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  1. Fire-medic

    Return your Christmas tree to Costco

    Return your dried-out, dead Christmas tree to Costco, and they will issue a refund! If that's the company policy, I'd want to address such policies if I was a stockholder. It's not the money, it's the principle of the thing...
  2. E

    Triple Tree Bottom Diameter Modification

    Hi all: I hope you're all staying warm. I have a question for you: My Max is using 1994 Yamaha YZF750 USD forks with a beautiful custom-made triple tree. The triple trees have a 50mm top diameter clamp and a 56mm bottom diameter clamp. Someone has recently given me a set of 1998...
  3. GothamNY

    Gen 2 - Will stock rear tire fit on the front w/ tree mod?

    I am looking to widen my front tire to match my 240 rear tire. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. BigJimi

    lower triple tree cover

    Anyone know where or who sells / makes a blank lower triple tree cover. The part located under the headlight that has Yamaha written on it. Thanks
  5. woodsman30

    triple tree head bearing "props to Sean"

    I was checking out youtube videos watching bikes being, fixed, race ect.. and in the corner column was this video. I know how to tighten the bearings my self but thought what a great way to explain to someone on how to check who does not know. Good job Sean:punk...
  6. J

    Gap between lower triple tree and neck????

    Been having issue since had neck apart. Rough roads are really rough and bumps rougher then normal. Is there supposed to be a gap around 1/8" maybe little smaller between neck and lower triple. First time taking one apart and I'm nervous its gonna come apart! Especially with wife on back. Did...
  7. D

    43mm forks with triple tree wanted

    Subj! Anyone? Friend wants to convert his 85.
  8. maxcruiser

    triple tree offset

    Does anybody know what the gen1 triple tree offset is? Mike
  9. E

    Custom-made triple tree?

    Hi all: Hope you folks had a great holiday! Question for you: In the past, I had a wonderful triple tree custom-made by Tom Colby so I could put YZF750 USD forks on my Max. I'm now working on a '94 Honda CB1000 that I want to put USD forks on also, and I'm wondering...does Tom still...
  10. D

    R1 tripple tree

    Hey any of you guys make these and if so, Whats your price? I am changing every other piece of this bike, so why not put an r1 front end in. That way it will match the rear wheel as well. Thanks guys
  11. T

    R1 front end with cycle one off tripple tree

    I just picked up this 2007 R1 complete front end as well as a cycle one off tripple tree for usd forks. I'm excited to install, which doesn't seem to be very much trouble, but does anybody know what type of timeframe I'm looking at? 8 hours expectancy overkill? 4 hours? Thanks!
  12. A

    Want to build triple tree for Busa Forks

    Hi. I just picked up an 86 Vmax for $1600 which is rough cosmetically but is sound mechanically (for the most part). The front end is in bad shape with broke brake lever, leaking shocks, paper thin rotors, etc. I want to replace the front end with one off of a Hayabusa. They are on eBay for...
  13. wildweasel_pt

    Finished another CNC custom wide triple tree

    Well i just done another wide triple tree set for a friend in the US, fits up to a 180 front tire. Sanded finish for painting... I'll post the pics of the bike when it gets installed. Most of you know the bike. It will be in Sturgis... I can take orders on these or whatever CNC job even if its...
  14. B

    1992 fork assembly with triple tree

    Just like it says i have a fork assembly of a 1992 vmax with only a couple hundred miles on the fork seals before i removed them from the bike, over all good condition, can send picture if interested How about $60 plus shipping
  15. maxcruiser

    Triple tree Question

    Need some input from the machinist experts on this forum. Is it possible and safe to machine the 43mm triple tree fork holes to 45mm? I want to install 2000 GSXR 600 forks on a Radian using the vmax triple trees. Another question; will using the 2000 GSXR triple trees on a Radian frame create...
  16. E

    Stripped/ruined top thread on triple tree

    Hey folks: The very top threaded portion on a custom triple tree I have (the part where the top nut goes down over the top of the triple tree) is stripped/ruined. Let's imagine I cannot replace this triple, what can I do to fix this muddled mess? Is there any Helicoil big enough...
  17. E

    Triple tree top mis-thread

    Hey folks: Like a dimwit, I mis-threaded a top nut on a project I'm doing to my 1986 FZX700 Fazer (I put YZF750 USD forks and an altered triple tree on it). Anyway, now the threads at the very top part of the triple tree are beyond rescue (I think), and somehow I still need to to rescue...
  18. Cycle One-off

    Cycle One-off triple tree sale.

    Hey guys, Just a heads up for the next three days my triples will be on sale for $699.99. That's $100.00 off the normal price. They have to purchased on line to get that discounted price. Regards Tom Cycle One-off Inc. P.O. Box 15415 Rochester, NY 14615 Order by phone toll free 1(866)...
  19. mikemax04

    Bacon Tree

    Two Mexicans are stuck in the desert, wandering aimlessly and close to death. They are close to just lying down and waiting for the inevitable, when all of a sudden....... "Hey Pepe, do you smell what I smell? Ees bacon I ham sure of eet." "Si, Luis eet smells like bacon to meee". So...