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  1. M

    Weird clutch problem since oil change

    Hi everyone. I've scoured the forum, found some interesting info but nothing specific to my problem. The backstory......vmax 2001my. Bought the bike from a friend in November last year. I knew it had idling problems as it had been sat for a bout 6 months. So I stripped the carbs and serviced...
  2. A

    bleed the clutch or rebuild

    I was trying to bleed my clutch and I was doing it for like an hour, and got no lever at all, fluid was coming out but not a lot like no pressure really. I was wondering if I should try to clean it or just rebuild it
  3. T

    What would cause fuel to pour out of the main air jet bleed?

    I recently shotgunned the carbs, pulled and cleaned pilot air jet 1 and pilot air jet 2 on all four carbs, and replaced the idle mixture screw assembly (screw, spring, washer, o-ring) on all four carbs (a couple of the originals had a little corrosion on the outside, so I replaced all four)...
  4. V

    bleed valve for brakes and clutch

    hi for my first post i have a great question, does someone know the sizes of all the bleed valves on our vmaxes (rear , front and clutch) ? i saw this what do you thonk about it ? thanks for your help
  5. CustomMax

    Front brake won't bleed

    My daughter bought me brake pads for my bike. I've been riding without front brakes since I had a leak from my reservoir so I had Sean rebuild it when I sent it to him cause the screw hole was stripped. So I put the pads on and put fluid in and I'm trying to bleed it and it just WON'T pump up! I...
  6. 95spfldmax

    Another %^*&$%##%% Clutch Bleed Job from Hell

    Here I go again....... Trying to bleed the clutch and getting NOWHERE!!.......Master cylinder indexing. Not convinced it's functioning properly......fluid comes out when loosening banjo bolt down near slave cylinder.......already changed to second slave difference......nothing...
  7. V

    Bleed both rear valves?

    Upgrading to SS lines, bled rear brake with outside bleeder valve. Do I need to bleed with the inside valve as well? I opened it up and nothing came out...
  8. J

    Bleed Brakes - Process?

    Thanks for looking in - Installed new pads and not sure how to bleed brakes?! Doesn't seem to work like my car - I tried pushing and hold brake down, open bleeder w/ tube in fluid, tightend bleeder -- but nothing really happening. I tried pumping brake and old fluid and a good bit of air did...
  9. j2dawson

    Bleed screw cover help...

    Awhile back I got help identifying the clutch bleed screw and was told that there was normally a cover over it. Today I finally paid the ridiculous price of $21.00 for the screw and rubber cover (they don't sell just the cover). I can't figure out how this should go on. It looks simple but...
  10. rebar

    Fuel line Air bleed valve.

    My carbs require the flue line to be routed down low between the cylinders close to where the oil breather is. This creates a high spot where air gets trapped in my fuel system. Iv removed the air before but its a pain in the ass preventing fuel from spraying all over uncontrolled. Can anyone...
  11. SvenDGAF

    Bleed Nipple Thread Size?

    Any know the bleed nipple thread size? I want to replace them as one on my rear caliper is siezed. I will try brute force and pliers, and then replace or junk the caliper and replace, but I want these...
  12. gamorg02

    Bleed valves leaking a tiny bit?

    Hey guys, i've rebuilt my caliper and am 99% sure the mating sufaces between the caliper and the bleed valve are clean. there is still a tiny bit of liquid coming out. brakes work fine and level in reservoir is good. I don't think its necessary to replace the caliper but would telfon tape be...

    Using a syringe to bleed

    I heard of this a long time ago and decided to buy one last week. I tried it on the rear first. All the old fluid was removed, the master cylinder was torn apart and cleaned up. Basically it was like a new system, clean hoses, empty reservoir, master, and caliper. The syringe was filled with...
  14. naughtyG

    clutch bleeding problem

    I just bled my front brakes (the fluid looked real old) and then went on to the clutch. Undid the master reservoir screws, sucked out most of the old stuff with a syringe, topped it up with fresh fluid. Then loosened the bleed screw on the slave cylinder and pulled the clutch lever - old dirty...
  15. D

    i want children to cry, ears to bleed, old ladies to give me the finger loud

    Ok, this is what im looking for.....i want loud. i mean i want children to cry, ears to bleed, old ladies to give me the finger loud, but i want a 4 into 2 and i want a deep sound. i have supertrapp slip ons now im happy with the sound but i want louder and they are black and im not happy with...
  16. Maxedout

    I need detailed instructions on how to bleed the clutch

    The manual is vague. Right now I have a 1200 lbs paperweight in the garage begging to be towed. Can someone give it to me in the terminolgy and steps a monkey culd understand? Thx in advance.
  17. davidon

    Caliper bleed screws

    Are these all the same size..does anyone know the specs off hand?