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  1. Fire-medic

    Maybe I found a replacement for my 360 Yamaha Enduro two-stroke

    289 lbs fueled, a titanium gas tank of 2.01 gallons, titanium intake valves & 450 cc, 12:1 compression; water-cooled; fuel-injected; DID rims (21" F & 18" R); Renthal bars; LED lights F & R; fully-adjustable suspension F & R; but get ready for the price, the CRF450L MSRP is $10,400! Sure looks...
  2. G

    Removed fork cover on top, found some oil

    I removed the cap on top to check air pressure and noticed about 6-8 drops of oil pooled at bottom. 2006 V max. Anything to worry about? IF so, suggested repair. Have not changed fork oil since I owned bike (5 yrs). Is there a good thread (video for dummies would be nice) for doing this...
  3. V4bandit

    Found my old bike

    Was browsing on Kijiji the other night and seen my first Vmax. I rebuilt the motor with parts and pointers from Sean M. The yellow bike is what I had. The other pics, same bike now for sale. Just makes my stomach turn with how beat up she looks now

    Found this on craigslist

    2015 vrod Something about this one....I'm really liking it. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Regular Guy

    Found a Max for the wife

    I was on Kyle's Max Motorvation Facebook page and there is a lady on there that has this Vmax and I freaking dig it! My wife saw it and wants it. I need to find out what parts (seat, fender, windscreen) these are and see if I can find a reasonably priced Vmax for her and make her somewhat of a...
  6. Fire-medic

    Kyle, I found a Mustang convertible perfect for you!

    Right up your alley: No, this is NOT mine, nor anyone I know. Car is within earshot of Homestead FL NASCAR track. i have a 1988 pearl white mustang with a small block chevy 406 . car has alot of...
  7. poppop

    I found a way to help for christmas

    Last week i took two big wheels to the edge of where i live,And a old vacuum,All this stuff still worked,The wife wanted a new vacuum and the grandkids didn't play with the big wheels anymore.It was around 5 or 10 ft from the main road.I happen to be looking out the window and saw a 80s model...
  8. VMax-Mike

    found this on craigslist

    Looks like a nice bike for the money.
  9. Fire-medic

    Several hundred brand-new 1929/30 Nash autos found

    Want a new Nash automobile? A cache of them has been located, reportedly 268 of them. All you have to do is dive 450 feet deep into Lake Michigan to access them. This is a slightly earlier Nash than what's in...
  10. blaxmax

    I found the deal of the century---

    And bought it--in my own backyard--
  11. Rollie

    Toddler Found Dead In Fla. Lagoon

    So sad . Condolences to the family.
  12. caseyjones955

    Cinemark found not liable. A solid verdict, nice to see a common sense finding in a suit that is sort of beyond frivolous.
  13. tothemax93

    I found a guy

    I want to louver my air box lid, like KJ's bike. I want to push more air to my Morleys muscle kit, and I like the look. I was chatting with a guy I work with, who has some old custom cars. I told him about the louvers idea, and he said "i got a guy". I just got off the phone with the guy. I'm...
  14. G

    Found a vmax what do you guys think

    Currently I have a few bikes and I finally got an itch for a vmax. I have an 85 v65 magna, 2000 rc51, and an 06 r6 track bike. [URL]] This is what I'm looking at, it looks super...

    Found my new Vmax

    I got a 2015 Yamaha Vmax 1700, I pick up Friday :eusa_dance:
  16. TB99Max

    Found these on Instagram!

    Crazy looking vmax's!
  17. 2

    What is this plug for under the left scoop. I found it un plugged and wrapped in tap

    Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  18. SpecOps13

    3.8 megaton bomb found

    The following is a “feel good” story. The divers feel good they survived the experience; the military feels good they recovered a nuclear device; the United States must feel good not having to deal with a mammoth event; and the security specialist who sent me this current story in the first...
  19. C

    86 VF1000R..... I found one! Price is more than I would like to spend. But its one bike I do miss. It had smooth power, it was fast and comfortable. This one looks decent, considering they only imported 2600 of them.
  20. BigJimi

    Look what I found in the gas tank...

    I decided to remove the old gas in the tank and found a tag from a filler spout:ummm: