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  1. R

    Yanaha FJR 1300 wheel in V Max 1200.

    I'm looking for information about mod like this. Were anybody put FJR wheel into V Max?
  2. B

    Yamaha FJR Rim

    Hi. Anyone here try with FJR rim? Either a front or rear. Tires/Front 120/70-ZR17 radial Tires/Rear 180/55-ZR17 radial Need some advise as my friend is selling his bike in parts... Thank in advance.
  3. Specs95t

    Picked up my FJR Gen1 ABS today

    Hi Guys, So I went and did it. Going to the FJR. I found a 2004 with 6200 miles on it. The PO put on fresh Michelins as part of the deal and I rode it home today. Definitely a nice machine that behaves very differently than the hooligan VMax. What's interesting is that both bikes make 145...
  4. Savage99

    2003 FJR 1300 for sale 2003 FJR with about 7,300 miles on it. Bike runs and rides great. Asking $5,500 or best offer. Located in Rochester NY. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  5. Savage99

    Looking for VMAX; have FJR 1300 to trade

    Looking for a VMAX. Have a 2003 FJR 1300 to trade. Bike is located in Rochester NY. In excellent condition. Has only 7,300 miles. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. M

    2008 Yamaha FJR for sale or trade

  7. R

    master cylinder query

    Hi all. I hope this isn't one of those questions that has been asked 10,000 times, but as a newish Vmax owner, I need a bit of advice. Basically, I need to replace my clutch master cylinder. I see references to the FJ items being a good upgrade, and I can buy one off a 2009 FJR 1300 for what...
  8. L

    Fjr a good bike?

    This forum is by far the best I have ever tried to be part of. About a year ago I bought a 2005 FJR. Simple things I need others opinions about are usually met with answers that don't help, don't have anything to do with my problem or (I have read) knew how to do something but would not share...
  9. Diablotin

    FJR 1300 swingarm

    I just read that today when I saw the picture of the swingarm. Wow, that would have looked great on a vmax. Nice piece, isn't it? Full article is here:
  10. gamorg02

    abs fjr master

    is anyone else running an fjr front master from an abs bike? i have freeplay in the lever that i've been trying to figure out for 3+ years, and figured i'd rehash and see if anyone else has the same thing.
  11. D

    FJR master guys

    If you're running FJR masters and levers, does your clutch lever pull directly to the grip or does it sort of go below? Mine goes to the bottom of the grip, and I'm wondering if the lever is a little bent or if it's designed that way on the FJR.
  12. speedcostsmoney

    Fjr 1300 clutch master

    Hi would like to know if the stock vmax clutch lever fits with the fjr1300 clutch master or do you need the lever from the fjr
  13. L


    Still have an '01 Vmax; but last week got a good deal on a 2005 FJR. I need a backrest for passenger safety, and have been searching on the internet. I joined an FJR forum and I have to say, it is far from being as good as this one. Apparently there is a big change after 2005 and a backrest for...
  14. D

    Fjr master clutch switch

    Does anyone know which of the three pins I need to attach the vmax clutch wires to? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  15. X

    Max vs FJR Rearend

    Does anyone know if the Gen 1 FJR rearend bolts up to a Gen 1 Max and what is the ratio difference between the two. Is the FJR taller like the Venture is. I believe the Gen 1 max is a 3.66 and Venture is a 3.33, but don`t know about the Gen 1 FJR. I am thinking the Gen 2 FJR came out in 07.
  16. thundermax

    Yamaha FJR 1300 Comparison

    Looking for comments about the FJR vs. the Vmax. Comparisons: Price value, speed, comfort in the saddle on trips, gas mileage, anything else. Never been on one, know nothing about them. What you say?
  17. U

    FJR calipers with original vmax MC?

    Hello I want to upgrade my vmax front brakes I have a vmax 1999 Now I got a FJR 2004 front calipers (silver point) Can I use them with the original Yamaha master cylinder? The FJR caliper will make any different? Thanks Uri
  18. O

    FJR 1300 Rear Wheel

    Has anyone tried to fit an FJR 1300 rear wheel to a 1st gen vmax?
  19. 88vmx12


    I have been looking into the 05-ish FJR's. I have always wanted something that my wife will ride with me on. But OMHell the prices are all over the board! an 05' with less than 10k miles and all the bags 7k ish, then it jumps to an 06' with no bags and 53k miles the guy wants 10 grand.. I...
  20. Fire-medic

    FJR brake master cyl worth it?

    I have the parts to go to a '93+ front end on my '92, & intend to install a set of FZR1000 4 piston calipers I have lying around. I already bought a new '92 master cylinder, but have not yet installed anything. I bought the new '92 master cyl before I read as many of the FJR master cyl posts as...