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  1. R

    swing arm bag?

    Anyone tried to mount a swing arm type bag anywhere? Or attach a small bag to the stock grab bar? I need a little storage.....don't like tank bags. thanks! Todd
  2. maxrom

    swing arm pivot

    Hy, I`m on a swing arm project i need an information On a completly stock Vmax 1200 wath is the hight of the swing arm pivot? thank`s
  3. maxrom

    Wide swing arm

    Hy, This Vmax have a pretty wide tire, and so the swing-arm Have anyone see this swing-arm set-up before It seems better then multiple universal-joint ??
  4. 9

    FS: Swing Arm Bearings

    I have some parts that I've had for a few years from a 95 vmax project that I no longer need. Part of this includes a set of OEM swing arm bearings and oil seals. I think I paid around $80 for them, I would like to get $45 which includes shipping. If using PayPal, please include 2.5%. My paypal...
  5. D

    Swing arm installation question.

    Hey Guys! first post on the forum forgive me if I did this wrong. A week ago I took my swing arm off in order to slide in the shaft that i accidentally pulled out. So I was wondering is it possible to tighten the two swing arm bolts in a way that the swing arm is not center anymore making the...
  6. G

    Swing Arm Paint

    What's best match for touching in silver swing arm on '98 ?, seems hard to get similar shade
  7. Shredder

    Swing arm allen bolt

    Trying to get rid of my high speed wobble so im checking the torque on my swingarm bolts. What size is the allen head bolt? I i have to buy a allen socket and need to know what size it is. Thanks.
  8. Barry barker

    rear swing arm with lower caliper mount

    I haven't removed this yet so I cannot comment on the swing arm bearings. My guess they are good. Seals? includes brake brace and caliper bracket. $60.00 delivered to the lower 48. SOLD
  9. N

    UFO Swing arm help

    Hey guys, My friends at Rochester Motorsports just about have my bike back together but ran into a big problem in that the UFO swing arm will not work with the stock exhaust. Didn't know this going in.....:ummm: Any ideas BESIDES spending yet another grand on after market exhaust along...
  10. N

    Rear (swing) arm

    Hi guys, just came to part where I need to assemble rear swing arm and something does not look ok. There is too much space between frame and rear arm. Spacers are there but when i tighten both screws swing arm has some free left-right movement, around 5 mm. My frame was sandblasted and swing...
  11. C

    I machined out some swing arm extensions....

    I machined a set 4-8" inches over for my ZX14. I should have just bought a set ( actually I did and took the dimensions off them and sold them ). I guess sometimes just having made something yourself is fun, but definitely not worth it if you are counting money invested.... Todd
  12. S

    Anyone got an fjr1300 swing arm lying around ??

    Does anyone have one ? I'm after a few measurements before i buy one. Got some ideas about how to sort it (already done similar mod on another bike).
  13. G

    UFO Swing Arm

    Any of you guys running a reinforced swing arm from UFO ? My understanding works better with fat rear tire and tightens up the bike . Thanks Greg
  14. S

    Swing arm notching help pleeeease

    Searched all threads I could find here but none had any info on size of notch etc.:ummm: So, before I start measuring, cutting etc can anyone offer some guidelines as to how deep you can notch into the stock arm ? How much clearance is needed to the shaft ? I've got 2 good mates ready to do...
  15. 1st Shirt Maxer

    Swing arm covers

    LTB a set of the chrome or black swing arm bolt covers. The only ones I have found cost way to much. Help!
  16. C

    Swing arm cap covers cad pictures.....

    Going to cut these out tomorrow and see how they look...... I have a few more things coming as well. I plan on being busy on some stuff this winter! Todd
  17. Kenreesesr

    Swing arm and fork stands

    I have a 2003 Vmax, and having trouble knowing what stands to buy for front and rear. Pre 2009 seems to be unclear. Their seems to be no area to screw in spools on the swing arm. Not sure what to do. Also wondered about a jack for the bike. I have cobra exhaust, so their is no center stand. Any...
  18. mattmullins

    1993 swing arm questions

    Will a 1993 swing arm fit a 1990 anyone know for sure
  19. GREEN light BLITZ

    Home grown swing arm bracing!

    Well Im at it again! I dont know if its because Im stubborn, cheap, or some misplaced sense of pride that I keep doin these projects when I "could" buy them but, I hope (honestly I do) they inspire at least one other person that they can do some of these mods at home on a tight budget...I know...
  20. O

    Swing arm bearing shells

    So to take these out, is it just a another case of taking the dremel to them??