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  1. M

    Just installed VooDoo exhaust on my '14

    Can anyone tell me if the fmu will compensate for this exhaust or if I am in danger of running too lean if I do not have it re-flashed?
  2. CaptainKyle

    Zx -14

    Lee always impresses me he is a good rider. He put his ZX-14 back to stock wheelbase & put the stock wheels back on it and ran 9.02 on his first pass. All stock motor on pump gas with just a couple bolt ons. In this Florida heat with bad air that is a nice pass.
  3. vmax2extreme

    Maryland Ride Sunday July 14

    When: Sunday July 14 Time: 2:00 pm Where: Meet up at Lou & Joe's in Mount Airy, MD to ride Pulling together all of our local vmax riders to get the posse together again. I know we have well over 12 vmax's in the state since 7 showed up for my Tech day and I talk to quite a few on here too...
  4. VMike

    Adventure on the ZX 14

    I know this isn't a ZX 14 Forum but just wanted to share some pics and observations of the big Ninja. I picked up the bike on Sunday August 5th in Atlanta and six days(2472 miles) later arrived in San Diego on Friday August 10th. My friend rode from San Diego to Dallas and met me for the ride...
  5. VMike

    Getting a ZX 14

    Buying a '06 in Atlanta with a little over 14,000 miles. Flying into Atlanta on Aug.5th with a large tank bag(29L) with a few odds and ends,my riding gear and helmet and riding it back to San Diego. Giving myself 5 days to complete the trip and hooking up with buddy in Dallas,Tex.who is riding...
  6. twistedmax

    Maiden Run 4 14 12

    Looks like lebanon valley opens next weekend for test and tune, Im 90% sure I'll be riding up mid to late morn, Make a couple passes with Percie to see what we can do, then ride home. Anyones more then welcome to come along or meet up there.
  7. Rusty McNeil

    14 year old twins scale the universe

    14 year old twins scale the universe..... This is pretty awesome and worth the time....I promise. Hope they got an A http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/page/scale-universe-cary-michael-huang-california-high-school-15573968
  8. 1967vmax

    Drag Race Ricky Gadson an win a zx 14

    You guys can goto www.kawasaki.com and they have a contest you sign up for tell them about yourself and experience and you may be chosen to drag race Ricky Gadson and win a new zx 14. Not to mention it would be bad ass if one of us vmax guys beat the man!:punk:
  9. M

    Progressive rear shocks series 14

    I picked up a Corbin seat and the seller threw in some shocks and extra springs. Progressive 14 Series (13 inch): 14-1283B and black springs 03-1394/B: 75/120. He worked for Yamaha and used to do testing on V-max. Said they'd fit, but I don't see that model of shocks cross-referenced for the...
  10. vmax2extreme

    Nov 14 Ride in MD/VA

    Hello fellow riders, I am trying to see if anyone is interested in catching up on Sunday Nov 14 for an all day ride event? The route hasnt been set in stone yet so I am still up for suggestions. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
  11. C

    '01 V-Max vs. Concour 14

    My buddy recently purchased a Kawasaki Concour 14. He challenged me to a race and my '01 Max won. My Max has Stage 1 carb kit, K&N air filter, and Kerker slip ons. From a 10 MPH roll, I pulled 1.5 bikes in 1st, 1/2 bike in 2nd, 1/2 bike in 3rd, and was pulling him in 4th when I shut 'er down...
  12. C

    Max blows away Concour 14

    :clapping:My buddy just got a Kawasaki Concour 14 and thought he'd blow off my '01 V-Max. Not! My Max (Stage 1 carb kit, K&N air filter, and Kerker slips ons) pulled him 1-bike length in 1st, 1/2 bike length in 2nd, 1/2 bike in third, and I was pulling him in 4th when I shut 'er down. That'll...
  13. shawn kloker

    07 zx 14

    I just found a deal on an 07 ZX 14 that I might not be able to pass up.Stainless 4-1 muzzy exhaust with carbon fiber oval can.3k miles.
  14. M

    Rock Falls Raceway Sept 14, anyone going?

    Anyone going to Rockfalls Raceway near Eau Claire, Wis. on Sunday Sept 14th. It is bike day only. I will be going. let me know if you plan to attend.
  15. maleko89

    Gary McCoy - Vacation from August 8 through August 14

    Gary wanted me to let you know, please call University instead of emailing during this time. There are other guys who can take your order. Mark #1098