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  1. J3_Driver

    V-Max Belly Pan / Chin Scoop w/ Mounting Hardware -SOLD-

    The title pretty much sums it up. Fiberglass chin scoop removed from an '85. There are 2 chips in the gelcoat on the front corners, see pictures. Will ship from Prescott, AZ. Make me an offer.
  2. Eugene Brad

    Scoop inserts, intake covers, and radiator cover

    Wanted to see what kind of interest there may be for some trim pieces. I just took some older trim pieces (scoop inserts, intake cover, and a radiator cover to local shop to get a cad file made of profile and bolt layout. Artwork/ designs are tbd. The guy told me once he has the profile and...
  3. K

    Looking for scoop grill insert for gen 1 right side

  4. henrysgmc

    Custom Scoop Inserts

    Im looking for a custom set of scoop inserts if anyone has a set they want to sell.
  5. jedi-

    RH scoop and more

    Need a rh scoop for my project, paint condition does not matter at all but it needs to be clear of dents , gouges etc. Also need a plastic cover which I can best describe as the black plastic visible cover that is above and forward of the left hand scoop. There will be other bits needed as I...
  6. D

    Stainless scoop inserts gen 1

    I found a set still in the box they shipped to me in. I'll get a couple pics tonight, but they looked fine. Could use a bit of polishing on the back side (maybe). $35 shipped conus.
  7. E

    Aftermarket radiator and intake scoop inserts

    Searching for lightly used aftermarket intake scoop inserts and radiator cover, black or chrome in good shape. Thank you!
  8. E

    Stock intake scoop screens. $50

    Used but in good shape, $40 shipped.
  9. gunrunner

    Scoop Question

    Was mucking around in the garage yesterday and I was polishing the scoops (as ya do ) and on putting on of them on I noticed the bottom screw was screwing into nothing , I managed to give it a quick fix tho . I take it there is a nut welded to the frame on the inside there but it must be...
  10. Barry barker

    Scoop, side cover, left case guard

    Make me an offer on any of these parts if you need a back up or these are nicer than what you currently have on your bike. Shipping will be about $10.00 for the scoop and/or case guard, the side cover about $6.00. thanks, Barry
  11. 2

    What is this plug for under the left scoop. I found it un plugged and wrapped in tap

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  12. caseyjones955

    Scoop & Side cover paint removal.

    I'm pretty sure I saw a wright-up on polishing the faux scoops and side covers but I really cant find it. Not even sure it was here. I don't want to polish them, not looking for any extra gloss. I'm only interested in removing the OEM paint from these trim pieces that are partially painted...
  13. S

    Intake scoop project..

    So....following my plan to make my project more 'max-like' as opposed to looking like a vrod....eeeuuuw...I'm creating some custom intake scoops that will actually work. 1st looks very v-rod ish 2nd is the mould taken from...... Pic 3.......inspiration comes from many places....
  14. ImCannibal

    Clear scoop inserts?

    Does anybody on here know who to ask about getting some scoops inserts made out of 1/4" lexan? I want to turn my scoops into turn signals by using frosted lexan like a fiber optic with led strips in the scoops. I know I remember seeing a thread on it a while ago but the forum search sucks if I'm...
  15. O

    part number for plastic shroud infront left scoop

    Plastic shroud in front left scoop that covers the throttle cable linkage box and gets screwed in behind the electrical connections. Need the part number, mine is all broken.
  16. D

    bottom scoop

    I have seen vmaxes with a scoop on the bottom of the bike behind the front tire. Were do you get one of these?
  17. J

    Shala's custom scoop paint

    Shala recently had her scoops powdercoated "Adams over Gold" to match her wheels that she had powdered last year. "Adams over Gold" is basicly gloss black powder with some very fine flake blended in over the top. Her wheels really POP in the sunlight. Then she wanted her custom V4 three...
  18. Olds Guy

    "Functioning" Scoop

    I am making my left side scoop really a air scoop. With the factory air box gone, there is a lot of room to relocate the electrical from the left side up by the map sensor (I am calling it a map sensor as that is kind of how it functions). Since the V Boost is removed I do not need to keep the...
  19. C

    Air Scoop "Panels" and "Screens" question

    I have a question: My 03 Vmax came without scoops. I purchased the scoops used and order new screens and panels. I was surprised to see that the right panel is solid (no air flow in) while the left pane is not (air can flow in). Does that make sense?
  20. C

    Air Scoop color

    Trying to decide if I pc my scoops gloss black like everything else, or if I do them chrome silver, or if I get a set of chrome scoops. I am not sure if I like the shine of chrome scoops, but not sure if I would like the all black scoop either. Anyone with pictures? Lee didnt you do your...