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    I was wondering what grips people out there are using. I currently have foam grips which are super comfortable but are coming apart. I'm not looking for a custom look just a durable comfortable grip. Any suggestions?
  2. Itgoes

    ISO Grips For Sale

    ISO Grips For Sale -SOLD Set of ISO grips, used in good shape. They are substantial and heavy, not lightweight plastic. $15 shipped
  3. C

    Stock (OEM) grips

    Just checking to see if anyone might have a dusty (but in decent condition) set of the original grips thrown up on the back of the shelf they might want to sell? The price for a new set having to buy the components separately is ridiculous. Thanks, John
  4. B


    Recently purchased Super Streat Black Handlebars from Morleys Muscle. I have looked at a ton of grips so far Kuryakn Riot Universals, Arlen Ness Deep Cuts, and Driven are good looking options. What have you guys found out? I understand some throttle tube adjustments are necessary however what...
  5. D

    Looking for stock hand grips

    Any suggestions as to where to purchase a set of stock hand grips from? I realize I could go to a Yamaha dealer, but I don't have one locally and figured someone on here could point me in the right direction. Thanks
  6. Wirenut


    What kind of grips are you guys sportin now a days? I'm lookin to change out my stocks for something to fit my XL glove sized hands. Don't need heated and not particularly fond of shiny. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. J

    green grips for a green max

    I found these on Ebay. Got them for $4.94 under "Yamaha grips" The SAME ones under "vmax grips" were $32.00. Go figure. I also bought a "cargo" net for $1.78 Both came from china and took 7 weeks.LOL
  8. A

    Stock grips

    Hey . i am wanting to re-use my stock grips. The manual says to twist the end cap on the left side grip It wont budge. Any ideas ?
  9. O

    Heated grips

    any winter riders using heated grips and if so what specifically?
  10. V-Four

    Gettin Grips Off? Is there a trick?

    These friggin things will NOT budge, But in a bad way..I'm tryin to put on some standard (and smaller) Superbike grips(always use them). I've changed grips on other Bikes , but these ones are killin me. Is there a way to take them off without destroyin them? (if I have to I will, but they're...
  11. R

    Buying hand grips from ebay

    Hi, I'm trying to buy this hand grip from ebay for my 92 Vmax: But I'm rather confused because the (seemingly) same item...
  12. D

    hand grips

    Need new grips what size are the handle bars? and what is a good grip..
  13. T

    What grips are you running with your bar end mirrors?

    I bought bar end mirrors and love them for the great vision they give me of my surroundings but my problem is finding grips that I can use that are long enough to reach the end of my bars. Anyone running bar end mirrors and have grips that look good and match up with the bar controls can you...
  14. Conman

    Where can I get OEM grips?

    Hi, Thanks to you guys I just bought an 88 Vmax. I love everything except the gigantic foam grips that say "Virago" on the ends. Can original replacement grips still be had? It seems as though every part on this bike is replaceable except the grips. I don't want any aftermarket grips if I...
  15. T


    how do the grips come off? Any suggestions on new ones?
  16. woodsman30

    barend mirrors and grips

    What a project it isfinding a good set meaning two. There is a lot of junk out there and some really nice ones too. The nice ones seems you can only buy one not a set :damn angry: not sure why. But I did find a set that I like and I will post pics as soon as I have them on the bike :clapping...
  17. redneksoldier


    I'm looking for some new grips to go with my bar end mirrors but having some trouble finding what I'm looking for. I would really like to have them chrome or with chrome trim but all of the chrome grips I find don't have access to the end of the bars. Really don't like the large diameter grips...
  18. R

    Hand grips

    Hey guys ,I was wondering how hard it is to change the hand grips on my max.I dont want to ruin the old ones getting them off and I am not sure what needs to be done to the throttle side .I think i heard you can spray the bar ends with wd 40 to help the grips slide on and when it dries they...
  19. texas-ss-tornado

    Kuryakyn grips

    Brand new, just like these, for 7/8 inch bars, I run these on all of my bikes! $50 shipped in the US!
  20. ZackDaniels

    Gap on bar for aftermarket grips

    So I got some driven grips for xmas and thought, rather than get the driven bar ends to match I'll take it up a notch and get these things instead: I took both the stock grips off without much trouble. Just worked it...