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  1. V

    Too much torque, clutch keeps slipping

    Seems it ain’t possible to fix the slipping clutch of my slightly modified Vmax Gen2. 200hp version (even “a bit” more thanks to some modifs ;) Installed new original clutch (9 friction plates, 9 clutch plates). Installed EBC Diaphragm. Semi-synthetic oil. Clutch keeps slipping when...

    Would like some opinions on torque wrenches

    I have 2 torque wrenches one is ft/lb and the other is about 2 feet long, I never used it, got it from my father in-law years ago. I get the idea how to use them but not how to convert to Newton Meter so I am looking to get one what does have Nm. My first choice would be Sears but they closed...
  3. U

    Torque for Starter Clutch Bolts

    I'm in the process of replacing the "infamous" starter clutch with the heavy duty model on "fleabay". I checked my Clymer manual and cannot find the Torque for the three starter clutch to flywheel bolts. Can anyone provide this?
  4. tinman22

    Middle gear starting torque

    I'm having a bit of trouble setting up my middle gear starting torque. .29-.36 ft lbs is spec. Problem is ft lb wrench doesn't go down that far so I converted to inch lbs (3.48-4.32) but my inch wrench only registers down to 20 in/lbs. I'm not able to find the correct tool for this measurement...
  5. VMAXGUY88

    Plug torque?

  6. D

    Fork clamp torque

    Did the torque specs change in 92 or is it still 14 for the top and 17 for the bottom (or whatever)?
  7. scuff

    Which Torque Wrench to Buy?

    Goin to be pulling the motor out of the Max to fix my 2nd gear issue soon, and I need to buy a torque wrench any suggestion? What does everyone else use?


  9. D

    Heavy Duty Aftermarket Starter with more torque?

    Which company has the best heavy duty aftermarket starter with a lot of torque for easy starting? My motor has bigger Ross pistons that I bought from Morley and the compression is higher than stock. This OEM starter is having to work a lot harder to get her turned on. I see one by Ricks...
  10. P

    How hot does the engine oil in vmax run?

    Hi, I'm wondering how hot the engine oil in vmax runs because i recently stripped a thread for a screw that is holding the oil pump while doing the HD oiler kit. The thread was only half stripped so i applied loctite to it. On loctite's webpage it states that a 5Nm torque gives about 24Nm...
  11. Fire-medic

    BMW turbo triple, 228 HP, 236 ft/lb torque

    Seen the new BMW triple? Fifteen-hundred cc's, sports a big turbo, and it produces 228 HP and 236 ft./lb/ torque! You'd expect it to be in a ZX-14 crushing uber-sports bike, right, Certainly not a touring bike! Well, no, it's in a hybrid car! Yes, that's right, a $100,000 hybrid car. Not a...
  12. O

    Low end torque

    So my question has to do with what the bike is looking for to achieve more low end torque. From the stock bike you can add stage seven and that tends to give you more top end power, you can go to morleys setup and get more even power throughout. Now what is it that makes more low end torque? Are...
  13. P

    exhaust pipe torque

    Hi, When removing and replacing exhaust pipes is it necessary to torque it to the correct specs or is it ok to just tighten it as hard as possible? Thanks :)
  14. thundermax

    Torque Settings

    Going to take the rear tire off, change a tire. Gives me a chance to use my new torque wrench. Would really appreciate a listing of torque settings I should use to put the tire back on. If memory serves, need it on axle and caliper bolts. Thanks.
  15. O

    Proper bolt torque

    So I have a question that hopefully can benefit myself and others. I would assume that everyone doing maintenence on there bike does always torque every bolt as spec'd and possibly more often torques to what they feel is correct? Maybe I am wrong but I have done quite a bit and am going to buy a...
  16. R

    Vmax lower end torque boost??

    Hey Guys, new to the forum. I have a 2000 Vmax that I picked up last year low kms (15k kms now that I added 5 or 6 to it this season) The bike needed a bit of work as it had been in storage for 6 years.... So I have done the basics to it - cleaned out the carbs, soaked them, cleaned them...
  17. VmaxRider85

    bolt torque specs !!!!

    hey guys took the wheels off the gen 2 i ordered a service manual for the bike not here yet was wondering if anyone had the torque specs for -- front axle bolt front clamp bolts caliper bolts rear axle torque rear caliper rear clamp bolts
  18. Rand-5107

    Carrozzerria rear axle torque.

    My manual calls for 85lbs of torque. Cass asks for 1/2 of factory. That would be 42 1/2lbs. To line up my cotter key I either can run 40lbs or 62lbs. How much is to little and how much is to much? Right now I'm at 40.
  19. T

    Oil Filter Bolt Torque...

    Working on a '94 VMAX and putting the oil filter back on. What is the oil filter bolt torque spec? I tried searching around for it but wasn't able to find it. Also, how do you know if you have the right amount of oil? Have the bike level and look at the window I assume... but how high on...
  20. tugla

    help with torque value

    hey guys i cant remember and my book has two conflicting numbers but im looking for the shift segment screw torque value? anyone know it, i either have 62 in lbs or 106 in lbs in my book, just waiting to close it up and go riding. thanks