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  1. C

    Gsxr Rear wheel

    Has anyone done this conversion ? I got the wheel, disc and carrier but the GSXR caliper is underslung - I'd prefer to keep the the Vmax rear brake set up. Does anyone know what rear disc will fit the the GSXR wheel but have the same diameter of the Vmax disc Tim
  2. dannymax

    GSXR 750 COP's for spares

    Carry a spare COP in case one fails? Here are some for $10/ea. + shpg.
  3. Maxorel

    GSXR rear brake on Evil Max

    Been patient on getting it right and my bud who is an amazing machinist did not let me down. Old school PM chicane 3 spoke 18x5.5 rear wheel. All new bearings and custom right side GSXR rotor mount and axle/swingarm spacer allowing stock Suzuki caliper mount to be retained. Caliper...
  4. Woody

    Brand new 2001 GSXR 1000

    This bike was purchased new, Trailered home and parked in the guys living room for the last 14 years. He never even titled the bike, it has (0) zero miles.
  5. Lotsokids

    V-Max vs. GSX-R 1000 Trash Talk

    So a guy at work and I are debating who's bike is quicker in the 1/4 mile. We plan to settle this on May 1 at a drag race here in Hungary. I've looked at his specs and it's not looking good for me. He's about 30 pounds lighter than me and his bike is rated at 160 HP, and my V-Max is 146 HP. Of...
  6. M

    gsx-r wheels?

    I was checking out an 86 vmax this past weekend, the bike is beautiful, the owner said the wheels that were on it were gsxr wheels, it had the stock swingarm and shaft drive. My question is how hard and what year gsxr wheels would I need to switch mine over?
  7. F

    Vmax versus GSXR

    I have my Vmax for sale, but my son and one of his buds wanted to go for a ride yesterday, so we went. Anyway, the one kid has a 2004 GSXR 600 and of course, we hit it off a few times. Here's the way it went. Didn't matter which gear we hit it at, slow roll, 50 mph roll, he pulled the Vmax right...
  8. M

    COP Mod gsxr 06. 700

    Hey guys, anybody using 06 gsxr 600 COP? I bought a set from fleabay and have a couple questions someone here might have the answer to. I get a primary resistance of 3.7-3.9. The secondary resistance is 13.8-13.9k (cold). The resistance goes up when the bike gets hot 14.9-18.3. I also get a...
  9. medicineman843

    05 Gsxr 750 Front end + COO Triple Trees

    Trying to make sure that this set up is everything i need before i spend the coin for this amazing mod. I want it to feel and ride like a sport bike. But still able to sit up right like a cruiser...
  10. PATMAX

    GSXR USD -Can it work?

    Anyone have any knowledge whether a 2005 750 GSXR frond can support the Vmax and can it be readily adapted to our head tube bearing cups? I got a line on one reasonable and clean and want to give it a try. Any advice or real world experience is appreciated. Thanks, PATMAX
  11. Sniper Predator

    V-Max to GSXR Conversion for Left Switch Housing

    Have you ever wanted the GSXR's Emergency Switch and Pass function to work on your V-Max? Here is a tutorial to make it happen. It took me a long time and I wanted to ensure I was able to keep my original female fittings so if or when I disconnect the switch housing; I was able to keep my...

    GSXR, Hayabusa Axle Tool

    For anyone looking to use the newer GSXR or Busa forks to put USD on you bike there are all kinds of costs you probably won't think about. One that I just found out about is that you need some "special tool" to remove/install the axle on these bikes. All it does is go in the end of the axle to...
  13. Diablotin

    Canadian streetfighter GSXR
  14. pumacorp

    99 gsxr forks interchange with what other forks?

    I have a set of 99 gsxr 750 forks and was going to change them out for either busa forks or gsxr 1000 forks...Does anyone know which forks will fit in my trees???Also which fork tubes will fit in the gsxr 750 rim and caliper I already have?I already have the nice galf rotors and calipers and...
  15. yukonerdave

    GSXR throttle sleeve

    Picked up some used ISO gripsm but they have a GSXR throttle sleeve glued on still. Any thoughts on how to remove it? Here are some pics. The design is not far off from the stock Vmax design - its a difference of a few millimeters. Any chance that I could adjust the throttle cables and just...
  16. satariel666

    Diagram of GSXR rear wheel conversion

    My diagram in Solid edge 2D with my GSXR rear whell conversion. Its not that perfect and i dont need that to be that perfect. May someone use this: Is copyrighted LOL :rofl_200:
  17. S

    gsxr wheel conversion cracks

    Pulled back wheel off for new tire, found cracks an all three spokes. The wheel was purchased on ebay. It is a suzuki wheel with a vmax center welded into it. I was watching this since a friend of mine had same thing happen last year.
  18. satariel666

    GSXR 600 Conversion

    Chemicaly remove'd the paint from rim a still work to do with fine polish. Michelin Pilot sport radial 190/50-17 and still have 6mm space so i plan to fit 200 tyre. Rim without any offset, swingarm stretched and notched. I've made this all by myself - coupla hour's of my work on lathe...
  19. vmaxride06

    gixxer kart gsxr 1000.. I want one!!!!!!!!!
  20. 0

    gsxr rim on max?

    can a gsxr rim 17inch 5.5 wide be modified to fit a max with a braced and notched swingarm?