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  1. T

    Trouble shoot this video. Direction needed I havr been avoiding taking the carb off compleatly bc im scared of syncing the carbs but im at the point where i think its time please any advice is welcome. Symptoms: Was running fine on road but would sputter and or die when...
  2. Vrooom

    Vmax trouble shooting:


    Younger generation is in trouble

    My wife and I took our kids and one of their friends to a double feature at the drive in theatre last night. Great time with the family! The show was over at 1AM. As we were leaving I noticed a young couple had their hood open. I continued to pack up our stuff and told my wife to run...
  4. Traumahawk

    Duke offers men a 'safe space' to contemplate their 'toxic masculinity'

    Duke University is famous for its science and engineering programs, as well as its dominance in college basketball. Now, it may also become known as a great place for men to gather and contemplate why they’re such horrible people. The Duke Men’s Project, launched this month and hosted by...
  5. Specs95t

    Trouble with cyl #3

    I have a 50 mile commute to work and ended up taking a new way back that had some hills. With the extra load, I found that the amount of shaking from the bike was not bearable in 5th or 4th gear if the engine was spinning around 4000 rpm and I applied throttle to go faster. When I got home, I...
  6. Johnc1go

    PlanetVmax/UFO Cycles in legal trouble?

    I just got this on my FB from a fellow rider and he quotes. "Just spoke with the head mechanic from UFO.... Doors are shackled shut with rent a cops in place... Cease and desist order has been issued....." I just went to the website and tried to buy something and the link to the store...
  7. D

    Trouble with idle

    Hello all, again Having an issue with my Gen 1. Just pulled it from storage two months ago, ran fine until yesterday. While stopped at a light, shut off on me. Cranked it up, shut back off. Put the choke on, cranked up and stayed on around 3000 rpm. Soon as I turned the choke off, shut...
  8. Traumahawk

    No wonder we are in trouble

    (NaturalNews) This story is not satire. According to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health and awarded to a Boston hospital for more than $1.5 million, some mysterious phenomenon is covertly making lesbians obese, in apparent violation of the dietary laws of cause and effect...
  9. mvmccreary

    Engine problem

    On my way home from thunder my bike shut down about 40 miles from home. I stopped for gas and it was running fine, when I started it up ten minutes later and went to take off, there was no power at all. I felt like I was riding a scooter. I couldn't figure it out, it wasn't making a bunch of...
  10. D

    Flashed ECU and Engine trouble warning light

    I have a 2009 Vmax with flashed ECU, x-pipe and Akrapovic 4-2 exhaust. The engine trouble warning light comes on, and stays on, but there is no error codes... When i access diagnostic mode, the D:60, D:61, D:62 and D:63 shows 0 or 00. The company who flashed the ECU say it is definitely not...
  11. Conman

    Scooter Trouble

    So long story short, we are trying to sell a 2006 Tank 150cc scooter on CL. The problem is that after sitting for a year it has developed a god-awful noise when ridden. At any speed above ~5mph it gets this nasty metal on metal screech. I can rev it all I want, but the noise doesn't start...
  12. bboy5818

    Trouble Starting 2001 Vmax

    Hi, * I have cleaned the carbs and changed the plugs of a 2001 Vmax that sat for 10 years. I can get the bike running and it runs great once its been started. It also starts right up if its warm. The problem I am having is with cold starts. In order to get it started cold I usually have to...
  13. U

    Turn Signal Trouble

    1985. Having trouble getting turn signals to flash. Replaced relay, checked voltage and ground in all connections. Signals come on, but relay makes crackling/buzzing type sound. Is the next step to check the reed switch? My manual says it is in the headlight assembly. This is my first...
  14. U

    Fuel Pump Trouble

    Guys, I had a problem with my Vmax (1990) and my mechanic said it could be the Fuel Pump and Fuel Pump Relay. And so we did order the parts abroad by giving the Year Model, Engine, and Chassis number of the bike. But when the parts came to my doorstep, the Fuel Pump Relay sent was different...
  15. I

    97 Max in trouble

    Hey guys, A fellow Maxxer here in town hit me with an issue today. He's hit a no start, no spark situation when he hits the the button. It started out as a complete collapse but the bike would re-start after several minutes. It's since degenerated into a complete lack of spark but he gets the...
  16. C

    Mother in law in trouble at school.

    Well my mother in law, who is about the kindest person you would meet, work at the high school library in Arizona. Once a month they have a special kids club in the morning and close the library to everyone but this group of 100 so kids. So every time this happens she has to stand "watch"...
  17. Itgoes

    3 Zooks and a Yammi....looks like trouble brewing!

    Let's get ready to rummmmbblle! Lots of HP here boys...........Gixxer on the left makes 350! :surprise:
  18. C

    Trouble Re-Installing Kerker Header

    Hey guys, I took off my exhaust to have it ceramic coated. (Looks awesome!) Anyway, putting it back on, I can get the front exhaust bolted back in. The exhaust gaskets seem to actually stick out of the recess and I can't push the pipe on enough to start the nuts over the collars. :bang...
  19. carnut108

    trouble re-mounting rear wheel

    This is supposed to be easy right ? Tire came off OK. Had the rim polished. I'm trying to remount but the drive shaft/ rim gears are not seating right. I've cleaned and greased everything but can not get the tire to seat properly. I've rotated and jiggled the tire, nothing seems to help. even...
  20. BGPKR

    Trouble with Neutral...

    I've only had my Vmax out a handful of times since picking it up a few months ago. I really only have one issue with the bike. It's damn near impossible to get into neutral. Has anyone experienced the same problem and how to fix it? Thanks