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  1. LegoNoggin

    Service in the Edmonton area?

    Short question: Does anyone know of a good shop / individual to service my 2005 V-Max in the Edmonton, Alberta area? Long story: I got my bike in 2014. It ran great when I got it, but shortly thereafter started progressively running worse ... running rough, sounds like it's misfiring...
  2. nighthawk s

    service manual/repair manual

    I'm wondering if anyone has or knows where I can get a Yamaha repair/shop manual that covers the 2005 v max. I'm looking for the Yamaha factory one.
  3. T

    '94 VMax 4400 Actual Miles As New Fresh Service Needs Nothing

    Selling my 1994 VMax 1200, I am the 2nd Senior Owner It has a total of only 4499 actual miles on it! Other than a little light oxidation here and there it is still basically brand new Done in rare yellow made only 2 years in this color Have reciepts for over $2100.00 work done 3 months ago...
  4. Falaholic

    Nitrous through the service ports?

    I wanted to come here to ask if it is possible and a logical area to install nitrous nozzles in the service ports of a Vmax. Thank you,
  5. Shredder

    Clymer service manual

    Ive got a very lightly used clymer service manual. Sold my vmax and dont need it anymore. Cant remember what i paid for it. Make me an offer plus shipping. This thing is like brand new. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  6. Red Rocker

    Service Manual

    Just want to confirm if an 01 Vmax Yamaha Service Manual is good to use for an 06, or are they different? Thanks.
  7. gentsvmax

    Exactrep, Excellent service!!!!

    So out of nowhere the mod monkey's on my back, whispering, whimpering, beginning to shake. Next thing I know Im browsing Exactreps site, 300 amp stator, an LED battery charge monitor and a Caltric fuel pump later and the monkeys gone. I placed my order to Exactrep Wednesday the 15th, it got...
  8. ga_max

    Speed and Strength Customer Service Rocks

    When I got my max about a 1.5 years ago I also got a Speed and Strength textile jacket (Hi-Vis). It was nothing fancy but it had a zip out liner and armor for my elbows and a back pad. Even though it was considered a 3 season jacket I could wear it pretty much year round in GA. Yesterday I went...
  9. SpecOps13

    Bill Clinton's Military Service?

    Oh! You didn't know he had a military career? Bill & Hillary got about $12 million for their to-be written memoirs. Here's some help for them since their memories are getting old. BILL CLINTON'S MILITARY CAREER Bill Clinton registers for the draft on September 08, 1964...
  10. frank5079

    Prior service miltary

    Just wondering how many of you guys are prior service military....I served in Uncle Sam's Air Force from 1984 to 1988 and was stationed at Edwards AFB in California. I would have stayed in had I not been given a medical discharge due to asthma....
  11. one2dmax

    Carb Exchange Service

    We currently have 6 sets of Vmax carbs ready to go on an exchange basis. They have been cleaned, floats set, needed gaskets/seals/jet block plugs replaced, and verified running good. Move over your slides, any desired jets, and springs. $400 exchanged plus shipping. We can sell these...
  12. WonkoTheSane

    Cyclepedia Service Manual

    I'd considered buying a subscription to the Cyclepedia service manual, but then stumbled upon a version of it in the Amazon Kindle store As...
  13. jagco1

    Free Vmax Service and Owner's Manuals

    Hi guy's, I found this link to lot of Motorcycles - service/owner's manuals. From the Vmax to a lot of other bikes free down load. :eusa_dance:
  14. donnelly317

    which service manual??

    I went to and the service manual PDF DL has VMX12E(C), H(C), U(C), S(C), and N(C).. Which one do I use???? i pritty much just want the torques for anything on the front end ei Calipers,rotors, triple tree brackets... Im installing the 05 forks on my 85 tonight and tomorrow...
  15. P

    Is it worth a K&N air filter at service?

    Hi. Just a quickie. Is it worth ordering a K&N air filter over a stock one? Will there be any more induction noise/ gained hp or is it a waste of money?
  16. a113ycat

    1985 VMX12 N,NC~K, KC Complete Service Manual

    I posted this in another thread but though maybe someone not looking their may find it here... There are other models and manufacturer manuals on this site as well..
  17. Blackjack

    Clymer Service Manual

    This service manual is for 1985-2003 models. Can someone explain the reason why this does not apply to 2004-2007 as well? Want to by a service manual that works for my 07 model...
  18. robike_75

    service manual

    anybody know where i can get 98 vmax service manual to download. thanks. new to the site and my vmax. any help would be appriciated. mike
  19. kaboom

    Glock Customer Service???

    Anyone ever deal with them?? My G26 is involved in a frame recall..... They want me to go to my FFL and send it back to Glock so they can change the frame........ Unfortunately this will cause me and my FFL to treat it like a new handgun entering NY.......and my frame serial # will be...
  20. rebar

    Helmet Upholstery and painting service

    Can anyone recommend a outfit that can reupholster and repaint a helmet? Yes I know the Styrofoam core of helmets loose their effectiveness to absorb impact over time. But this helmet has sentimental value. Thanks