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  1. K

    Kuryakan bars with foot rests

    $150 SHIPPED Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. O

    WTB Drag bars

    Looking for a nice handlebar prefer drag bars if anyone's selling one or can recommend a good place to order one
  3. Zeus36

    Three piece Danmoto Clip On bars - or - flipping the stock bars ?

    Decided to try out the Danmoto bars and spent half a day getting them configured. Due to it being a three piece setup, there are a lot of permutations. I wanted the clamps to have the stubs oriented at 9 and 3 to clamp the risers to, but that ran into a fitment issue with the master cylinders...
  4. M

    Crash Bars and K&N Filter for stock airbox

    filter $20 plus shipping Crash Bars, decent chrome with a scuff or two. $60 plus shipping I live in Stafford Virginia
  5. S

    Weld on mounts for brace bars.

    I'm about to make a start on my frame brace bars. Concern is my weld on mounts may interfere with motor removal. Any recommendations ?
  6. cuathetop

    28 or 32 inch drag bars?

    Im gonna put drag bar on bike this winter and was just wondering some opinions on size i was thinking of going with the 32 inchers anyone have and if so do you like?Would i be running into any issues? mods? I have a riser now so im sure that will help. I figured wider was better for me. Thanks...
  7. 2

    Why do most or all vmax bikes have a front end wobble if you let go of handle bars?

    ? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  8. BigJimi

    Handle bars seem to out of line?

    I have notice that when I riding the handle bar seems to be pulled back more on the right side, when I have the bike on a rear stand if I move the bars straight the front tire slightly turns to the left:bang head: Is it possible for the handle bar risers to have moved and need to be adjusted...
  9. BigJimi

    looking at drag bars

    Hello to all, I want to replace the stock bars with some drag bars, its more a comfort thing but I do really like the way they look too! I found some that are 7/8" thick 30" wide with a 3" pullback no riser, how wide can you go with the stock cables? Thanks.
  10. Poolio

    Drag bars

    Put the new bike master drag bars on with my 13 yr old son this weekend, for $20 im very happy. Went on easy, don't hit the tank. Mirrors could use some stretching lol. I'm a 6' 4" tall rider and for me it's more comfortable and I believe easy to corner with. Ordered new grips but became...
  11. J

    This is why everyone should invest in crash bars.

    Was riding to work today, accelerating away from a stop light and a car up ahead decided to abruptly pull over and stop on a road with no shoulder (I saw this after I got up) and the 2 cars behind him slammed on the brakes. Being that we were accelerating, and it's 45 degrees, and I panicked...
  12. supervetteracer

    Do any WIDER bars fit my stock cables?

    Let's face reality here, the VMAX is not exactly good at turning. And the bars are so close together that they just don't feel right. Are there any bars available that are wider but don't require me to change cables and hoses?:ummm:
  13. M

    Drag Bars

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the difference of the UFO drag bars as opposed to the ones on ebay? Price is quite different didn't know if the quality was that much different? And feedback would be great, thanks!!!
  14. B

    Black drag bars

    Anybody have any pics of black drag bars installed. I think I am going to go the drag bar route but can't decide on black or chrome....
  15. T

    What kind of handle bars you guys running?

    As the title says, what kind of bars are you guys using, and what kind of riding do you normally do? Seems like the popular ones are the morley's drag (with or without a riser) or this super bike bar. Do these both fit stock wiring? Anyone used the bar from Sportmax? I usually do highway riding...

    Drag bars and Buell Pegs Review

    I just installed Drag bars and Buell pegs to my 97 VMAX AND all I can say is wow what a difference. The pegs took a little time to modify but well worth it. I am 6'4 and 225. I highly recommend them to anyone over 6' feet.
  17. tothemax93

    superbike bars

    Installing new superbike bars from Sean. They don't seem to fit into the slot, because of where the bends are. is this a normal situation for this bar. Do I need to draw them in. I searched, but I couldn't find any posts with this issue. :ummm:
  18. M

    Clip on bars!

    After trying a couple of different set ups with different bars in different heights (dragbar, streetbar) to find the best riding position for me, I decided to try some clip on bars i found at . I was a bit hesitant b/c of the price, but nevertheless it looked like the only thing to...
  19. johnpclynch

    Clip-on bars

    I bought a set of clip-on bars for Max. 43mm clamp, 22mm bar with a 10 degree slope Getting them onto the forks was irratating. Support and lift the bike, drop the stanchions, try work out why they don't drop far enough, unbolt the splitter for the front brakes, disconnect the speedo, drop...
  20. B

    aftermarket bars

    hi newbie here.could u nice people reomend some nice WIDE aftermarket bars links would be nice and pics:biglaugh::biglaugh: