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  1. rusty

    Company turing a Meteorite into guns
  2. HyperPete - a great company to do business with!

    If you need trailer accessories, is a great company with which to do business. I want to share an email I just sent them concerning their customer service: You won't go wrong doing business with this company!
  3. poppop

    Does anyone know a desent insurance company

    Ive been looking for insurance.With no luck ,Everytime i turn in a claim,Here we go.Wife's car got hit 3 weeks ago,Turned it in as usual,Week went by called got voice mail,4 more calls 3 days later,He called,He could not find claim # and on and on 3 weeks now he cant get the fax from the body...
  4. BorgBiker

    Warning from shell oil company

    Slow day at work, so I've been reading my emails a bit. Here's something that was sent to me, interesting read. I can't verify it's accuracy, but it does merit some discussion: WARNING FROM SHELL OIL COMPANY Safety Alert! Here are some reasons why we don't allow cell phones in operating...
  5. 88vmx12

    New job application within the company

    Well for a few of you know that I travel working industrial construction jobs for the same company. when I started back in 96' I was a young kid , but had some skill and tools. The tool thing is a rarity for newbies. Anyways years past and for about the last 8 years this one boss has been...
  6. satariel666

    Gates - A tomkins rubber company

    I need help. Does anybody have or had dealt with Gates or ever ask them for technical help? I send them coupla emails and did not got any response. I wonder that they ever cared about non commercial customers... In the past I didnt have any problems with contact them...:ummm: What i need is a...
  7. CaptainKyle

    Company Logo

    Well I just wanted to share the picture of my new company logo. I have the artist doing a little more work on him color wise & a couple small things might change but I am pretty happy with it so far.
  8. CaptainKyle

    New company

    Well I started a little buisness finding & shipping bikes primarily to Australia but will ship them any where. My Buddy is from Adelaid & has been shipping Muscle cars over there for a long time & people started asking him about Harleys so he helped me get set up & I have my first 2 bikes in the...
  9. tugla

    Help designing new company logo

    Hi gang, I was wondering if there was anyone out that thats pretty proficient in graphic design that wouldn't mind helping me out design a logo for my new company. Not looking for anything too fancy, if someone knows how to wip one out without investing lots of time that would be awesome.
  10. joelyons50023

    Has anyone had any experience with this company?

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this company weither it be from here in the states or in europe. I was looking at their TCIP4 ignition. they seemed somewhat knowing of the vmax ignition just slow e-mail reply time. Any help...
  11. odieoh24

    company making aftermarket parts for the 09

    i just saw this on another forum i go to and thought the guys here would be very interested!! i knew it would be just a matter of time before someone figured out how to bypass the speed limiting circuit, now...
  12. firefly

    Has anyone heard of this company

    I came across this site , it sounds interesting if they have a kit to fit the max and TRULY convert the damping rod into cartridge damping. I'll call them and see what they have for the max. it could be one more option . ________ Ducati Apollo