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  1. J

    My experience getting a 2004 VMX12 road ready after sitting for 5 years

    Hey folks. Long time lurker; this forum has helped me immensely and I thought I would post not only to say THANKS!! but also to share some information that helped me in this year long endeavor. Some backstory to the bike: It's a bone stock 2004 with 47K kilometers. My friend was the second...
  2. V

    cleaning carbs

    At one point I read a thread where there is a technician that rebuilds vmax carbs is willing to repair if someone is willing to send them to him, thanks
  3. P

    Washing / cleaning / corrosion protection

    I'm going to bathe the max for the 1st time today (unpredictable Florida weather permitting of course) To my horror I spotted this on my rear turn lights, argh. A buddy who rode with me yesterday suggested rubbing with Coca Cola. :ummm: My last bike (vstar 1100) suffered this same fate and...
  4. cyclehoarder

    Garage cleaning and bike TLC day

    Pulled the all out today to clean the garage and make room for the new Mr Max and the recent baby Vmax, Productive day! Tomorrow off to a Vintage bike fest on the river in Madison IN weather is supposed to be awesome. Don't they look good together!!
  5. Fire-medic

    Gas cap cleaning

    I had a problem removing a gas cap on a project bike. I was able to remove it finally, but the detents that move when you work the key in the gas cap were reluctant to move, so I decided to remove the cap innards and clean it. I used a #1 Phillips and an impact driver to loosen the screws, I...
  6. liptoss

    Ultrasonic cleaning

    I'm thinking about purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner. I don't know much about them. My intent is to use them on anything, but primarily on the carbs for my bikes. Don't want to buy junk, because I know that you get what you pay for. AND YET! I don't want to break the bank buying more than I...
  7. L

    Need help on cleaning idle jets

    Hoping some of you guy,s can tell me how to remove carbs as I need to un block idle jets. Bike running fine untill warmed up then keeps cutting out when I slow down I think my jets are blocked after sitting up over winter period. Any help would be really great. Regards Lee
  8. D

    VMAX Cleaning Day

    They both came out like new.
  9. vmax2extreme

    Cleaning out the spare box

    Cleaning out the garage of spare parts. Let me know what you are interested in...... Still available: Airbox front fender pair radiator side covers pair mirrors stock riser w/clamp CDI VBOOST controller VBOOST motor pair footpeg brackets stock shocks brake bar pair front calipers stock brake...
  10. cuathetop

    cleaning guage lens?

    Any how to`s would be appreciated.
  11. N

    Seafoam+shotgun carb cleaning= Wow!

    Never had her run so good! I did the shotgun cleaning method I saw on here, and used b12 chemtool, and 100psi. I added seafoam to the gas tank, and also sprayed it (did you know it comes in aerosol form too?) in the carbs with the bike running as I throttled it up to keep it from dying. After...
  12. alorio1

    Exellant carb cleaning

    Exellant carb cleaning service I let my old 85 sit too long during a year long Chemo treatments and seems the carbs gummed up during that period and was runnig bad when I did get a chance to start it. I wasn't up to doing the task so I ran all brands of carb cleaner with no sucess. I read so...
  13. L

    Fuel System Cleaning

    I just sent my '04s carbs off for a professional cleaning, pretty sure sitting too long with ethanol was the culprit, bike's been a paperweight for a few years now. What is the best way to clean the rest of the fuel system to ensure I'm not going to re-gunk them as soon as I bolt 'em back on?
  14. Karmakatt

    Cleaning your Baby

    I've learned a lot about cleaning and Detailing within the last year. When I bought my VMax last October the previous owner washed it just before I rode it away. Due to limitations of not having a hose to clean my ride at my apartment I decided to try Maguire's Ultimate Waterless Wax/Wash. It...
  15. WonkoTheSane

    Take care when cleaning your bike...

  16. radley

    Bike not running right need carb cleaning help

    Read the thread..not sure if thats it. Here is what I did this weekend. 1) Shotgun cleaning procedure found here ****I noticed that when I drained the carb bowls of fuel, the left side had gas come out. The right side front had ZERO gas come out. The right...
  17. vmax2extreme

    Aftermarket wheel cleaning

    I have some dymag aluminum wheels that I am cleaning up. I can get them to shine up but there is some discoloration in the aluminum. Any guidance as to how to get these things back to tip top shape being clean? There is no signs of pitting, its just like discoloration on them. I have tried...
  18. gamorg02

    Cleaning up surface rust on chrome forks

    on the vmax (very slightly) and more so on the hawk i'm fixing up there is some surface rust on the fork uppers. anyone have any luck with specific techniques? I tried some metal rescue rust remover with a rag and it didn't do anything. a scotch brite pad and 1000 grit paper helped a little...
  19. Z

    Cleaning Question

    I finally found the time today to disassemble my carbs. Separated them and broke them all down. To the naked eye they are in pretty good shape but I did find what looked like oil and grunge when I removed the coast enriching much so that two of them did not want to come out and I...
  20. O

    Carb Cleaning?

    So I would really appreciate any information from those of you who can help me out. This coming weekend I plan to take my carbs off and clean them up the best I can. They dont really need it but my soon to be 6yo daughter loves working in the garage with me so whats better then working on the...