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  1. jdschmidty

    VMF Links

    Hey guys, was just on the VMF Links page looking for a good place to buy parts. A lot of links are dead. Where have you guys been buying in parts? I need a bunch of stuff, tank, sender, carb kits, etc.... If I find a good place I will put it on the VMF Links page.
  2. firebolt

    What is VMF emergency response program?

    I see a lot of you with a signature line that says this, and then a list of what I assume you can provide if someone breaks down in your area. When I do a search, I think it's registering everyone's signature lines? Is there a thread for this, or how do I sign up / how does it work?
  3. radley

    What is VMF Roadside all about?

    Vmax Forum = VMF? Roadside Assistance, and a guy can pick out what they may have to offer, as far as helping out other VMax owners? That's awesome. THis forum is the best I have gotten involved in, really. All you guys are much cooler than the crybabies found on the Beast of Hunting forum...
  4. Buster Hymen

    New VMF Vendor!!

    Welcome to Bon-86 and his company TheDigiSync.com. He produces a digital throttle body and carburetor synchronizer. Visit his website as there is a lot of information on it and synchronizing there. DigiSync's sub forum is located here.:punk: Their banner will be up shortly. Welcome to...
  5. Buster Hymen

    A new VMF Vendor!!

    I'm proud to announce Pero Motorsports as the newest addition to the VMF Vendor family! :clapping: Owner VMAXsuperstore ( Diane Pero) is an authorized VooDoo dealer and carry a great selection of Voodoo products from exhaust systems to custom parts. They also carry a full line of accessories for...
  6. Buster Hymen

    New VMF Vendor -- MadMax enterprise

    A big welcome to MadMax Enterprise as a VMF Vendor! :clapping: I believe most, if not not all, VMax owners recognize the MadMax name and are looking forward to seeing their great products. :punk:
  7. Buster Hymen

    VMF Roadside Assistance Application form

    Fill out the form here
  8. dannymax

    VMF Tee & sticker

    The sun finally came out for a few minutes so thought I'd grab a couple shots of the VMF Tee & sticker I got from Rusty. These are cool and I can't wait to hit the streets this spring with all my cool stuff! :hippy biker: Thanks Rusty!! :clapping:
  9. motomick76

    VMF Membership

    How does one become a member?
  10. rusty

    Get your vmf t-shirt now

    VMF T-shirts/patches/stickers/ Vmax logo caps :welcome_sign:Shirts & Caps made here--->http://www.impactd.com/ Gildan Quality Cotton VMF T-shirts (Black or White S/M/L/XL/XXL) $20.00 each + $4.00 shipping to USA addresses. VMF patches are $8.00 each/ Free shipping to USA Embroidered caps are...
  11. sdt354

    VMF Roadside Assistence

    Thanks Brian, I think this is a somple solution until everyone has access to a link for the program. If everyone that wants to participate just edits their signiture in the USER CP section we'll be up and running. Just include the information you're comfortable giving. I've included my cell...
  12. naughtyG

    coupla vmf site questions..

    1. Why has the Arcade been disabled for so long? :confused2: 2. When I click on the Videos button next to Search, I get told I am not allowed to view/post there. What is the reason for this? :ummm::ummm::ummm:
  13. Buster Hymen

    Another new VMF Vendor!

    A big welcome to the newest VMaxforum vendor, Cycle-istic! :clapping: Cycle-istic is run by MtnMax/Magniac and offers the Gen 1 owner a great backrest or backrest and rack combo. You can see the product here.Cycle-istic's forum is here and I'll turn it over to MtnMax/Magniac to answer any questions.
  14. Buster Hymen

    VMF can now host videos

    I finally got a script so that you can upload videos here and link/embed them in your message, like is currently done with YouTube. You can also upload pictures if you want to embed them in your thread too but I'd prefer to use it for videos. I've hit a bit of a snag with my host for encoding...
  15. Buster Hymen

    Welcome Exactrep as a new VMF vendor!

    Exactrep has join as the newest VMF vendor! :clapping: Many of your are familiar with the great products H has ( both Gen 1 and Gen 2) and I have one of his Gen 1 bellypans. Welcome to the forum! :cheers:
  16. rusty

    VMF Patches Are Here

    OK everybody our VMF patches have arrived,get yours now!!!
  17. sdt354

    Start a VMF list for Brothers stuck on the road

    I was talking to Gary and Garrett about starting a list of members in different areas that would be willing to help out a stranded member. Gary is checking on the site software to see what we can do with what he already has. Anyone familiar with the BWM owners list? It's a list of people with a...
  18. 2fear

    VMF shirts.

    Does anybody make the VMF shirts on this site? Could somebody make them? T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, polo, sweat shirts? I think they would sell.:ummm:
  19. VikingD

    Hindle contacted me here on VMF.

    Hey ya'll, I was asked by the gal (Alison) at Hindle for pics of my bike with thier cans on it for thier website. Mark's performance manufactured it for me, so its not actually thier exhaust. Just thier cans. Is there any problems you all see with this? I need to get ahold of Mark anyway to get...
  20. Buster Hymen

    VMF Links page not working

    It's been pointed out to me that the VMF Links page is not working... and it isn't! :damn angry: I'll be working on this and let you know when it is back on line.