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  1. Traumahawk

    Southwest Dyno Day

    Southwest Dyno Day Apr 14 2018 (Saturday) there will be a Vmax dyno day in Lawton OK, at Wind River Harley Davidson. The address is301 SE Interstate Dr, Lawton, OK 73501. Its right off of I-44, so VERY easy to get to. https://www.windriverhd.com/ The dyno time will start at 8 am, and last...
  2. B

    Dyno test -

    New test run
  3. OKCVmax

    Dyno's my bike....

    Well... I had my bike dyno'd tonight. The operator said it's running lean, pretty much everywhere... and that I should bump it up a jet size to get it where it should be. What do y'all think? It's stock as far as I know. I'm at about 1200 ft above sea level.... (don't know if that makes any...
  4. H

    09 dyno pull

    Brocks exhaust shorty meg2 (pretty damn loud), monster big air, gurued ecm, finish tune on pc.
  5. C

    100% Stock gen 1 on the dyno

    Ran my '92 Vmax for the first time, most likely the bikes first time too. Lol. I am 100% stock with a dirty air filter, a weak battery, and the bike had not fully warmed up yet. The dyno confirmed my suspicions about the bike running rich, so I've got a good starting point for the work to come...
  6. Traumahawk

    Southwest dyno day and ride

    This is still in the planning stages, but I'm curious to see what kind of general interest I can get. I would like to like a southwest dyno day.....at the Harley dealership in Lawton, and see about a ride the day prior in and around medicine park ok. I'm thinking the ride would be on a Friday...
  7. L

    somethings not adding up? supposed to be stock but dyno sheets say otherwise

    Hi guys, I'm a new and proud owner of a 2000 vmax, originally imported from Canada, I think... originally had kph speedo not mph. it was supposedly sold to a us customer from the Sue St Marie dealer (still has key ring from that dealer on it). I bought it from the second owner, as far as I can...
  8. C

    197 hp actual dyno H2

    Bone stock. I guess people are complaining its weak from what all the hype was. For 25k.... I am not sure if I would deal or not. BUT.... I did read that pulling the flies out gains TREMENDOUS power. Supposedly 230-240 hp is seen as the flies only open for 2000 rpm? Bikes are getting so...
  9. C

    Dyno opps....

    Lets see if anyone has some dyno opp's.... this isn't mine, just something found. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha61io_4Ni4
  10. D

    Marathon Dyno Weekend

    First let me say Gary/Dingy sorry I missed you on Friday would have been great to finally meet you in person, my work schedule just wouldn't allow me to attend Friday. What we had were some V-maxer's from Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, & Ohio with a flavor of both gen-1 & gen-2 bikes and free open...
  11. jedi-

    DIY Dyno build

    Think I have committed myself to building a dyno lol. We'll have some testing to do with our supercharger setup and I think it would come in handy for sure. There's quite a bit of info about doing it all so I'll get started soon by buying some steel etc. I'll document the project as I go.
  12. steamer97

    Dyno proof of v-boost?

    From specs I figure v-boost may gain 45-50 horsepower over non-v-boost (Ero vs. usa/Canada bikes). Does anyone have dyno results showing the different torque and HP of the same bike with v boost off, then on again (ran to redline) ?
  13. dij0674

    New 1428 Build Dyno Numbers Are In

    Me Likey! :biglaugh:
  14. hypermax

    My first dyno run

    There was a portable Dyno at a bike show I went to today so I gave it a try. 2006 UFO 4-2 megaphones/2.5 outlets Dyna 3000 standard curve stock airbox and filter 152 mains needles shimmed .28 pilots 2.5 V boost ON 112.56 hp 73.75 torque Harley guys were not used to a V 4 screaming at 9500 rpm!
  15. hypermax

    Safe to run on this mobile Dyno?

    I'm going to a car/bike show tomorrow that will have this http://www.mobiledyno.net/ mobile dyno there. I would like to make a pull on it. Should be OK I guess. $30 three runs, no print out though
  16. marsmax85

    Dyno machines

    I've been to few bike weeks now and there's been some dyno machines there Are these legit? I remember reading the sign next to one dyno that they only run up to 4th gear . There was like 3 different categories also for testing can't remember what sign said I should have taken a pic and posted...
  17. P

    Voodoo full dual system dyno

    i would like to buy one of these full voodoo dual slash cut setups but was wondering if anyone knows or has dynoed there max after the install and has real hp gain numbers?
  18. vmax2extreme

    Thunder 2014 - dyno shootout!!!

    We have secured Somerset Harley Davidson for a DYNO SHOOTOUT event. They have agreed to do dyno runs on Friday from 2pm - 6pm opened for $40 w/3 runs and printout. You can dyno outside those hours only by prior appointment at the same rate. Somerset HD is only a block down the road from the...
  19. maleko89

    Wichita, KS Dyno day

    Looks like it's a go here in Wichita at Mid America Powersports. Any Sunday in July or August should work. Don't pick July 4th weekend though. Let me know if interested in attending and throw some dates out there!
  20. 1967vmax

    3rd place Wyotech dyno shootout

    Went to Daytona this year with Marcus an he talked me into doing the dyno shootout my bike got 3rd place pulled a 173.4 hp.:punk: