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  1. ImCannibal

    Stock '93 rear wheel

    Bone stock '93 rear wheel, has a half worn tire on it. I don't need it anymore due to selling my max. Whoever wants it, its yours, just pay for the shipping and packaging. Pictures in the attachments.
  2. TheMeanSupreme

    Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors

    *SOLD*Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors *SOLD* Listed these parts last year but was a noob to this site and didnt know I had p.m.'s. Sry to anyone who was interested and got no response. Selling the whole set-up for $150, buyer pays shipping. May entertain reasonable...
  3. CaptainKyle

    93 up chrome front end.

    Please email not pm [email protected] Complete late model front end all chrome with progressive springs . The handle bar risor is flaking underneath the speedometer you can not really see it when the speedometer is mounted. I do not have a chrome turn signal crown. This is for the...
  4. F

    93 VMAX in Fort Worth for sale

    It's got a corbin seat and the passenger backrest, the lower crashbars and I have the winter and summer windshields all from Yamaha. It's got just over 44K miles on it. Runs good, the idle jets need a little cleaning. I just replaced the front fork seals. I replaced the lead acid battery with a...
  5. 93max

    Plugs from my 93 Max

    Well I had some time today after a lil ride :biglaugh: to see what the plugs looked like from the previous owner. Here they are. I know this isn't a throttle chop...but it looks a lil lean to me. As far as I know, it's completely stock. Exhaust everything. Thoughts?
  6. C

    93 vmax bogs when you rev it?

    Hi I got a 93 v-max it was running great then it started missing and bogging when you try to take off from a stop. I thought it was the carbs being dirty so I shot gunned them and it was the same. while messing around with it my fuel pump died and I fixed it, but no change.. anyone got any...
  7. B

    93' Vmax for Sale

    I'm selling my '93 fully custom Vmax, listed at 11,995.00. As you can see by the pics, there would be a lot to list, so I will let the pics speak for themselves. If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them. You can also contact me at 402-672-6842. Thanks.
  8. D

    93 vmax ignition no fire...pls help

    Hello everyone, im very new to this site and ive owned my 93 vmax for bout 15 yrs or more, its been garaged and barely rode or even started for many years now, I know I should be made to walk the plank!! Last times I did start it, it back fired pretty bad bc of the carb being lil glogged..Smart...
  9. B

    93 vmax w/ upgrades Birmingham Al

    Sold 1993 vmax 43k Progressive springs 2" drop Progressive 412. 11.5"rear DD clutch mod Micro machinev boost programable controller w / light Led taillight and tag holder Brake light led reflector at grab bar 4 to 2 to 1 Kerker exhaust with cut down can 10" (very load) Jetted...
  10. tothemax93

    93 vmax

    https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/4952384078.html not mine, but looks like new.
  11. rebeltaz83

    87 octane vs. 93 octane

    read on here when i joined most everybody runs 87, i also ran 87...... one day a month ago i decided to fill up with 93, seems yamaha calls for a min. of 91...... not sure about anybody else, but i bet i gained atleast 5 horse by switching to higher octane.... the throttle response, and the...
  12. R

    Strange engravings on a 93 VMAX motor

    Hello, I am a neebie VMAX owner but I have been reading various posts\threads in this forum for about a month. The VMAX that I bought is a 93 model which hadn't been started in about 3 years. The carbs were so gummed up to a point where the throttle could not be rotated. They have since been...
  13. wnelson

    93 VMAX 2nd gear elusive shim and specification

    Okay, I have started the project. It is my 93 Vmax with the bad Second gear. I purchased all of my parts online. On the parts fish for a 1993, they show a spacer or shim between the bearing and the first gear wheel. It is shown as item number 25. There are three item 25's shown under the parts...
  14. donnelly317

    93 vmax 3000 original miles!!

    The Yamaha dealer just got a 93 vmax with 3000 original miles. Its a deep purple I like it.. all original. Has case protectors and sissy bar. Never saw a drop of rain!!! Ask 5500. Its in alexander NY Sunnyside cycles.. inbetween buffalo and Rochester ny. I will get pictures if anyone is...
  15. Ramalama

    93 Vmax with 93 FZR1000 Front Forks Questions

    I have some suspension setup questions about my Vmax that I need some help with. First off, it's a 93 Vmax with USD fork conversion, sport bike wheels off of a gsxr, works connection rear shocks, and a Fischer Millenium swingarm. The front forks are from a 91-93 fzr1000 and it has MEK triple...
  16. J

    93+ Front Caliper Seals

    http://www.partshark.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?section=676403&category=motorcycles&make=YAMAHA&year=1993&fveh=17997 Looks like this is the place for seals. I went to a local guy and they wanted $114 for the 2 sides PLUS shipping just for the seals. Like $300+ for the pistons. Outrageous...
  17. SeaTownV-Max

    Morley's Hayabusa Brakes for Pre '93 V-Max

    Hey guys, much more, including some pics to follow on this but I wanted to let you all know I got my parts from Sean Morley for my brakes upgrade for my 1990 'Max. Sean sent the parts out last week, when he was still waiting for payment from me for the parts. That meant that by the time I...
  18. R

    93 swingarm - 92 vamx

    Does anyone know if a 1993 swingarm, diff and axel shaft will fit on a 1992 bike? Thx Russ
  19. C

    neglected 93 VMAX..............

    Yes, I'm guilty. :confused2: Let it sit too long while I enjoyed my other motorcycles and other diversions. She was a cherry when I bought her from her first owner in JAN 2001, with only 4950 miles on her odometer. He had just had her serviced at the local Yamaha dealer and brand new Dunlop...
  20. HDKILA

    93 Octane for the Max....

    I have never once put high octane in my Max. I always put 87, but after reading the "clicking" post I decided I would see if high octane stopped my clicking in the motor. Not only did it stop the clicking metallic sound (it was very faint) that I would always have BUT dam does the bike seem...