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  1. StanVM2007

    Valve adjustment - when?

    So, got my 2007 Vmax in 2016 with 26k km on it. Now hitting 50k km in 2023. Runs good but not as good as it used to. The only thing is it takes a bit longer to have the smoothness, which is until fully warmed up. And it takes a bit longer to reach stable idle at 1000 rpms after cold start. After...
  2. D

    Cleaned Carbs and replace fuel inlet valves. Now no fuel is getting into the bowls

    As the title states I ordered 4 rebuild kits which consisted of O-rings and fuel inlet bodies/valves. I noticed the new inlet valves are stiffer then the original ones (figured the originals were worn) and they hold the floats in the low position when turned upside down. This is uncharted...
  3. C

    air cut off valves

    Hello all this is my first post: need info on my 1985 vmax carbs, bike sat a few years so last fall I cleaned and rebuilt carbs and synced the carbs mechanically with a drill bit. bike fired excellent and ran good with just a off idle stumble so I added sea foam and put bike away for winter...
  4. dannymax

    Float needle valves for sale

    We have a large supply of float needle valves for sale......$9 each shipped to CONUS.
  5. Traumahawk

    Setting valves and horsepower

    Edited for content
  6. C

    Fumoto Oil Drain Valves

    Does anybody have any good or bad thoughts about using Fumoto oil drain valves in the Vmax 1200 ? They sell the 14mm x 1.5 pitch version.
  7. D

    The saga continues-compression done/plug pics

    Before I start... 5300 miles on bike. Sat from '05-'11, when I bought it. It was obviously under a tree or something for a lot of that time. I've been getting 20 mpg for all three tanks of fuel I've put through my max.... I know that's not right. Everything seems to run smoothly, but I don't...
  8. V

    Bleed both rear valves?

    Upgrading to SS lines, bled rear brake with outside bleeder valve. Do I need to bleed with the inside valve as well? I opened it up and nothing came out...
  9. redneksoldier

    Air cutoff valves

    Rebuilding some completely shot carbs. All of the air cutoff diaphragms were turned into black goo that was nearly impossible to get out. Real question is: Anyone know where to get them for a decent price? Little bastages are not cheap. Found some on ebay for 19 apiece, but unsure of brand or...
  10. M

    Should I check the valves at my mileage?

    My max just turned 20k and as far as I know the valves have never been adjusted. It seems to run like always. Something I have noticed since I bought the bike at 12k miles is that it has always had a slight pop about 3000RPMs. I have always heard it with the kerker 4 into 1 exhaust. Once past...
  11. T

    engine knock? Sounds like valves to me, but need opinions please!

    Hi guys, newbie here. I just bought a vmax last weekend from a guy that thought the crank bearings were bad. Listening to it I think it's more of a topend/ valve adjustment issue. This is my first vmax so any input is highly appreciated! I want to square this away before starting the mods...
  12. A

    Cylinder head valves

    I have a couple of heads with worn valve stems. Maybe the guides are still okay and maybe not, I will have to check. Other than the very expensive valves from Yamaha :teeth angry:, what are the options of rebuilding those heads ( oversize valves? automotive valves? SS valves? Thank you
  13. bikedave99

    Low Compression (Bad rings or valves?)

    Well, I went for a ride on Saturday for a bit and came back and had bunch of oil on my engine. Not the typical seeping oil but splashes. It looked like it was coming from my airbox so I figured it was leaking from the carb joint which goes through the airbox. I was right, one joint was loose and...
  14. D

    Coolant on intake valves?

    Ok so I just bought a 97 max with 14000 miles. I had it running but it was idleing rough so I decided to clean the carbs. With the carbs off I looked down into the motor and noticed a small amount of green fluid sitting on top of the intake valves. The coolant level is still full and the oil...
  15. naughtyG

    HOW TO: adjust your valves clearances pt3

    OK, so you've got all your clearances to your liking, the shim kit's on its way to the next Vmaxxer (or back to Sean), and you wanna ride! Let's put it all back together.. First I cleaned up my valve covers as best I could: I couldn't find the damn black RTV, and was too lazy to go get some...
  16. naughtyG

    HOW TO: adjust your valves clearances pt2

    Ok so now we're ready to start measuring clearances and adjusting them with the use of shims. DO NOT attempt to start this job without first talking to Sean Morley ([email protected]), because he may just lend you his shim kit. Without it, you'll need a Yamaha special tool (YM-33961 Tappet...
  17. naughtyG

    HOW TO: adjust your valves clearances pt1

    Ok so finally (I know I've been putting this back waaaay too long!) here's a full 'how to' for doing your valves clearances, with the engine IN the bike. I agree that it would be a helluva lot easier to do this with the engine out, but it's not that easy for everyone to remove their motor...
  18. Jayhawk

    S1000RR valves at 14k RPM

    Video is too cool. From
  19. gamorg02

    Bleed valves leaking a tiny bit?

    Hey guys, i've rebuilt my caliper and am 99% sure the mating sufaces between the caliper and the bleed valve are clean. there is still a tiny bit of liquid coming out. brakes work fine and level in reservoir is good. I don't think its necessary to replace the caliper but would telfon tape be...
  20. nicas

    Bigger valves intake and exhaust

    I want install bigger 0.04 inch (1mm) valve slider and exhaust i.e. PCW or.... Has somebody experience? Just rebore current seats? Or must be new corresponding those sizes? Presuming more 5-6 RWHP other and almoast stock, jetting Factory for, headpipes, lazer racing mufflers,Y filter removed...