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  1. rebeltaz83

    2.0 liter v8 with over 200 HP at 13,000 rpm

  2. Badassmachinist

    Pipes,jetting and air box mods good for only 10 HP ?

    Still doing my reading, correct me if I'm wrong but a stone stock bike dynos, between 105 and 110 and a four into one with jetting and intake mods only 120 HP? Doesn't seem like much for$1200
  3. Fire-medic

    Ducati 1100 cc V-4! 210 hp

    Ducati 210 hp V-4! Can its use in the Diavel be predicted?
  4. Fire-medic

    Ducati special half a VMax's weight-same HP

    I wouldn't ride like this in an urban area. I'm thinking it's around Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC2nj91Imdw&feature=player_embedded
  5. crow66

    hp queries

    Hi all..... question is if you remove v-boost from a 145bhp bike will it then become a 98bhp bike ? Does a stage 7 dyno tune bring a 98bhp bike up to be as quick as a stock 145bhp bike ? Next querie is when I insured my vmax my insurance has stipulated on my insurance document that my model...
  6. rebeltaz83

    HP without vboost

    I've been looking for the HP rating on the v max without v boost for a few days now. I just want to know what the v max makes with out it. I'm curious to see just how much more v boost gives.
  7. C

    Why does the 1985 VMAX has so much HP?

    Why does the 1985 VMAX has so much HP, as opposed to the later models, like the 1999 model that I have for example? Is there anything I can do to my 1999 model to increase the HP to closer to the 1985 model? Thanks, Bill
  8. C

    197 hp actual dyno H2

    Bone stock. I guess people are complaining its weak from what all the hype was. For 25k.... I am not sure if I would deal or not. BUT.... I did read that pulling the flies out gains TREMENDOUS power. Supposedly 230-240 hp is seen as the flies only open for 2000 rpm? Bikes are getting so...
  9. C

    h.p. at the back wheel

    Can anybody tell me what factory Vmax will dyno at at the back wheel,,,2000 stock....
  10. Traumahawk

    HP future

    After I tune Seans kit...after the rebuild from Danny, I was thinking about ways for HP increases. With Seans filter being just right under the Faux tank cover, I rembered tank covers from Boxenstopp. There is 1 tank cover that is louvered, but then there is also 1 other one that has a...
  11. gunrunner

    highest Hp Gen2

    Now I have heard a rumour that someone over here is in the process of making a 500 HP Gen 2 SuperMax , also there is someone else claiming their Gen2 has permanate boost . Im just wondering what you guys thoughts are on this and what sort of HP some of you guys are getting .. Thanks in...
  12. Conman

    Marks 4-2 HP Gains?

    So I've been eyeballing exhausts and so far I like the looks and sound of the Marks performance 4-2 the best. It has a nice deep rumble and it doesn't seem deafening from what I've seen on the videos of it. What can I expect in terms of performance gains from these? How do they stack up...
  13. Fire-medic

    Nissan 1500 cc engine-400 hp

    http://www.gizmag.com/nissan-zeod-rc-engine/30611/ Wow!:worthy: The DIG-T R’s base engine is 500 mm tall x 400 mm long x 200 mm wide (19.68 x 15.74 x 7.78 in), but it puts out power like a fire hose at 400 bhp (298 kW) and 380 Nm (280 ft-lb) of torque. Nissan points out though this is...
  14. G

    HP boost numbers on the hyperchargers?

    Whattup all! So, Im thinking about putting one of the hyperchargers on my 2009 1100 vstar classic. Does anyone know what the actual HP boost would be? I hear alot of people talking about the noticeable difference, but Im not hearing any numbers. Any info is super appreciated! Thanks brothers! ~Gary
  15. D

    HP upgrades

    Starting to look around at several after market upgrades for my bike. As a base line, what it the max I should look to aim for in regards to rear wheel horsepower without doing any crazy modifications? Thanks, Nick
  16. H

    how do i tell the diferance between a full power vmax and the 115 hp vershen

    so whats the diferance between them ? asied from 45 horses
  17. C

    E85 fuel 650+ hp bolt on.... Vmax Mike this is for you

    For only $13,000 you can have one of the baddest bikes in Michigan! Todd Some measly little GSXR1000 Turbo.... pfftt..... tiny motor = Small horsepower! Here is some power for you! I think this is on a Gen 2 Busa. Sell yours and buy this Mike! Turn Key bad ass! For...
  18. Conman

    Looking for List of Highest HP Bikes by Year

    Hi, Just out of curiosity I'm wondering what motorcycles have held the title of "most powerful Production bike in the world" throughout the course of history. I've managed to find plenty of lists of record speed holders but nothing about power/torque/fun. Does anyone know of such a...
  19. Fire-medic

    BMW turbo triple, 228 HP, 236 ft/lb torque

    Seen the new BMW triple? Fifteen-hundred cc's, sports a big turbo, and it produces 228 HP and 236 ft./lb/ torque! You'd expect it to be in a ZX-14 crushing uber-sports bike, right, Certainly not a touring bike! Well, no, it's in a hybrid car! Yes, that's right, a $100,000 hybrid car. Not a...
  20. P

    True HP Factory Pro

    http://www.factorypro.com/dyno/true1.html Hi, thought someone might be interested :) BTW notice that V-max with cobra has higher HP than stock on this one? And can anyone confirm if this is with vboost or not ?