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  1. drdyno

    OOPs!.. I spilled my beautiful Max!

    I have (had) a nearly perfect example 2005 until I lowsided it in December. Only minor damages to the tune of 2100$. Hagerty paid promptly on my zero-deductible and now I'm having difficulty locating some of the parts I need for this one. In particular, the original right side crash bar with the...
  2. T

    New exhaust after crash

    Last year in june i crashed the Vmax (and me) on the Carole circuit near Paris. At about 70-80 mph. The Strapps slippons didn't survive to the track grinding.... I decided to buy a true 4in2 exhaust line with Strapps mufflers at the end. So i bought from Seam a brand new Voodoo 4 in 2 exhaust...
  3. Fire-medic

    crash during group ride Doing wheelies in a pack cost this kid serious hospital time.
  4. tothemax93

    John Force crash They said he was ok, at the time. I don't know any updates. His daughter went on to win. He's such an icon for the sport. Years ago, he came and put on a show at our little 1/8 track.
  5. Fire-medic

    scary boat crash

    Who's piloting the overtaking vessel? I hope the skipper gets a big fine, civil settlement against him, and a revoked boat operation privilege.
  6. Traumahawk

    Motorcycle crashes into Cop car

    Here is a video that I saw this morning. A VERY BIG OOPS. Doesnt look like he was paying attention, when the officer was stopping and turning left.
  7. blyoth

    crash bar or highway pegs?

    I recently purchased an 04 that came with some accessories. I assume this is some kind of crash bar or something. It's quit comfortable to put your feet on except it's slick. Has anyone ever modified one of these by adding something to keep your feet from slipping off?
  8. L

    Friends Ultralight crash

    A friend and co-worker; Mike Nelms, got ultralight certified and bought a 'Skycycle' about 2 months ago. Sunday he hit a power line attempting to get to the airfield at his home. Wind and or warm weather may have caused it to not climb like he tried. He deployed the emergency chute but was too...
  9. oz1961

    rebuilding my Vmax a year after my crash

    As most will know, on August the 5th 2015 I had a motorbike crash that should have killed me. I was hit on my right by an old man who went through a stop sign. I went forward hitting his windscreen which pushed me forward and across the road landing in the oncoming traffic lane. Then as I laid...
  10. Traumahawk

    Outrage on Internet after teen who fled fatal crash posts smiling pic with wrecked

    SARASOTA, FLA. (WSVN) – Florida Highway Patrol officials are investigating after a teenager involved in a fatal crash was seen smiling in a photo that was taken in front of a wrecked vehicle he was riding in, according to WFTS. The photo surfaced on the Internet three days after the crash...
  11. Shredder

    Crash guards

    Looking for some crash guards. Would like to find some used once since im just going to powder coat them black anyways. Would hate to buy new just to powder coat them. Let me know if you have anything laying around. Thanks Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  12. A

    Vmax crash, need help getting her running again

    Hey guys I need some help. Back in November (which was about the last week I was going to ride before putting the bike, away for winter) I crashed my 2003 v max. It was out of stupidity, I knew I was riding on tires that were quickly becoming bald. I pulled out onto the street way too...
  13. rusty

    180mph crash
  14. M

    Crash Bars and K&N Filter for stock airbox

    filter $20 plus shipping Crash Bars, decent chrome with a scuff or two. $60 plus shipping I live in Stafford Virginia
  15. Lotsokids

    My Nearly Fatal Crash - 3 Years Ago Today

    Well, today is the 3-year anniversary of my crash in my car. Took a cable to the face at about 30 MPH. Multiple skull fractures, destroyed left jaw, lost 16 teeth. I woke up from a 6-day coma on Christmas day. Through it all, God's been good to me. I've recovered and healed well... and of course...
  16. oz1961

    Crash, Hospital, need parts

    Hello I am happy and sad to write today Nearly three months ago I was riding my 1985 Vmax to work I was getting ready to join a major highway when I was hit by a car coming on my right. I have no real memory of the accident, so much of what I can tell you has been from the police and...
  17. Fire-medic

    crash videos

    I know we all have the option of getting these on our own, but watching this shows that the Go Pro kids usually are responsible for their own crashes. Watch them run wide on turns, use too-much brake, and just act stupid, like stunting in traffic.
  18. tothemax93

    plane crash

    Just heard breaking news about the airbus crash in the French alps. The Co-pilot locked the pilot out and ran the plane into the ground on purpose. Black box recorder had the pilot banging on the door to get in. At this time, there is no mention of terrorist activity, but deliberate.
  19. Fire-medic

    teens filmed six seconds before they crash

    A great watch here, you'd think that if they knew they were being recorded, they wouldn't use their phones. But no, they can't not update facebook, text, or call someone...
  20. J

    This is why everyone should invest in crash bars.

    Was riding to work today, accelerating away from a stop light and a car up ahead decided to abruptly pull over and stop on a road with no shoulder (I saw this after I got up) and the 2 cars behind him slammed on the brakes. Being that we were accelerating, and it's 45 degrees, and I panicked...