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  1. Falaholic

    Rate my tire wear. Bridgestone Exedra 180/55/18

    Tire pressure 40psi. I take turns to the point that I'm scraping the kickstand. Lowered 1" internally.
  2. ga_max

    Uneven Brake Pad Wear

    This weekend I changed my front brake pads and notice something odd. My brakes are stock and when I removed the pads from both calipers one pad was petty much wore all the way down and the other pad still had lots of pad on it. The bike was stopping well before the change. What is this...
  3. W

    What Gear Do You Guys Wear?

    I've got an HJC full facer and a leather jacket. Whats everyone else wear?
  4. D

    Why tires wear the way they do

  5. davidon

    Brake pad wear limit?

    What is the normal brake pad wear limit 1 or 2mm?
  6. bagherra

    Someone must be telling me to wear my helmet

    Ran a quick errand and since it was a short distance (1-2 miles) I didn't gear up like I usually do. Riding along something hits me in the face hard and I'm like WTF! It felt like a big rock (I didn't see it) - it hit me right under my right eye and it hurt bad and was getting worse as I was...
  7. Miles Long

    Rear caliper rebuild, rotor wear

    This one's for all, but Mr. Morley may have a particular interest- I'm now working on my 3rd, maybe 4th, I can't remember, set of rear brake pads, on my '03 Max. The first two replacement sets were EBC FA 88(organic), the set in use now are O.E.M.($$$!), because that's all the dealership...
  8. Noxx72

    Uneven pad wear.

    About 4 months ago I changed my rear brake pads. At that time I noticed that the pad wear was exceedingly uneven, with one pad barely touched and the other almost gone. This morning, pulling my rear wheel for a new tire, I'm seeing the same radically uneven wear occurring, to the point where I...
  9. gamorg02

    fork bushing wear limit?

    Hey all got one fork completely dismantled. my lower bushing looks fine but the upper one has some minor wear marks. wondering if these are well within spec or should i be replacing them or should i stfu b/c i only have 12k miles on the bike. fork seal and circlip were so f'n rusty. wow i...
  10. specter

    What does everyone wear for helmets?

    Helmets What kind of helmets does everyone use?My wife and i are buying new ones,but cant decide what to get. We like the kind where the face flips up but their not snell aproved so she isnt sure now. We're looking to spend about $300 apeice,any suggestions?Also does anyone have the flip up...
  11. zippo6

    Motivation to wear your gear

    I just stumbled upon this. **WARNING - Images are VERY Graphic** If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to look, but I do feel it's something we all need to see. http://forum.svrider.com/showthread.php?t=105585
  12. 1

    rear brake pad wear

    taking of top inspection cover i notice the outer pad looked thick and the inner pad was half as thick is this normal....thanks 06 4500 miles
  13. Rusty McNeil

    Uneven brake pad wear

    Has anyone else noticed this? My inboard pads, the ones closest to the wheel on all three calipers always wears out sooner than the outboard one. Not a by a lot and I definitely don't have a sticking cup. It's more like the caliper design doesn't send equal pressure to both sides of the...
  14. firefly

    Do A/F mixture scrwes wear out?

    Do they wear out, rust, get clogged or is it just the rubber O-ring condition deteriorates? I have 30K on the bike, never took them out yet but planning to do so this week end. any comments appreciated. Thanks. ________ ultimate fighter