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  1. steamer97

    Ever have a bad 2nd gear???

    Then Sympatico this!...
  2. H

    Runs bad once hot

    Alright guys I'm out of ideas. I'm putting my friends 99 back into service after a long storage, and I've been through pretty much the whole bike. I overhauled the carbs, put in a new fuel pump and filter, cleaned all chassis grounds, eliminated the stator plug, have the regulator-rectifier...
  3. H

    Bad Fuel Pump? Let's get some opinions

    Hey everybody, I just finished bringing my friend's 99 back to life. I adjusted the valves, rebuilt the carbs, changed all fluids, rebuilt the forks, rebuilt all of the brakes, rebuilt the clutch slave, new fuel filter, and put on new tires. I fired it up yesterday, let it get hot, and got the...
  4. Conman

    Parting out '88 (Bad 2nd) -SOLD-

    Alright, the time has come to part out my '88. I am keeping the exhaust, carbs, airbox, windshield, backrest, engine guards, light brims, and seat. I would like to offer the motor as a complete and running unit so for now that's all or nothing. $600 and whatever is remaining of the rest of...
  5. Bill Seward

    Bad day in Roadstarville..

    Riding the Roadie this afternoon, and the 5th gear turned into a neutral. The tranny made a little noise, and the gear was gone. The bike shifts into 5th, but won't drive. All other gears work fine. I'm thinking I'll be saving up over the winter for a transmission job. Good thing Godzilla is...
  6. Conman

    FS: Clean '88 (Bad 2nd)

    I'm testing the waters to see if there's interest in my '88 with 2nd gear on its way out after 42k miles. Looking for $900, will be parted out if there's no interest. Good: It's extremely clean and well taken care of, runs/drives/shifts flawlessly aside from issues mentioned below Good...
  7. Fire-medic

    Canadian bad news

    What's gonna happen, is probably the dissolution of Sears Canada.
  8. jdeitz1979

    Morgan carb sync, gone bad?

    Can these not work properly? This is why I ask. I sync my bike, and if I think works well. I let my buddy use it on his Suzuki bandit 1200 sv and he claims he runs worse when he gets them all in sync according to the tool. So he approaches it (tuning) free hand, going by sound, response and...
  9. C

    bad gas milage and missing plugs

    Im looking for a little help with a '97 gettting around 16 mpg. I just got the bike so I don't know any history on it. the only aftermarket items i notice is the supertrapp exhaust. One of the coils was bad so i converted it to COP. Everything else seems to be stock. Each carb is missing a...
  10. davidon

    Bad caliper seals?

    6 pot calipers, I've got funny brake caliper feel and was wondering what the symptoms are for the seals going bad. I rolled downhill and applied partial brakes and it feels like the pistons are grabbing all of a sudden (not gradual braking as normally happens) at one point during wheel rotation...
  11. DRWard

    Bad Rectifier/Regulator?

    First of ALL, thanks to Buster for posting the sticky about charging sytem troubleshooting, I think I am heading in the right direction. Also, apologize up front for long post, thought I would try to include what I know. Came home the other night after riding several hours. Bike would not crank...

    And you think you had a bad day

    This could make you have a bad day.. it didn't even get hurt much.

    Talking about having a bad day!!!!
  14. L

    bad noises from crank case

    2000, stock, 35k miles, So here's what happened..... bike ran fine Friday on the way to work. About 2 miles from work it sounded like I had an exhaust heat shield vibrating some where near the front of the engine. By the time I got to work it was definitely not a loose exhaust noise. It sounds...
  15. Lotsokids

    DARN the Bad Luck! (Honda CR125R Dirt Bike Engine Seized)

    TWO DAYS AGO I bought a 1989 Honda CR125R so I could go dirt riding with my son, who also has a Honda 125 dirt bike. I paid the equivalent of about $500 for it. Well, I tested it before I bought it, and everything was fine (except hard starting with the kick start). Went riding today and the...
  16. Zeus36

    Brazilian Motorcycle Cops Helmet cams catching the bad guys!

    I usually watch videos of bikes getting away from the cops. This is from the police POV: Part 1. Part 2. Video quality is not great, but I found these enjoyable to watch.
  17. U

    Bad crankshaft

    Hello, I have a 1988 Vmax with 19,000 miles on it. It had a horrible lower knock so I pulled the motor on it and dug into it. The knock was coming from a rod bearing that had spun on the left front cyl. and scored the crankshaft journal some. Does anyone know the limit that the journal can be...
  18. tinman22

    Smoke bad bad smoke.

    Can anybody tell me where the holes on the side of the heads between the first and second polished rib go? I can't find any reference to them in the books.
  19. H

    Bad to the bone

    This guy has had this Vmax posted up for a long time, maybe someone else already posted it up to the forum - but if not take a look. I'd love to see a video of it running. Lord knows how much money he spent. Personally, I would much rather build my own that buy one that's already built - but if...
  20. Traumahawk

    You know its bad in the U.S. when.....

    SAN DIEGO – More Mexicans are leaving than moving into the United States, reversing the flow of a half-century of mass migration, according to a study published Thursday. The Pew Research Center found that slightly more than 1 million Mexicans and their families, including American-born...