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    Started the respray process...

    Had it two weeks. The paint was profesionaly done and in great shape....only the colors oh man the colors and "water splash graphics" eeeeeh Dont want to offend the p.o so Ill just leave it at that (fenders picture below) blue was ok but blue&yellow/water splash.......nope I actually had the...
  2. V

    Finally started working mine.

    So I ditched the subframe modification and gas tank swap. Going to make a fiberglass dummy tank, new seat, and a new tail.
  3. V

    Finally started working mine.

    So I ditched the subframe modification and gas tank swap. Going to make a fiberglass dummy tank, new seat, and a new tail.
  4. Rollie

    It's started

    Bob came home from the road, sat down in his favorite chair, turned on the TV, and said to his ol Lady, "Quick, get me a beer before it starts." She looked a little confused, but brought him a beer. When he finished it, he said, "Quick, get me another beer. It's gonna start." This time she...
  5. J

    My old 90 project started

    So the guy who purchased my 90 is about to dive in head first to dragstrip duty. He put in a starter clutch and headed to the track. Baselined the bike at a somewhat disappointing 6.47 eight mile ET best (Ive ran 6.2s with it). He is going full stroked kit with a turbo. His goal is to run...
  6. N

    Bike just started popping after filling up

    So was on the interstate today and hit 117 miles and it started to sputter so I switched to reserve and found a gas station and filled up with 91 octane I have never used this gas station before . Filled up and left got back on the interstate and bike now backfires pops from the exhaust when...
  7. dij0674

    A Big Thank You to Sean Morley for Helping me Finish What I Started

    This is a post three years in the works. I started a Vmax rebuild project three years ago, and got in way over my head. Sean was great with advice, parts, and answered all of my questions. Long story short, I rebuilt my motor, and it blew up in 500 miles...As you can imagine I was not very...
  8. jagco1

    Vmax started running ruff again

    Man few days ago I was out acting nuts with zx14 witch I had fun with the guy at a stand still waiting for a green light. Man any way got run down a pd blue and white he hit the light on a side street. I waiting for him to catch up. This hole or deal cost me $950.00 after everything was said and...
  9. srk468

    Started my swingarm project...

    Just getting going on it, the new wheel & tire combo is 6lbs heavier than my stock wheel and burnt up Shinko but I expected it to be heavier.. everything is going good so far and I'll keep you guys posted about my progress.. Sent from my HTC Thunderbolt using Tapatalk
  10. D

    Started tearing down my carbs....

    Got everything separated. Had my tray to organize all my tiny parts. Got things started. Pulled off the float bowls.... and saw this... :bang head::bang head::ummm::damn angry::teeth angry: I'd...
  11. N

    Just started up my neglected '97

    After a loooong hiatus I am ready to get back in the saddle (work, Kids). Bought a battery, then installed it. Bike fired up but the front left carb is dumping fuel like crazy. Most of my experience is of the single cylinder variety so I am weary of opening a can of worms. My rookie diagnosis...
  12. clintard

    Started a local news webste for my community

    I started a news website for my local community. So far, its really taking off. If you guys wanna check it out the link is: If you have any idea's for this thing, let me know! Thanks
  13. Sellinger

    Started modding the new (to me) max

    Hey guys! Bought this 95 max a couple months ago, the previous owner dropped it in his drive way and with the help of this site i finally started getting her into road worthy condition. I Just got done Adding new clutch/brake levers, shift linkage/foot rest, new grips/mirrors, painted the...
  14. hubeerjw

    Winter Nationals - 2010 Dragracing has Started!

    I was bummed about football being over, but last night was qualifying for the Winter Nationals and today is the finals, so at least I have something to watch on Saturday and Sunday nights again!
  15. dannymax

    It all started

    ...when I ordered a set of steering head bearings for Sallymax from Morley this morning! Figureing on being ready to install them when they arrived, I started taking taking her apart....then I thought, hell, I'll put in solid motor mounts, and as long as I was in the neighborhood, I might just...
  16. mjsonar

    Help!! She started to whine

    Ok I need help on what to do now. When I let off the throttle I am now getting a whine and I feel a vibration in the handlebars. :bang head: It doesn't matter what gear I am in. If I pull in the clutch I get no whine or vibration. When I get down to about 5 to 10 MPH then the problem seems to...
  17. S

    muffler started to pop when letting off gas/help

    got 5500 miles on 2005 vmax with hmf pipes since new. everything else is all stock. have been running great until week ago im getting more of a popping sounds when giving gas and letting off in the right muffler only. changed plugs/still does it. what to do?
  18. Neil-3446

    Started The Busa USD Swap Tonight

    Hey Gang... Just started the Busa USD swap a little while ago around 11 PM. Got the stock front off Max, have the USD triples installed, all the headlight stuff, and ready for the forks. More to come. :cheers: Neil
  19. Buster Hymen

    Speed Biker Tournament started

    I've started a Speed Biker tournament in the Arcade. I need 7 more players to start the Tournament. Join up now!:rocket bike: