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  1. N

    Crankshaft internal thread stripped

    Hi guys, started replacing the starter clutch over the weekend... flywheel came off eventually (actually easier then anticipated, happy days). Changed starter clutch went to reassemble and then noticed I'd stuffed the first few threads of the Crankshaft internal thread so now the flywheel...
  2. Redbone

    Cfb game thread

    I thought I would start a post for any and all college football fans. If it proves to be a active maybe we could get it to sticky status! So, let's hear from all those college football fans of the: FBS Conference Div 1-A ACC, Big 12, BIG 10, Conference USA, Independents, Mid-American...
  3. P

    Windshield (yes, another thread but with a twist)

    Good morning / evening / afternoon... I'm looking for a windshield for my 99 max, for longer rides. I spent a fair amount of time whittling down my options and trying to find the right balance between one that offers enough protection (full body + head...not just chest) and one that doesn't...
  4. Kronx

    Movie/TV Show Thread

    My daughter was pretty sick this Labor Day weekend and unfortunately plans to enjoy the weather and the motorcycle were cancelled. So I did some catching up on shows. I thought why not get some recommendations from folks here on shows that might not be on my radar but are really good. If you...
  5. steamer97

    fuel needle thread pitch?

    I tried but could not find reference to the fuel/air needle adjustment screw thread pitch. I have come up with a size to (to the best of my ability) but I was hoping someone else here has found out by experience for sure what the thread pitch is. My plan is to chase the threads in the carbs I...
  6. Regular Guy

    Official VMAX Owners Recipe & Cooking Thread

    When I first joined here I told y'all that I was going to have some questions, mostly stupid ones :biglaugh: I also said that I know a thing or two about cooking. Barbecue/BBQ/Bar-B-Q or whatever you want to call it, in particular. After chatting with CaptainKyle a bit, I found out that he...
  7. mundmc

    Another rear-radial noob thread

    Greetings mentors, I've been lurking the forums a lot, finally starting to figure some basic stuff out, and I keep running into 1) praise of radial tires 2) the reality that radials don't fit on a 15" wheel, and 3) various questionably-still-viable ways to get a 17" or 18" rear wheel. As of...
  8. Traumahawk

    New thread idea

    Edited for content
  9. L

    Need white plastic thread in needle retainers

    I had a friend misplace the threaded plugs and little springs that hold the needles in the slide. Not sure what happened. Think carbs were apart for a while. I sent him the ones out of my spare diaphragm assemblies. So now I need 4 springs and 4 screw plugs. I can get them I think in a needle...
  10. sufidancer

    Another no spark after replacing starter clutch thread

    Greetings fellow Maxxers. I decided to start a new thread on this age old problem. I have a 2000 vmax that for the past month has vexed me starting with the carbs acting up and having issues starting and idle. I did the peashooter and cleaned the hell out of it and it did start and...
  11. Specs95t

    Darkside thread

    Hello all, I have looked at several youtube videos and have done some reading on going to the darkside - and am curious about people's experience in doing this. Going "Darkside" means mounting a car tire on the back of a bike. I realize that this is a polarizing topic, but have yet to...
  12. one2dmax

    2016 Morleys Muscle Items Sale Thread

    I'm going to close out the previous sale thread and start a fresh one for this year. Look for new items (and some old) that are sale items or one off stuff coming shortly! As always email directly works best at [email protected] Sean Morley [email protected] (email) 316-619-8411 (call or text)
  13. SpecOps13

    Thread Closed??????????? Why

    It's difficult to figure out who moderates the threads anywhere here, so I'm making this an open request for reply. I posted a thread in the Burn Out Pit which is supposed to be an anything goes area for forum supporters. Title: Another One Bites The Dust. It was read by 42 and replied to by...
  14. P

    How hot does the engine oil in vmax run?

    Hi, I'm wondering how hot the engine oil in vmax runs because i recently stripped a thread for a screw that is holding the oil pump while doing the HD oiler kit. The thread was only half stripped so i applied loctite to it. On loctite's webpage it states that a 5Nm torque gives about 24Nm...
  15. Mr. Max

    The saddlebag thread!

    So, if you have saddlebags, tell us what you have and how you like 'em, and please, attach a pic of 'em too! I'm looking for some bags for a weekend rides etc, two saddlebags should do it. Riding two-up with original sissy and MaxGasser, so "throw-over" type of bags should go underneath...
  16. C

    Stupid people thread

    Stupid people thread 2014 Well as usual, I ran into my crop of stupid people on Sunday while riding. 4 way stop, Right hand side pulls up, left hand side pulls up, I pull up. RH goes, LH goes, I go to go and a guy just comes barreling through the intersection without looking and comes...
  17. C

    Burnout video thread! Todd
  18. Slamfire

    Another starter clutch thread....

    Sorry guys but I want to be sure. Ive got a 1997 vmax that I need a opinion on. I just bought the bike in December from a guy who had it out in a baby barn. It was stone cold and started good no noise. I have it stored at my work place which is heated and every now and again I would start...
  19. P

    The surprise from my last thread

    Hey guys this is my new engine color bright enough ?
  20. Bill Seward

    Bad joke thread.

    Clean or filthy, no problem. Winner gets a beer at Thunder next June. I'll start.. Q: How do you make a blonde laugh on Christmas Day? A: Tell her a joke on Christmas Eve.