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  1. Traumahawk

    Racetech springs

    I have a question for the people that have used Racetech springs before. From what Ive read before, a lot of people have suggested that if you go off of Racetechs recommendations, then the spring rate will be too harsh, and that you need to order 1 step down. I wonder if the people that...
  2. P

    anybody tried Ricor intiminators + racetech springs

    Hi, Alot of you guys seem to have good experience with intiminators + progressive springs, but what do you guys say about intiminators + racetech springs (or any other straight rate spring)? Thanks!
  3. G

    Racetech Emulators Adjustments

    Hey guys , has anyone done racetech emulators on there vmax in combination with progressive springs . I have done my share of for forks , looks like standard drilling out the drill out damping rod and weld up the rebound holes . Just wondering what spring on the emulator , blue or Yellow and how...
  4. you2low

    Racetech Springs

    Any one using racetech springs. I need to redo my front forks the nose dive is soooooo bad..lol. Thinking of the racetech 1.0 kg or 1.1Kg just got a set of new progressive 440 HD shocks for the rear im 6'3 and 250 lbs and my girl rides alot on the back so thats another 115lbs im worried about...
  5. ZackDaniels

    RaceTech Springs and Emulators For 05+

    I'm looking at ordering RaceTech emulators (S4301) which are supposed to work with the late model gen 1 forks. I heard some murmors though that the forks were further refined in 05. Do these still work in 05/06/07 forks? Any adjustments necessary?
  6. Vitek

    Progressive springs vs. Racetech

    I have racetech springs installed and I'm getting free springs from progressive because of the promotion they are having. How do they compare? Are progressive better? Should I swap them? or just put them on ebay? Vitek
  7. gleno

    Ricor vs. Racetech

    I just followed the link from the forum to the Ricor Web page and looked up the description for the patented Inertia Active dampening for damper rod front forks. "This is the only product on the market that is smart enough to know if the wheel is trying to move or if the chassis is trying to...
  8. vmax1125

    racetech emulators

    does anyone know the part# for racetech gold valve emulators for late model maxes? i bought some on ebay and the part#is fegv s4301 but when i check on racetech site they give the part# fegv s4101. the guy said they were for his 02' vmax i just keep getting different #'s . maybe the...
  9. Vitek

    what do you use for spacers in racetech set up?

    I'm in process getting racetech springs and emulators and I just find out from tech support that it doesn't come with any spacers. I want to lower about 1-2 inches. I have machine shop at my work so they can make anything I want :) so the question is what do you use for spacers and I would love...
  10. ZRX/V-MAX

    Racetech is DONE!

    I Just finished up adding racetech emulators and 1.0 springs, and I couldn't be happier with the results. For anyone on the fence about doing this mod themselves, It's a piece of cake. There is nothing mysterious or tricky inside those forks. The pieces are simple really. The only thing that...
  11. 4

    VMOA 25% Discount at Race-Tech?...

    I'm ready to purchase emmulators and springs from Race Tech. I understand they offer a 25% discount for VMOA members. I want to join VMOA. Where is the VMOA.net website!!!!! Crew
  12. bbadwheels

    Race-Tech Fork Springs ???

    I called race tech and the rep. said they don't have a spring that lowers an 01 max. I want to lower the front about an inch and buy their emulators. Can I shorten a spacer in the fork to lower it? Any one using this set-up? Help!
  13. firefly

    Racetech vs inverted forks

    How much of an improvement are inverted forks over racetech springs & emulators. I do have racetech and have no idea what inverted forks will have on handling compared to my current setting.