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  1. Falaholic

    What can I do to get more voltage at low RPMs?

    Ran into a low battery voltage not too long ago. Reason; putting around, using the Vmax like a scooter, and not like God intended. I honestly see myself staying more local and off the HWY, so low rpms are what I am envisioning in the future. So I was wondering if there is an option to allow...
  2. N

    Fuel Pump voltage question

    Does the Fuel pump Voltage on my 1985 V-Max supposed to drop to zero after V-Boost is done cycling? What signals it back on? Mine does Also with the Fuel pump electrically connected the V-Boost cycles VERY slowly on Key on, Unplug the fuel pump and it goes normally My Max started acting...
  3. Eugene Brad


    Hey every one I know I could have looked around a little more than I did and answered my question. But i figured a quick question would yield a quick answer. What voltage should my battery have not started? And at idle? Happy cinco de mayo! Don't worry I'm not riding tonight Sent from my...
  4. A

    Updating my 2005

    Hi I'm recently new to maxdom, however been riding for 50 years. A guy dropped off a 85 with Supertrapps at my shop for charging issues and I fell in love, 2 weeks later there is a lovely 2005 anniversary edition with 10k miles in my garage. Yes it had the same problems/issues that all the rest...
  5. J

    Voltage indicator

    I think I know the answer to this, but I figured I would ask. I hooked up a voltage meter to the power lead on the tach, and the ground, it's reading a volt below what I got on the battery, but I an fine with that. When I started the bike. The reading didn't change. I think when I last did...
  6. D

    WEIRD stator voltage

    hey guys quick question. I tested the three stator wires tonight doing the 3 wire combos using ac volts and at idle it read 11 across all 3 and would not go higher in fact when I revved the throttle to around 4k the reading actually went down to around 8.5 any thoughts I have been having a...
  7. S

    Fuel Pump issue

    I have a 85 vmax and it has been sitting for 2 years. i pulled off the carbs and cleaned them and then i noticed alot of water in the fuel tank. i removed that and then when i turned the key on to see if the fuel pump was working it spit out water and rust. i kept turning off and on until the...
  8. greimers

    Typical Voltage drop while cranking

    I am discovering the quirks of my newly acquired '85. I recently experience the slow crank when hot. I suspect the battery but will also check the crimp. My levels are: Ignition off - 12.4v Ignition on - 11.6 Cranking - 9.5 I suspect 9.5 is too low as is 11.6 with the key on. I'll...
  9. ga_max

    Losing voltage

    Since I was having charging issues I replaced my R/R with a newer version from Sean and everything looks much better (14 volt across terminals @ 2K rpm). I wanted to add a voltage meter to be able to better keep an eye on everything and started looking for a wire to tap into. I purchase one of...
  10. Vincent Maxwell Ribaldry

    Voltage drop when accelerating

    Voltage drop when accelerating I'm about to start trouble-shooting my electrical system. I'm going to follow RaWarrior's thread to try to resolve my issues. http://www.vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=19108 Bike usually starts right up without issue 1 time (when on float charger)...
  11. D

    Voltage loss in brake wire when light is hooked up.

    Hi All, I have a 88 Vmax, i have a very strange problem with the brake light wire. It had got layed down previously and upon putting the bike back together from mostly minor damage I got new LED dual running and Brake lights. But when i hook them up which i have done on a few other bike with...
  12. C

    measuring stator voltage

    I am new. Great site, been doing alot of reading. My question is about measuring the AC voltage at the stator. I have read that you can measure this voltage by measuring across 2 white wires, and also that you can measure it by the red lead on a white wire, and the black lead on ground. If...
  13. johnblaid

    Voltage Regulator Removal??? WTF???

    uh...noob here. I have a new battery but the charging rate almost non existent. Multi meter shows this. I looked for the voltage regulator "behind the left rear passenger peg. It's there, I see three white wires and one red wire and they go up to where somebody cut out the connector and...
  14. Tattoo_Mike

    Ac voltage from stator

    questions is when checking the voltage from the stator (3 white wires) do you test wire to wire? and what should the output A/C voltage be on each leg? Anyone know this? I though I read something here a while back but I cant seem to find it now. Any info or a link to what Im looking for would be...
  15. 8

    Low voltage causing V-boost failure?

    Since I got my bike back from the shop where it spent a month or so being overhauled, the V-boost kick at 6k rpm is gone. Everything is hooked proprely and seams to be working OK appart from one thing. Checking the voltage at the battery, I get a good reading. I start the engine and the...
  16. G

    voltage regulator

    Hey guys, I have a 86 max. The V/R (voltage regulator) went out on my way home from work Monday, of course on I-95. I had replaced it last year with a new one from Ricks motorsports regulators. It wasn't the fined style regulator . My question is, what year regulators are compatible with my...
  17. Z

    Poor Idle Continues (Voltage Problems?)

    I have been having some issues with my bike over the past few weeks and posted up in a couple of threads about my issues. After getting a bunch of advice from many great people I tested my stator and r/r and didn't find any problems. I replaced my battery but still seem to be having the same...
  18. Z

    Voltage When Fan Is On

    How much voltage drop is typical when the fan kicks on? Thanks
  19. S

    charging voltage

    This all started when my max would'nt start when warm a couple of times, I took the battery out and charged it overnight, disconected the charger next morn and left the battery untill I returned from work about 8-9hrs later. The battery voltage then was 12.4 (thought is should have been higher...
  20. stilkus

    more voltage, more power

    hey, I have noticed something really weird and I don't know if it's related to the engine being cool or if it's the battery charge. I would leave the bike connected to an external charger overnight and start it in the morning and after some time when it's warmed up I would run it hard and it...