesn't follow every crack in the road...
  16. Poolio

    New Tires

    Had the dreaded head shake/wobble at well over the speed limit. Definitely grabbed my attention. After checking the torque on the neck nut, I was looking at a bit of cash for the solid motor mounts and frame braces. After reading about people's experience with shinko tires and needing New ones I...
  17. C

    Very Good article on tires.... I watched the videos, of course I picked the crappy tires..... LOL.
  18. D

    Michellin Commander 2 tires? Dynabeads?

    So, my tires are shot. Currently looking at ME888 tires and Michellin Commander 2 tires The Commander 2s have STELLAR reviews everywhere I look and it even looks like they offer the 110/90/18 size now on multiple known sites! I'm thinking the best sizes (correct me if I'm wrong) would...
  19. W

    Radial Tires

    I have a friend who has a '98 V Max. I have the '06. He wants to trade his radial tire setup (wheels and tires) for mine because he's selling the Max. I have 2k Metzler 880's on mine which I am very happy with. These look like they will last at least another 5k and I have a lot of cornering...
  20. Fire-medic

    rear wheel/axle washer swap-fit wider tires

    I dunno why there isn't a rear wheel washer swap 'how-to' in this section, maybe it is and it's under another title, but I searched all the pages and didn't find it by title. Anyway, here is an excerpt from the "wheels & tires" section, with some added content before the article about my...