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  1. R

    Long, sad story about my V Max

    In july of 2016 i bought my V Max from 1997, full power version (not that obvious in Europe). In first two weeks I've made: - changed front tire - regeneration of front fork - changed front brake hoses - changed rear brake disk and brake pads - changed rusted bolts - throttle lines - made a lot...
  2. Lotsokids

    Thankful - Long Ride Today

    After replacing the rear valve cover gasket and adding COPs ignition, I headed for Texas to visit an Air Force Base I was assigned to for school (Sheppard AFB) 30 years ago this year. Mr. Max ran good all the way. No leaks. Even messed with a Hellcat Challenger a little. We both exited, and I...


    When I go on long rides , ( and the first time I figured this out was years ago on the way to "DANNYMAX'S" , BROWNIE RUN CENTRAL ) I sit up on the passenger seat and put my feet on the passenger pegs , you are leaning over like ridding a " CROCH ROCKET " , but to me it's really comfortable ...
  4. Conman

    Long Distance Back Pain Fix?

    Anyone have any suggestions for how to alleviate upper back pain on long (+2hr) trips? I tend to get burning pain in my lats the worst, with some pain between my shoulders, but definitely the worst in the lats, and usually only on one side or the other for some reason. It happens on both the...
  5. Kronx

    The Gen 2 and long trips.

    So I have a Gen 1 -- a '93. It's got a seat from Sean Morley that certainly made riding it better than the stock seat. But even with Sean's seat -- just looking at a 1,000 mile road trip makes me groan. Is the Gen 2 a little better comfort wise for longer trips than the Gen 1? I noticed on...
  6. twistedmax

    Long shot ,,,,,,,,,,But ya never know.

    I know it's a long shot ,but with the vast interests of the membership here I'm hoping. I'm in search of a set of 14 or 15 inch 4 on 4 inch bolt pattern wheels. As many of you know I've been building a SBC Vega. It's pretty much together just some fine tuning to do. My current problem is the...
  7. Bill Seward

    So long....

    And thanks for all the fish.
  8. Shredder

    Lost a long time friend today.

    A good friend of mine just started riding this year. He rode a yamaha r6. I went with him earlier this year to look at the bike. I told him to buy it. There was snow on the ground so i even put it in my truck and hauled it home for him. I warned him from the beggining to mind his p's and q's on...
  9. J

    Need Advice: first start after long neglect

    I purchased a well-abused 89 over the winter that had been sitting for four years. Replaced the battery, then the starter, then the clutch slave cylinder. Rebuilt the carbs as per NaughtyG's instructions (except that I replaced all components that came in the rebuilt kit, except the float needle...
  10. blaxmax

    Long Time friend passes at Bonneville-Sam Wheeler

  11. R

    What's the best long ride seat?

    I'm looking for a comfortable seat. I'm currently using a stock 98 seat. Looking for something that doesn't want to make me get off the bike after a hour of riding. Sean Is right down the road from me. I've been thinking of having him rebuild my stock seat. Maybe, a corbin?
  12. Fire-medic

    Long Beach custom bikes

    No. 25 reminds me of a Ford Country Squire, not a sporty BMW bike! http://autoweek.com/article/auto-shows/custom-bike-long-beach-motorcycle-show Some interesting designs in here, but the "Bobber-thing's" force is stiill unfortunately powerful, Luke. No.15 looks like somethng you...
  13. Fire-medic

    Miles Long beware of this interloper, your title is at stake

    Our favorite handsome member has competition! http://news.yahoo.com/zimbabwes-mr-ugly-pageant-turns-ugly-132740418.html
  14. C

    Insurance companies... how long does it take?

    I ve never made a vehicle claim in my life. One house claim and that took about two weeks or less if I recall. But I am exactly at 1 month after the accident and I am still waiting on a settlement. Is this normal? Everytime I call I get a new person that tells me something different. I was...
  15. rdbul

    Max Long

    After finishing and enjoying the work I did on my GS, I started thinking about doing another bike. I wanted a cool engine in a roller and I'd go from there. Though I like the classic american style, its been done, and done, and done. A guy I work with suggested a VMax and after a little research...
  16. B

    the 2003 Vmax - Comfortable for long rides? Worth $4500?

    Hi everyone! Just joined this forum. In 18 hours I'm supposed to go buy a 2003 Vmax but I don't know much about them! I have some questions I hope you can shed light on? 1. What year did "Gen 2" start? (I'm assuming a 2003 is NOT a Gen2) 2. I read that the Vmax is not comfortable for long...
  17. C

    Long wet ride this weekend.

    In typical Todd fashion, I had the bike apart before I left. If was getting new tires, new brakes, and a few fixes on it before I left. My shorai battery took a shit and burnt up on me. Luckily I had the last battery that was in there and was able to put it back in and it was ready to...
  18. Itgoes

    Long Time Vmaxer Passes.....

    Chuck Lombardo passed away yesterday. I'm sure many of you guys knew him from different VMax events like Thunder or Daytona. He was a unique individual, a hardcore VMax fanatic.......and my friend. There is no information on any services yet. Mark
  19. F

    How long till carbs gunk up?

    Just curious as to how long it would take for sitting carbs to gunk up. My bike sat for over a month without me starting it and I wonder if a jet clogged up. I run Seafoam or Techroline in every tank and I never let the carbs go dry.
  20. frank5079

    First long road trip on the 'Max....

    I racked up 4k+ on my bike since I got her September of last year.....longest ride was when I picked her up in Louisville and rode her back home to Winchester, roughly 75 miles.... Well this Friday after work, I plan to visit an old Air Force buddy of mine up in Lucas, Ohio. He's about 209...