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  1. D

    Braded brake lines

    I have the 20 year old OEM lines on my 98. They seem ok but I'm changing out my front pads and will be flushing the fluids and getting new braded lines at the same time. I have blue dot R1 calipers with a xjr1300 master cylinder. As a side note I have been very Happy with the feel, performance...
  2. Lotsokids

    Quick Comment - Preventive Maintenance - Fuel Lines

    Just a quick comment... Last weekend I took a ride to Dallas (3 hours away). On my return, my bike stalled about 5 times, but eventually re-started each time and got me home. I suspected my fuel pump, which I took apart and found everything (including diaphragm) in order. Fuel filter is...
  3. K

    front brake lines

    I picked up some 6 pot FZR1000 Sumitomo Calipers. I will be changing to galfer steel braided lines. Which are better, going with original 3 line with splitter or 2 line? Which will be easier to bleed? Also, are HH pads the best for these calipers? Thanks, Don
  4. CaptainKyle

    Brake lines & throttle & clutch cables

    I have these brake lines for sale. I also have tons of braided throttle & clutch & brake cables to many to list . No Vmax one's though. 1. 99 - 02 Yamaha R6 rear 2. 2006 ZX 14 front 3. 2008 B King Front , Clutch & Rear 4. 2006 GSXR 600 - 750 Rear 5. 2007 CBR 1000 Rear 6. 2007 GSXR 1000...
  5. D-Max2012

    Braided Brake lines

    Quick question.. When you start looking to replace your old brake lines to braided ones.. Are you looking to replace just the front wheel? or, does the clutch line and rear need to be addresses also?
  6. M

    Gen 2 Galfler Stainlees Brake lines

    Gen 2 Galfler Stainlees Brake lines These sell for $112-129 Brand new in unopened package. Had to sell bike before I had a chance to put them on. $70 shipped and paypaled
  7. K

    braided lines

    has anyone put a braided line in place of clutch hose ?
  8. P

    Picture of Clutch/Brake Lines

    Can someone please post a couple pictures of the proper factory way to route the clutch master and brake master lines? Like a view from the handle bars and a view from the headlight? My bike came with a drag bar and someone clearly messed with the routing of the lines when they installed it...
  9. tinman22

    Float bowl vent lines

    I've been unable to find a picture or diagram of where the float bowl vent lines go. Any help would be great .
  10. W

    HEL Performance brake lines Moto heaven review

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a review for HEL Performance brake lines and also Moto Heaven. Anyway, for anyone not familiar with HEL Performance, they make custom braided lines in almost any color and setup you would want and Through moto heaven their price and service was great...
  11. charlieRobinson

    Stainless Steel Brake Lines

    I know this thread already exists but I could not find it. Does a set of these really cost $250? Those who have upgraded, has it made a great improvement in braking ability? I am looking at the UFO set.!/~/product/category=3613433&id=15357987...
  12. donnelly317

    Blured lines unedited video

    Some of you might not listen to this type of music but you will still like the video haha its the same as if it was on tv except the girls are topless and in thongs. It has a catchy beat to it. The sexy brunette used to play on the disneu show Icarly hilarious she is PERFECT...
  13. donnelly317

    Chrome bolts and colored lines best place to purchase?

    Has anyone ever purchased colored fuel/oil/vacuum lines anywhere?? Where would the best place to be to purchase these goodies??? I found a few websites but was wondering if anyone else had any info. Also chrome grade 8 bolts where is the best place to purchase these for kosman bolt together...
  14. misiek93

    brake lines routing question

    Recently I've installed a front end from 2005 zx10 on my 06 vmax. All I have left to do is put on the front brakes and that's where I need your help. I was planning on using the original brake lines from the zx10 however, with the new triple tree they are too short. So I would like to know if...
  15. B

    Protective Rubber grommets for brake lines

    I've looked over parts diagrams for variuos model VMaxs (including mine, 1985) and can't seem to find the part number for the rubber grommets that protect the brake lines from rubbing on the forks. Anyone know where I can get some of these? Mine have pretty much seen their better days. I did...
  16. CaptainKyle

    Fixed Gen 2 Galfer brake lines

    I have a set of Galfer front braided brake lines that some one ordered & never paid for there $ 80 bucks plus shipping. email [email protected] or call 813-270-0000 Thanks,Kyle
  17. vmax2extreme

    R1 calipers with Galfer SS lines

    I have installed the gold dot R1 calipers with the Galfer SS 3-lines. The lines to me appear far too long and I even tried to criss cross them. Take a look and im up for any suggestions. Should I just pull the two lower lines and send them back to Galfer to shorten them properly? Thanks for...
  18. coffee_brake

    dated brake lines

    I know the stock rubber lines are supposed to be stamped with the year of manufacture. Is this true of braided stainless lines? What is the useable life of braided lines, if one assumes that 10 years is the life of the stock rubber lines?
  19. one2dmax

    Muscle Brake Lines - masters

    Hello All, here's the pricing for Galfer and HEL products. We do also have EBC products available and please inquire for them. We also have available through Galfer the Accossato master cylinders/levers (works of art). I will update this post as I get more inquiries. Galfer and HEL Same pricing...
  20. gamorg02

    vac mod, gas in lines, thoughts...

    ok so this past weekend, i put the vac mod on and it didn't seem to do much except for maybe helping the starting. Also raised my needles which made me run lean so i put them back where they are. Then for a few days kept the mod on (and running vboost all the time). it was and had been...