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  1. Killjoy

    Strange "vmax" noises.

    Apparently clutch basket rumble/chatter, and God awful clunky shifting are just the norm for a 32yr old vmax with 17k milrs. Just had to say this thing shifts with ass punching notchieness. I guess the newer ones didn't have this problem. Just changed the plugs. Felt like bitching after my first...
  2. Lotsokids

    Strange Cobra Phenomenon

    I purchased my V-Max here in Hungary a couple years ago with a custom VERY LOUD exhaust system. I have since purchased a Cobra 4-into-4 system for a quieter daily ride to work. In a different post, I've had a chronic problem with #3 cylinder popping and sputtering. I recently returned from last...
  3. V

    Strange high idling. please help.

    Hi everyone. Im new here and i already love the information thats here. I bought a 1988 vmax a month ago with 79k kilometers on it. Since then ive done an oil change, coolant flush, water pump seal replacement and drain cock o-ring replacement (leaking), replaced the push throttle cable (snapped...
  4. ga_max

    This is strange. (Trump Related)

    Just read this an thought it was strange.
  5. blaxmax

    Very strange case
  6. L

    Strange symptoms...

    Been an obnoxious spat of vmax ownership this time around. Started off with carb issues... cleaned X3 then sent to Danny. Came bike (DANG he does good work!), hooked them up, bike seemed to have a demon (cracking and banging through right exhaust) left over. Recleaned carbs... no dice. Replaced...
  7. Hellboy

    strange seat difference

    Hi guys, I've just got a second seat and noticed when installing it that it does not have the same indented section as my original. The new one touches and puts pressure on the relay that is under the seat due to the lack of the cut away. The part numbers moulded into the bottom of the seats...
  8. J

    Strange- Clutch lever goes to bar with no resistance

    This is a strange one, and I think I have the answer, but wanted to ask here- Got my vmax last year, 85 with 1,950 miles on her. Slave cyl for the clutch was leaking, well, that's to be expected, had the shop rebuild the slave. This year, the master cyl was leaking, same deal, shop rebuilt...
  9. N

    Strange noise in low rpm

    Strange noise in low rpm (solved) Hi guys, since today my vmax 1200 '97 speaks some strange noise on low rpm (900-1100). First squeaking noise comes out between front and right cylinders under the carbs.When I add some throttle noise goes away. Similar kind of noise also on low rpm comes...
  10. V

    Strange Carb Sync Problem

    Hey guys, been awhile. Have something really weird going on. Inherited a relatively new carb rack from a friend. Put them on my bike and started doing a sync. The first 2 steps work just fine, but when I try to sync the right bank with the left, I have the sync screw completely bottomed out...
  11. L

    Strange noise at specific RPM

    I have a noise I believe is coming from the carb/air filter area but only at around 1500 rpm. For lack of a better way to describe it, it sounds like a large solenoid clacking away. I know there is a servo for the VBoost and mine seems to cycle fine on start up but is there a solenoid or...
  12. dij0674

    need some help with a strange issue - surging - dies when shifted when cold.

    I'm stumpped on this one. And it is a safety issue at this point. Here are the issues: When cold (<195) the bike dies when I shift into 1st. And the bike is surging a pissed off horse. The voltage seems to bounce around between 11 and 13 volts. Once the bike warms up it runs...
  13. johnblaid

    Help ID strange Anti Theft Device Please

    The pictures below show some sort of ANTI-Theft Device that was wired into my electrical system on the right side when I purchased the bike. I'd like to remove it since the bike cannot be started without the pictured plug and I only have one. I can't find anything about it on the internet but...
  14. Fire-medic

    strange BMW custom from Bulgaria

    You sure won't see yourself across the intersection if you have this! Pretty interesting, but maintenance down the road of ownership could be problematic. Here’s Ivaylo Trendafilov, the bike’s designer and...
  15. R

    Strange engravings on a 93 VMAX motor

    Hello, I am a neebie VMAX owner but I have been reading various posts\threads in this forum for about a month. The VMAX that I bought is a 93 model which hadn't been started in about 3 years. The carbs were so gummed up to a point where the throttle could not be rotated. They have since been...
  16. F

    Strange fuel problem Gas Cap

    Occasionally when I come to a stop and then try to take off again, the bike will cut off like it has run out of gas but it will start and idle just fine. As soon as I give it some throttle, it will die again. I then have to cut the motor, take off the gas cap (tons of suction) put the cap back...
  17. srk468

    Strange coolant leak

    Anybody ever have a weeping coolant leak from where the coolant hose attaches to the front head? I'm getting ready to drop my engine down for better access to it but I had a small leak from that area all last year, replaced the hose, replaced the clamp, went to a worm clamp and still leaking :(...
  18. dannymax

    This is some strange shit!

    No, really...I've never seen this on the lawn before. Our dog loves carrots & pumpkin and her poopies are orange (to the left of the pic) so it's definitely not hers. There is a small white hair in the darker poop.....anyone know what it is? I did see a big Coyote about a week ago within 75'...
  19. T

    Strange sound, pinion broken?

    Could you confirm?
  20. R

    Blue smoke om WoT and strange compression readings

    Hi, One of my fellow riders told me I am leaving behind blue smoke when I accelerate hard so this winter, I`m planning to fix that. First things that come to mind are the valve seals, my bike had been standing for 10 years when I bought it so they might have dried out but to verify I did a cold...