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  1. C

    New, never installed billet forward controls kit

    For Sale: "NEW" Billet Aluminum Forward Controls Kit machined and fabricated by Billet Bike Bits. Contains everything. I sold my 2007 Vmax and never got around to installing this kit, which I still have. Still packaged in the original bubble wrap. Never installed or attempted to install...
  2. S

    forward controls

    looking for some forward controls to fit 2002 Max.
  3. 3

    Forward controls.

    Who's gottem.What brand and any thoughts.Has anyone made their own? Is anyone running this kit? Thanks
  4. 3

    Forward controls.

    Who's gottem.What brand and any thoughts.Has anyone made their own? PS.Yes.I did a search. Thanks
  5. L

    forward controls

    just finished making some cant wait to try them tomorrow if its not raining
  6. Poolio

    New clutch and brake controls

  7. child_of_fire

    adjusting handlebar controls

    Forgive me if this sounds silly or remedial, but is there a way to adjust the handlebar controls inwards so to make room for bar end mirrors? Its a Gen 1 with stock bars and controls.
  8. jdeitz1979


    I'm looking for new controls for my bike and ran across a set I like but they are for a gen2. :( what is the difference? Can I still run them or do I have to mod something. The link is below. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. timpilot

    Can anybody help out with some forward controls

    Since having both hips replaced, I can ride again but get cramps in my legs and have a little trouble putting feet on stock foot pegs. Maybe somebody has a set of forward foot controls they're not using? I think forward controls would help out a lot.
  10. M

    Forward controls for sale

    Good condition used forward controls that I removed from a bike I purchased. Fully functioning parts, I just personally don't like any forward controls on my bikes. All hard parts are there and chrome is pretty good. I was told they were German made parts and pretty expensive. Willing to take...
  11. rdbul

    FC9 Forward Controls

    Anybody used these FC9 forward controls offered on EBay? Comments/ Alternatives?
  12. ImCannibal

    Replacement controls.

    Anyone know of good rear sets that run less than WR's? Also, has anyone had experience using universal bar controls similar to these ?
  13. A

    A few simple cosmetic mods + forward controls

    I'm making my 98 Vmax a little more personal. Painted fenders and faux tank cover and side plates "hot rod black". Had scoops and several other metal pieces powdercoated gloss black. Installed forward controls which got powdercoated too. Swapped turn signals for tiny LED's that are flat black...
  14. chillcool68

    Handlebar controls

    hello all, anyone know of any custom controls or how to mod my existing being the letters are faded, checked on ebay those i seen don't look any better? thanks
  15. PATMAX

    Forward Controls by Seeger

    Changing the look on my 1990 and will probably regret it but putting up my chrome forward controls up for sale. These are all steel and not the brittle aluminum type. All parts are there and ready to bolt on. Nothing damaged or bent but they are used so no way are they like new. More like good...
  16. A

    Using Gen 2 Handlebar controls on a Gen 1?

    My cousin picked up a 09 vmax and aside from being an overall amazing bike the handlebar controls are much more updated and nicer looking than the gen 1 controls on my bike. Mine where total shit and I powdercoated the boxes and painted the plastic buttons. I am still not happy with the look. I...
  17. Pitmax

    Crash guards with forward controls

    Hi guys, I recently bought some forward controls on Ebay. Very nice and good price: However, I would like to put some crash guards on my Vmax now, or some frame sliders. I had the OEM Yamaha engine guards on before, but they will not fit now with the forward...
  18. magna_dude74

    What controls V-Boost????

    Hello all, so I am wondering what controls the V-Boost? I keep noticing the V-Boost retard after 7K when I very slowly open the throttle. Perhaps my stock set up is still spot-on and I am subconscious relaxing the throttle and the RPM reduce. But it still feels like the boost is closing and I...
  19. T

    R1 Forks, keep the R1 switch controls?

    Has anybody swapped in a USD front end, and used the switch controls from the front end they used? I used a set of 2007 R1 forks, and was contemplating using the same switch controls from the R1. Turn signals, on/off, etc. The only thing I see of an issue, is having to remount the fuel reserve...
  20. V

    Forward Controls

    Hi All, I am new to the forum. Based in Dubai and I ride a Boulevard M90. Would like to check with you guys whether is it possible to have forward controls for Vmax of any year? All replies are appreciated. Thnx