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  1. T

    Vmax 1200 cc 2001 bad earth connection

    Thanks to everyone that contributed to other thread i created about having hot start issue with my vmax Vmax first Gen hot start issue. After going through the tips on the thread, someone suggested most likely the issue is due to bad earthing. I took a look at the bike by removing the seat and...
  2. shawnlee

    wiring harness connectors

    I pulled mky 01 vmax motor out of the frame to repaint. That turned out great. What didn't is the fact that I am having a LITTLE problem making sure all the connectors are properly connected:ummm: Someone once took pictures step by step of a complete carb tear down and rebuild,which I have...
  3. K

    Headlight wiring

    I will be installing this vrod led headlight. I just want to confirm. Per the pic, the low beam and high beam are two separate connectors, so I will be cutting those. So I should just connect the VMAX green wire to the low beam red and the VMAX yellow wire to the high beam red and then attach...
  4. K

    Electrical parts including COMPLETE wiring harness

    Wiring harness: $55 shipped Rectifier: $50 shipped Ignition box: $60 shipped (bought this as a replacement a few years ago so it works perfectly) Fuel pump: $65 shipped (includes surrounding brackets) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. P

    Haynes/Clymer wiring diagrams

    A few weeks ago I bought a 1993 USA spec (imported from Japan) that needed a bit of work. I got it through an MOT but since then have been sorting out a few electrical oddities and gremlins. In the process I have found that even though the frame and engine numbers and characteristics say it's a...
  6. G

    Fixing Headlight Wiring

    Alrighty.. so I'm rewiring the headlight to remove the non-sense LED monstrosity that the PO put in. For one when the light was on low-beam there was just a small LED ring that glowed, no light. When it was on highbeam it was a DIM light that was unsafe to even ride with at night...
  7. D

    Front left turn signals wont work

    My front left turn signals won't work on my '96 (one mounted on fork, one in the mirror). I just got this bike and I'm not familiar with the max's wiring; where should I start in diagnosing this? Everything looks hooked up too.
  8. Roodillom

    Please help with turn signal wiring colors!

    I have a 2007. I am trying to install LED turn signals on it. All of the info that I have found shows the wires from the bike to be colored. Bur mine are black. Two are formed together and one is separate. I think one has a stripe. What's worse is that the signals came with no color codes. The...
  9. ImCannibal

    gauge cluster wiring?

    It's there an alternate location to splice into the gauge cluster lighting? I installed an aftermarket speedo with leds for turn/hi-beam/oil/neutral and I'm trying to find somewhere other than the back of the original gauge cluster to tie into those since the wiring is so tight and a pain in the...
  10. rex4x4

    fuse is good but no headlight or dash lights

    checked my fuse and its fine . my headlight (high n low) doesnt work and neither do my dash lights . turn signals still work . anybody have an idea ? thanks
  11. eggohead

    Wiring for mini turn signals

    Since I keep forgetting to make sure I tag the wires, here is a diagram that that might help.. Or at least I will know where to look.
  12. J

    hella horn wiring diagram and relay question

    I want to go with the Hella dual horn set up...does any one have a wiring diagram to hook up two horns with a relay? Can I use this relay (in pic)...I have a box of these relays....it has 30, 85,86 ,87 and 87a..if so , how would I wire this up to a two horn set up? What gauge wires and what...
  13. W

    Wiring issues after the fire damage fix.

    Hi all, I have just replaced the entire wiring harness on my Vmax after my old one nearly burned in two in the fuel pump area from a fuel fire. Haven't pinpointed the cause yet, but I did discover that tank vent valve was clogged. I did find a lot of cracks in the fuel pump diaphram, and the...
  14. R

    Later model tacho to early model wiring differences

    Hey guys, I've done a fair bit of searching today but can't find anything on the forum on the mods that are required to put a post 93 model tacho assy into an earlier model. I've ascertained there was a colour change of the plug, from white to red, and whilst it is possible to interchange them...
  15. T

    Wiring front LED signals and rear Clear Alternative integrated brake light/signals

    Wired the signals up and they just flash versus individually signal. Any thoughts? Fronts are the basic LEDs and I wired hot to hot, ground to ground and didn't use the blue (running light) and they both flash at the same time regardless of using left or right turn signal switch. Same in...
  16. ga_max

    Simple Horn wiring question

    Ok, I've got 2 new electric horns that I want to mount on my Max. From reading many threads I'm planning to add a hot wire to the positive battery terminal (which is a pain to access) with a 30 amp inline fuse. This will lead directly to the horn relay. For the negative on the relay I will run a...
  17. th3_mo3bius

    Permanent brake light

    Hello all, long time no post. For my Gen 1, I tried fixing the hot start/charging problems...result warm starts now possible (have yet to get to the starter) but went riding yesterday and found out that my brake light is permanently on. Wiring work of late was 2 things (third side note is: also...
  18. Sidecarjohn

    Wiring colours ?

    OK, accept that electrical stuff requires a qualification in witchcraft, but sometimes I do reasonable. However, two issues have led to some elderly self doubts. The bike has US spec wiring. The first results from a previous owner wiring in twin warning lights to supplement the standard...
  19. M

    '06 gauges in '89 Max wiring question

    Picked up a bunch of gear from a retired '06 including the tach gauge cluster. Looks identical except for the fuel light wiring, theres and extra pin in the red connector (black on red wire)...My harness connector is black. What is the wiring mod needed or does the '89 sender have to be used?
  20. F

    Aftermarket Wiring Harness?

    Does anyone sell a complete aftermarket wiring harness for the Vmax? I recently bought an 86 model and one of the previous owners rewired or bypassed nearly everything on the bike. I downloaded a copy of the wiring diagram from this site which helped some but not enough. I'm to the...