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  1. Semi239

    Rear Shock Bushings

    Hi all, I just picked up a set of used Progressive 412s for the rear. The bushings are shot. Do yall have an idea of where I can replace bushings? I've sent an email to Progressive but I bet one you all have had the same issue. Most searches I have done have returned part no. 30-5010. This...
  2. Semi239

    Gen. 1 Lowering Thread

    Hey everyone. I've seen a few comments on here about lowering, but I had difficulty finding a good source that answered my questions regarding lowering. I want to lower my '07. I want to maintain or improve the handling characteristics, look stylish, and allow me to flat foot the bike. 1. I...
  3. Denci

    I need 1998 Gen1 Fork Sliders

    Hey guys so I had to change the seals and I don't know what the PO did but on the left hand fork no matter what I tried I could not get the bottom hex bolt out to separate the forks luckily that seal wasn't leaking but I knew it would eventually. I drained the fork oil and cleaned it out as best...
  4. F

    Suspension setting after lowering kit

    Previous owner installed a 2” lowering kit on bike and it does look nice but I’ve heard the handling can be affected from it. Just wanted input on suspension settings to maximize handling. I’m 6’0 and 200 lbs if it makes a difference.
  5. A

    Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators - Fits 1993-2013 VMax

    Brand new, in original box. Never used! Part number - FEGV S4301 $150.00 - Free Shipping Ships from Phoenix, AZ
  6. one2dmax

    Carr Wheels, Engines, High End Suspension

    Carr Wheels, Engines, Seats, High End Suspension Email me at [email protected] Call/Text 316-619-8411 $2500 - Green Carr wheels. The only green set ever made for the Vmax. They can be recolored, chromed, or coated if so desired. Includes the Shinko Verge tires (which are in great condition)...
  7. TB99Max

    Front suspension opinions

    So now that I got my carb issues squared away I want to get everything dialed in. I have a leaking fork seal so I'm going to replace both of them so I want to lay out my current setup and get some opinions on what oil and PSI I should be running. I'm 6' 3" 210lbs and I'm not trying to carve...
  8. A

    Updating my 2005

    Hi I'm recently new to maxdom, however been riding for 50 years. A guy dropped off a 85 with Supertrapps at my shop for charging issues and I fell in love, 2 weeks later there is a lovely 2005 anniversary edition with 10k miles in my garage. Yes it had the same problems/issues that all the rest...
  9. P

    Brakes, suspension and other stuff

    Hi there I'm new in this forum and just bought vmax from 1985 in a very bad condition so will have disamble all, but the engin is about only 30k. Previously I owned Honda Sabre v65 which was very similar. So I need help regarding front and possibly rear brake change and also what to do in front...
  10. U

    Gen 1 Suspension bits- Swingarm bolts, covers, axle

    Selling some bits from my 2006. These are on Ebay, you get half price if no bids, plus actual shipping.
  11. rusty

    Motorcycle suspension
  12. F

    Damping Rod Questions

    I have been scratching my head on this one, I ordered Race Tech emulators for my 07 VMAX. After I disassemble, I found the damping rod inner seat was 26 mm and the emulator was 29 mm. I have contacted Race Tech and my local yamaha dealer. No one can figure out why my damping rods are...
  13. M

    Suspension Re-fresh

    Hello folks. As you know the cold weather is here so I've started stripping down my front and rear suspension from my VMAX 1200 to get ready for restoration. My first stop will be refreshing the forks and shock, maybe some new springs in the front end matched to my weight (linear) and if...
  14. texas-ss-tornado

    Suspension adjustments

    So this 2015 VMAX is a bit tall for my tastes, will changing the settings on the stock suspension help at all? I'm already thinking about a new Corbin seat, I've heard it's a good 1/2 inch shorter, what other options do I have for lowering it?
  15. bmramon

    Suspension Adjustment

    Hey all, I need some help. Cant seem to get my gen2 vmax suspension dialed in right. I come from the GSXR world and this bike feels like its riding on dirt road on every bump. I've tried every adjuster all the way on HARD and then all the way on SOFT, and no matter way, the ride feels...
  16. Biker Dash

    Hidden Shock Suspension

    For some reason, this idea popped into my head today, and I thought that maybe this might be a workable idea. I looked into how the rear suspension is set up on the HD Softail bikes, and could not help but think that using a braced swingarm, with appropriate attachment tabs welded on both the...
  17. T

    different suspension question.

    I want to raise my 96 up in the front and rear...mine doesnt seem to haveall the Iissues that most have. No wobble at all. I came from an r1 and want to yo back to a rear set and clip ons but I want to raise the front and the rear atleast an inch. Is there a way on the front?...I just want it to...
  18. jims-max

    race tech suspension issues

    I ordered some race tech springs (no emulators) for my 05. I took it to a local shop to have the seals changed and the new springs installed. So now my issue, I started with one inch of preload and 10 weight oil, the compression rate was very stiff and the reaction was to fast and harsh, I loved...
  19. C

    Suspension settings for gen 1?

    How do you guys set them up? Would like suggestions on settings for solo and 2 up riding.
  20. Z

    07 Suspension Help

    The PO of my recently purchased 07 did a few mods and I am trying to decide how to proceed from here. He installed radial tires - Front 110/80-18 and Rear 180/55-17 both Avons and changed the rear shocks to Progressive 418 11.5" but did nothing to the front forks. When I test drove it it seemed...