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  1. A

    Big bore?

    Is there any big bore or stroker kits available for a gen 1 and if so are they worth it and how much and where can I find parts... I would like some more juice under me its a fun bike but it's less than impressive, I don't feel like it lives up to the stigma
  2. Fire-medic

    Chapter 11 for some big industry names

    I didn't know things were this bad for these guys! That's a list of some big names, J&P Cycle, Performance Machine, Tucker/Rocky Distribution, Motorcycle Superstore, Renthal, Vance & Hines, gee, I hope they reorganize, and stay afloat.
  3. dannymax

    Maria, another big one!

    Maria, a hefty Cat 4 or 5 just made landfall in southeastern Puerto Rico, looks like she's going to cut a destructive path diagonally across the island to the northeast.....after that.....who knows! :ummm:
  4. scuff

    Big thanks to Damon and Dannymax!

    I have my bike back up and running better than ever and couldn't have done it without these guys. Thank you thank you thank you ! Couldn't be happier my bike is kicking ass and taking names. Damon spent 3 weeks trouble shooting it and finally narrowed it down to the carbs. Unfortunately he ran...
  5. poppop

    Big dummy me!

    I had the access door fall off the garage roof not a big deal,I thought ill just get the ladder and put it back,right?it just a piece of 3 by 3 paneling held by a couple of roofing tacks.Wait i gave my ladders away,One to my son the other to my son in law.I climed into the bed of my 2011 yota...
  6. K

    Radiator Coolant / Antifreeze a crystalized big wad of goop!

    Trying to bring to life an 85. The gas tank is a little rusty so going to get that cleaned up using some of the suggestions on this forum. However, before I did that, I planned to fire her up by running fuel lines to an external tank. I decided to check the coolant and found this white/yellow...
  7. Bill Seward

    A big thank you to a good guy!

    This goes out to my friend Jon, AKA blaxmax. Over the last few months, he has become a friend. I've had a few problems with the Max, and he very kindly sent me parts to diagnose/fix the problem on more than one occasion. For free, because that's what friends do. I know there were personality...
  8. rebeltaz83

    to big bore or not to big bore

    Recently acquired an 96 with almost 50,000 on the clock. Doesn't run, used a carb body for my 97. Was looking in to pcw 1570 big bore kit. Still in planning stages. Anybody done this? Anything I should look for or do while it's apart? Also looking into higher revving cam shafts. Longer duration...
  9. Lotsokids

    3 Years Ago Today - Big Surgery (sort of graphic photos)

    Hey y'all, Today marks 3 years since my major surgery to correct my face following a nearly fatal car crash where I took a cable in the mouth at about 30 MPH. You can read about it HERE. Anyway... April 18, 2013 a couple teams of extremely talented doctors at the Mayo Clinic removed about 5...
  10. J

    another BIG reason to hate

    Shithead truck drivers. Aside from the fact they ride my ass in traffic, will block the highway for miles while passing, pull out of the truck stop right in front of me (at 4 am with NO cars behind me) then not be able to find 2nd gear, use the size of their semi to intimidate cars, not move...
  11. jbretthorton

    Big Girls can Dance..... and.... Motorcycle Sex

    Out having a professional photographer shoot me on Ol'Red this morning. Side benefit was I had my son shoot some video of the behind the scenes stuff... And Holy Shit!!! The sounds coming from this motorcycle are PURE MOTORCYCLE SEX!!! Turn up the volume, put some headphones on and enjoy...
  12. rusty

    The big tit's show
  13. TB99Max

    BIG THANKS to Dragmaxster! Still need some help

    So this might be a long one........ I've been chasing down this issue since I bought the bike ( June of 2015 ). Thought it ran decent but anytime I tried to hold a consistent speed anywhere from 50MPH-75MPH it acts like its running out of fuel. So with the help of everyone on here I checked the...
  14. dannymax

    Looks like a big one!

    'Biggest ever' they're saying! Wonder if Rosalito Dave is anywhere near this....:confused2:
  15. D

    new boots too big for shift lever angle

    Hi, I just bought a new pair of boots that the toe area is too tall to accomodate getting under the shift arm to upshift. Has anyone else had this problem? If so I would like to know how you solved the issue. Can the shift lever be moved upwards? And if so would i need to adjust the linkage...
  16. U

    $49 for nice big windshield

    For many years my VMAX has been my coldest bike to ride through the winter months, with the tiny windscreen. I am not easily impressed but, I am impressed with this windshield I just got on Ebay for $49...
  17. rusty

    Big Wheels

    I don't wanna grow up
  18. D

    Hey guys, big shout out to marsmax85

    He happened to have a beutiful car that he was planning to donate for tax reasons, but instead sold it to me for less that what he would have gotten off his taxes. I'm going to be honest, I was expecting this thing to barely sputter into the driveway when he pulled up, but it's actually a...
  19. C

    A big thank you to twistedmax

    Twistedmax answered my wanted ad for a stock airbox with a K&N filter. He was very helpful and even mailed the airbox to the other side of the world (Cyprus) paying a whopping $68 out of his own pocket in order for it to arrive as soon as possible. And he did all of this for someone who did not...
  20. J

    That's one big ass balloon!

    That's one big ass balloon!