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  1. Kronx

    If you're ever rolling through Texarkana....

    Do yourself a favor and stop and try Naaman's BBQ. I made the trek from St. Louis to San Antonio to see my son graduate from Air Force Basic Training. I stopped in Texarkana and this BBQ place was right next door to the hotel. I walked on over and my god this was the best BBQ I've ever had in my...
  2. Conman

    Rolling Burnout Question

    Well my tire (Qualifier) is bald and for the past few days I've tried to get wheel spin without using brake or clutch on my gen 1. I have yet to look back and see a black stripe behind me. I've tried punching it in 1st at low rpms, just before vboost, just after vboost, and everything in...
  3. northjax

    DC Rolling Thunder 2014

    Great time. Pics following
  4. eggohead

    Rolling Thunder 25 May

    I live in Richmond, is anyone else heading to DC? Trip take about 2 hours for me up I plan on leaving around 6. Don't want to piss off the neighbors anymore than usual.... If you want ride up PM me...
  5. cgswss

    Tried to do a rolling burn out on the new Max

    hopes this works... Well I can't get it to work- maybe because its inside facebook. But it was cool!
  6. VMax-Mike

    rolling burnouts with a metzeler 170 80 15

    Tom and bill have so much fun doing rolling burnouts and tom has talked me into a metzeler andi gotta tell you its alot of fun. All though im not near as good as tom and bill i know i will have alot of fun working at it. Thanks for talking me into it tom. I feel the only way i will get great at...
  7. C

    Longest Rolling burnout Vmax.... I ve seen some pretty long burnouts, but this one takes the cake. We're not talking a measly 200 feet.... looks like 1/4 mile burnouts at one point lol. But he also bounces that thing off the rev limiter like its a good thing...
  8. C

    Rolling burnouts and tires....

    Well lately a discussion of rolling burnouts has been a topic between a few of us. Seeing some peoplebe able to roll one out and others not ( myself included ) I watched what they were doing. My first thought was tires. I ve had my Shinko on for almost 4500 miles now. Its sticky, plenty...
  9. N

    Did my first rolling burnout!

    I got my front tire replaced and the slick on it was gone finally today. I'm rolling down the road back to my house and this dbag on a dirt bike is messing with me and with being no more than 600 yards from my house I didn't feel like doing anything. I'm doing 30 in 3rd then split second gunned...
  10. rebar

    Rolling burnout tires.

    I see Sean said a michelin macadam was his burnout tire. but there not cheap. Any suggestions on a setup I dont have to struggle with? I weight 150 wet and its not easy lighting the tire up? Maybe a Shinko up front? something slick in the rear?
  11. S

    not rolling with clutch pulled in

    Curious if you think this could be an isssue that could be resolved with a good clutch bleed. bike fell over, broke the clutch handle, and I then replaced it. Bike now does not like to roll with engine off while i pull in the clutch. did i mix up air into the system?
  12. B

    1986 V-max Rolling Chassis

    4 sale 1986 v-max rolling chassis , No motor ,seat, tank shell , front or rear fender, clean title , good for project bike , needs work , $1000 B/O ,(e-mail [email protected]) PHOTO`S LINK >