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  1. vmax2extreme

    Vmax "logo" belts

    Here is a prototype belt that I am contemplating producing. Please let me know if you'd be interested in one of these black leather belts with the VMAX continuous LOGO on them. I will consider producing sizes up to 42" waist. The cost would be $20 + shipping If there is enough interests, I...
  2. J

    Vmax logo digitize for embriodery machine

    just had this done on my flip seat
  3. Fire-medic

    good riding logo for this mama

    A debate about this being photoshopped, but regardless, it's pretty-funny.
  4. rusty

    Vmax logo base ball cap

    I always wear a baseball cap, had a Vmax cap for 12 years that I got from the VMOA store that no longer exists. It got so dirty I put it in the washer & ruined it. Couldn't find one with the original logo, so I bought this black one instead. If anybody ever comes across the Original Vmax logo...
  5. C

    *NEW* 'V-4' Logo Generator Emblem

    Highly polished lazer cut stainless steel, simple to fit using original screws. Price: ?20.00 ($30.00) --- ?24.00 Including VAT at 20%
  6. hijacker

    Removing that logo

    I'm getting ready to paint my bike, wanna paint the side covers. How is the logo attached? Glue? Tape? Magic? I want to remove it in such a way that I can reattach it.
  7. C

    Side Plate: Removal of Vmax logo

    I am planning to paint the whole bike and I could start with the side plates where you have the Vmax logo attached. Is this logo glued to the side plate? There is no screw or anything behind the plate so I would imagine just plain glue. Any special instructions or is it just carefully...
  8. vmax2extreme

    VMOA new LOGO?

    New VMOA LOGO!!! Hello fellow Vmax enthusiasts, As most of you know, the VMOA is working on a new updated website that should premier in the near future. With that said, we, the VMOA, are going to have a VMOA LOGO contest. We, the VMOA, need to bring our logo up to the new standards to...
  9. CaptainKyle

    Company Logo

    Well I just wanted to share the picture of my new company logo. I have the artist doing a little more work on him color wise & a couple small things might change but I am pretty happy with it so far. www.madmonkeycycles.com
  10. VMAX1260

    supertrapp vs supertrapp without logo ...

    before 2 months a guy hit my left supertrapp, a friend of mine which owns a service shop and owns a v-max too, had a pair of supertrapps the thing is that this pair doesnt have supertrapp logo stamped on the exhaust. the disc's though have supertrapp logo on them. does anybody know if there...
  11. tugla

    Help designing new company logo

    Hi gang, I was wondering if there was anyone out that thats pretty proficient in graphic design that wouldn't mind helping me out design a logo for my new company. Not looking for anything too fancy, if someone knows how to wip one out without investing lots of time that would be awesome.
  12. Robbarrie

    VMF Logo

    I see the new VFM logo at the top of the page. Looks good. Are you going to post as a full page, so we can make a hard copy ? Not sure if I'd tatoo it on my arm, ( I have to think about it ) but if it is the official logo of the forum - I'd like to make a t-shirt of it. It's about time ...
  13. Robbarrie

    Forum Logo - for all to use.

    I was wondering how everyone would feel about having a forum logo. Maybe we can get a few members who are willing to devote some time with a graphics program (like photoshop) to submit a logo or two. We can narrow it down to one by doing a poll. It's not a contest for money nor fame ; so...