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  1. J

    Heads up on Brake fluids LOL

    Well, I'm a dummy, LOL. A few days ago I cleaned out my front brake reservoir. Made it nice & clean , then refilled it and bled the front brakes. Well today I get ready to go for a ride and...........My front brake is TOTALY Spongy !! It was awful. What the heck is going on here !!! I just...
  2. 19vmax97

    Heads up... '96 Vmax fire sale in LA.

    Just a heads up for anyone in the Los Angeles area. Honda of Hollywood 323 466 7191 is becoming a BMW only spot for sales and service. Sucks, I have been going there since 2000. I was in one last time yesterday, and there is a '96 Vmax on the lot for sale. Just gave em a shout, 23k miles...
  3. R

    first gen heads

    Hi all, I'm looking for a set of heads, complete, for the first gen vmax. I've got an 86 Venture that's got a bad hole, and seeing as the engines coming out and apart anyways, I thought this would be a good time to add more power. I'm not far from Windsor Ontario, and I deal a lot in the...
  4. V

    Used Gen1 cyl heads in good condition,price?

    hey guys,I have these heads sitting in my garage ready to sell,and I planned to mark them down to half retail but I checkedat about 10 places on line for a price,but none are available,discontinued.? Any ideas how much they sold new,or what I should ask? Thanks,Randy
  5. S

    Heads are off....is this normal ??

    Pulled the heads today...ready for flowing and bigger valves...found this mess in the water jackets...Is this normal or could I have other issues ??
  6. T

    Vmax Heads on Venture block

    Is it possible to put Vmax heads with their bigger valves on a 1300 Venture block without major issues? What mod are required? Notching pistons?
  7. rebeltaz83

    possible engine work?? or heads changed??

    owned my vmax for a year now, and just noticed the bottom half, and the valve covers are a shiny black great looking paint, and the heads seem to be dull with spots missing paint, is this common as the heads get the hottest, or is this a sign of some possible major engine work that has been done...
  8. T

    rear heads

    can anybody on here tell me the difference in the rear heads on a vmax my as a number R IFKOO Y3 theres also a R IFKOO2 so whats the difference .MAy need a new head so doing some checking out just in case i need one. any ideas cheers:bang head:
  9. Toolman

    1300 venture block with max heads

    I have a couple of questions about this build I'm in the middle of, and would appreciate the forums input. This motor is going into a max. 1. can venture rods be used? I know they are the same size as the max but are the max rods better? 2. what should I use for head gaskets? 3. would...
  10. CaptainKyle

    Reminder watch out for butt heads.

    Ok this is what dave was refering to in the trackside section. All 4 of us were riding in a pack on the way to the strip & some asshole in a Silver Mercedes SUV cuts strait in the middle of the pack & almost runs over Joe thats just the start. We get farther down the road the same asshole hooks...
  11. Rusty McNeil

    Cams, heads

    Does anyone know if the .428 cams are going to be a big difference from the .380 on the street, driveability, noticebale difference in idle, loss of "low end friendliness" etc..............???? See my "Motor Work" post for what engine it's going in, Essentially it's about as radical as you...
  12. acammer

    Heads up on potential Dyantek Dyna3000 ('90-'07) availability issue

    I can only report on what I know and have learned, so there very well may be more to the following than I am aware of, but from what I've found over the last couple of days, the Dyna3000 may become a hard to obtain item, at least in the near future, if not more permanently. I ordered a...
  13. dij0674

    What can a machinist do to VMax heads for more power

    Hey All, My machinist says he can shave the heads and decrease the combustion chamber, and increase the compression ratio. Any ideas as to how this will effect Torque or HP. What else I can do to VMax heads to squeeze some more juice out of them? Port? Polish? Any dyno numbers on some...
  14. F

    Billet cylinder heads

    Anyone made them for the vmax?
  15. L


    Insurance and addressed this issue but can not find it, while waiting for the 1300 Sean, I work the heads of my 85, I want to tell me everything that hecer for rendimento perfect, thank you very much. Luciano
  16. schudaddie

    HEADS UP : ignition switch surprise

    Stopped in at Lowe's the other day to pick up some odds and ends.....AS I was walking to my 85 max I notice my headlight is on. I'm thinking I've left the key in it or something stupid like that.:bang head: I check my pocket and I have the key. Looking at the key slot it's in the on position. I...
  17. joelyons50023

    My ported and polished heads

    More like just one chamber right now but I am hoping to have the rest of them done before spring. Here are some pics of my P&P job sorry about some of their quality just the shop camera. Blended the seats, removed all casting marks and divets, unshrouded the valves, polished the comb. chamber...
  18. MoPure

    water passage joints in heads

    While removing the heads from my '85 max motor, I ended up breaking the crossover joint/sleeve whatever it's called. The little tabs that you're supposed to pull on to remove it broke off very easily. Actually kinda crumbled. It looks like new ones are about $15/ea from the stealership...

    Heads up for UFO pipes for sale

    I am posting my black coated UFO 4 into 1 dragstar pipes for sale in the Buy & Sell section. I will sell them on Ebay for $700 but if anyone on this forum wants them I'll sell them for $600 I'm getting another set and would like to sell them when I get the new ones, if interested we can...
  20. T

    Engine Ice heads up

    just tried engine ice and id like to let you folks know that it's worse than the 2 year old prestone i replaced...beware!