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  1. Kronx

    Self Taught Rocket Scientist...

    Mike Huges, a limo driver and self-taught rocket scientist plans to launch himself into the stratosphere on Feb 3rd in a rocket built in his garage. His ultimate goal is to get to outer space and prove the earth is flat...
  2. J

    rocket 3 vs Vmax

    My sons friend is picking up an 05 Triumph rocket 3. He is an ignorant bugger, & he says he is going to leave my 98 Vmax in the dust. I laughed it off. Then I was curious, & started researching the Rocket,, he just might do what he claims. No I'm worried, LOL. I was very confident at...
  3. Foxviewnet

    Triumph Rocket III

    Hey guys, I have had my eye on the Triumph Rocket III for a possible stable mate for my Vmax. Anyone have one or have any personal knowledge on the bike? My wife would like something with a little more comfort on longer trips and I don't want to give up the performance of the Vmax. Also better...
  4. HyperPete

    For Sale: Ladies large Joe Rocket Armored Mesh Jacket

    SOLD: Ladies large Joe Rocket Armored Mesh Jacket Sold!
  5. HyperPete

    For Sale: Ladies large Joe Rocket Armored Mesh Jacket

  6. rusty

    Hitch a ride on a rocket
  7. VMax-Mike

    joe rocket riding gear for sale
  8. C

    Comparison Vrod, Rune, Vulcan, Vmax and Rocket

    Just thought this was an interesting read. I didnt see the size of the Vulcan motor. But I am assuming it was the 2000 cc version. Which I was surprised to read in another spot had 145 ft lbs of torgue. And around 115 hp or so. Really an oversquare motor, so its not a power house...
  9. johnblaid

    Joe Rocket Balistic 7 Pants Review

    I bought these for winter riding after buying and returning Gerbing EX Heated Pants due to massive sizing problems admitted by the vendor. I ordered them in 5x even though I wear a size 46 waist. I wanted them way too big so I would not have to use the side zippers at all...and I very much did...
  10. dmax1

    Turbo Rocket

    Supposed to go down and look at this bike. Do not know much about these bikes. Anybody able to give me some information on this bike:ummm:
  11. rusty

    Amazing Rocket launch
  12. rusty

    Rocket Bike
  13. sarchin

    Joe Rocket Leather Jacket

    Joe Rocket Leather Jacket, pictures added Selling a Joe Rocket Leather Jacket. It's a size 50 and is in good shape except for one button missing on the wrist. Has all the armor but does NOT have a removable liner. I like the jacket but I'm 5'11" and 230 pounds and I can barely zip it up and...
  14. U

    Joe Rocket Leather If you click on the 'blue square', that one pictured will be exactly what it looks like... It will be a XL mens size, and has the (never used) zip in/out extra liner. Only been worn a...
  15. CaptainKyle

    Triumph Rocket
  16. Jayhawk

    Good deal on Joe Rocket jacket - $69

    Thought this was worth sharing. $69
  17. gamorg02

    rocket launcher!!
  18. Shuriken

    Triumph Rocket?

    Looks like a fun bike. Anyone ridden one?
  19. Jayhawk

    You think your Max is a rocket between your legs?
  20. Jayhawk

    Now THIS is a crotch rocket

    Story with video here Funny, I stopped at High Five Cycles on Thursday night to check out the bikini bike wash. I guess I missed her. I'll pay more attention, next time. :confused2: