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  1. CustomMax

    Anyone near Greenville Texas?

    I’m looking to buy a car and I found the one I want in Greenville Texas at the Nissan Dealer there . It’s a 2005 Cadillac XLR. It’s Xenon Blue and it has 29000 miles on it. Was wondering if anyone near there could just stop by and check it out for me before I send them the money. It will just...
  2. Bill Seward

    Ant Texas Vmaxxers?

    With the disastrous storms and flooding, I was wondering how many of the members are from Texas, and how they were affected by the hurricane? Sorry for the misspelling.. Should be "Any" Texas Vmaxxers..
  3. dannymax

    Folks in SE Texas

    Please be careful and good luck! Prayers to everyone involved. :eusa_pray:
  4. V

    West Texas 1998 VMAX for sale -SOLD-

    What you get is a clean bike with a clean title, no issues, no hassle deal. This fine example is low mileage, IMO, with less than 11K miles on the Odometer. I have a title in my name and a Texas title transfer form ready to go. Fly in ride and it home. Reason for selling is that I don't ride...
  5. F

    '89 Vmax for sale w/ many extra hard parts, South Texas, $4,800 OBO (was mine)

    Believe the current owner is more of a GoldWing man, as he has his eye on two of them! Sold this bike to him a few months back, told him I'd post it up to help him sell it. Currently has an early-model front wheel and late-model rear wheel, both painted graphite or black, with new Shenko tires...
  6. F

    '97 Honda VT1100C1 Shadow Spirit 1100, 57K, $2,100, south Texas

    Selling my 1997 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100, 57,138 miles. V-twin, water-cooled, shaft drive, 5-speed. Very nice bike. Everything works as it should, just needs a new garage to park in! Owned it the last 9 years, put on 22K-plus miles in that span. Recently bought a '98 Honda Magna to replace it...
  7. F

    '89 V-Max, 24K, $2,750, south Texas. -SOLD-

    Have an '89 VMX12 for sale, very nice condition, runs great, dark blue color (emissions sticker under faux tank cover says it's for a '85 model), no scratches or chips, all chrome very good, everything works as it should. This is my third Vmax, don't really wanna sell it, but have 3 bikes in the...
  8. C

    Anyone in the North East Texas area?

    Well it is a great time to ride and i usually have about 2 weeks off a month and always looking to get out and ride. Looking for anyone in the N.E. Texas or North Texas are to ride with. Give me a holler if interested.
  9. Q

    Any Riders in Fort Worth Texas?

    Hello all, I'm in Burleson Texas, which is just 15 min south of Fort Worth. I keep seeing a guy in the area on a Gen I vmax, but I am always going the other way on the highway. I wonder if he is a member? Anyone know who he is? :confused2: Thanks.
  10. 0

    2006 Vmax vmx12 (North Texas) $5600

    2006 Yamaha Vmax 1200cc. 25581 original miles. never wrecked or laid down, original factory paint. +Delkevic pipes +T-boost installed +Chrome aftermarket engine guards. works good for road pegs on longer rides. +small windshield +New Shinko tour master tires (400 miles on them) +recently had the...
  11. blaxmax

    A steal for parts? 1998 $1500 texas

  12. rusty

    Texas officer reassigned for pepper spraying

  13. S

    Houston Texas

    Just moved here about 3 months ago so I'm new to the area. Looking for someone to show me where all the good rides are, as right now I just drive up and down highway 6 so I don't get lost. :biglaugh: If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks
  14. a113ycat

    Damn i love texas!!!

    I met this lovely young lady at the liquor store today giving away free samples... :worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy:
  15. txfatboy

    New Texas Vmax owner

    Went to the motorcycle show last weekend with my son. Sat on a 2015 Vmax and was amazed at how well it fit me. I had seen one priced aggressively on CL. I called, yes it's still for sale, 0 miles 2014 Matt Gray. Wed. I rode it home. I have been riding sport touring bikes for a while and had...
  16. alorio1

    Life in texas

    life in texas
  17. johnblaid

    1998 for sale in Texas

    1998 VMax. Kerker 4 into 1 Headers. Backrest, removable windshield, 38800 or so miles. Tires and brakes good, ridden daily. Starts instantly and keeps running even when cold. Probably could stand a shotgun to the carbs (not a 12 guage) but still runs pretty good. Does not appear to have...
  18. hurleyman77

    Shop recommendation for SE Texas (College Station/Houston)?

    Howdy! I've done a lot of work on my bike, but I'm tired of doing the big stuff myself. I need the 2nd gear replaced (the last owner apparently didn't clutch his shift) and some general tune-up to tighten up some mods. I live in Bryan, but I'm willing to go to Austin or Houston for a really...
  19. CaptainKyle

    Texas Bound

    Well it looks like I finally will have all my Dr appointments out of the way tomorrow & have a little free time so I am hopping on the old Wing Thursday morning & headed for Texas. I put new timing belts , tires wheel bearings , synched my carbs & put new tires & lights & went thru the...
  20. train460

    Texas Spring Hill Country rally March 21st & 22nd

    Checked on cabin situation and there are only 7 cabins left. we are staying at the riverfront in Bandra like we have done many times in the past. Seems to be a lot more fun as we are all together. long ride saturday, 200-300 miles, pizza and slow races saturday night. Sunday, Jim and Shaila...