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  1. jdeitz1979

    Vmax for sale in central New York

    1993 Yamaha VMax https://syracuse.craigslist.org/mcy/6138057092.html Seen this monster posted and figured I'd help the seller get rid of it. I do not know the guy at all that owns it now, but do know who's bike it use to be. It's a good runner, and hasn't been ridden much in the past few years...
  2. frank5079

    Stupid New York thugs on dirtbikes and ATVs

    and they are probably riding on stolen bikes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TdpUHX0nBY
  3. B

    Venturerider.org Western New York Regional Rally Invitation

    Hello there VMax'ers, I would like to cordially extend an invitation to all of you to attend our regional Rally this August!! Come and meet your Touring Bike cousins!! It is a 4 day event with free camping and NO registration fee! It's a great time with rides, games, campfires, and on...
  4. rusty

    Escape from New York

  5. tothemax93

    Big weather event- Western New York

    I live in western NY (buffalo area). They just posted blizzard warnings. the thruway is closing from Buffalo to PA at 8:00 pm. No commercial traffic on the Thruway now. A lot of the smaller local roads are closed now too. 1 to 3 ft of lake effect snow with high winds. 20 to 30 below windchill...
  6. max_caper

    New York hospitality

    My wife and I decided to take a little vacation from Ontario, Canada. I have great memories from previous trips to New York when I met Vmax riders Bill and Chris from this forum so a return trip to see the Finger lakes was an easy decision. Out of necessity we had to take the van this time as...
  7. woodsman30

    Had my fill of new york

    I had my fill of New York I believe I need to relocate thinking about Florida Tampa area. I am a carpenter by trade anybody know how the construction industy is down there?
  8. mckzx9

    New York Yankee fans

    Just saw on Facebook and the news that the New York Yankees played sweet Caroline at there game today. Now I am sure you are all aware of our rivalry between these 2 teams. Hats off to all those fans for singing along and dancing to the Red Sox team song. This is what America is all about...
  9. tothemax93

    New York City dodges sugary bullet

    The ban on the sales of any sugary drink over 16 oz in NYC was to go into effect tomorrow. a state supreme court judge struck it down today. To put it into perspective. If you order a pizza and thought it would be a good Idea to get a 2 litre of pop for the family, you can't do it. Doesn't...
  10. dannymax

    New York & gun control

    You think he has any qualms about using Newtown CT as a stepping stone to the White House? :hmmm: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/50404996/ns/politics-the_new_york_times/
  11. V

    Mechanic in York Pa Area?

    I live South Central Pa and looking for a good MC mechanic. Maybe it's just me, but a lot of the MC mechanics my area are ...holes. I have a 2005 vmax and i will be having to get a few things done I really don't want to start messing with. Anyone have recommendations for a mechanic that is...
  12. M

    Western New York Vmax's

    Hey, Are their any people around Buffalo Ny that own a Vmax looking to find some new Vmaxer's out there to ride with. I seen a few out on the road last summer. Would be cool to start a Vmax club up for Western New York. I love riding the hills of New York they are amazing. I love to ride do as...
  13. woodsman30

    anyone ever ride in western new york?

    does anyone ever just ride in my area? if so give a shout maybe hook up for a ride sometime
  14. dannymax

    Only in New York City!!

    I might question this.....:hmmm: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1995-YAMAHA-V-MAX-/160426888029?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_motorcycles&hash=item255a300b5d
  15. woodsman30

    New York Sucks!!

    I need to vent. My state is by far the most fucked up of all states in the USA. Our state is broke, our senators are crimminals, our governor is blind in more ways than one, we have a 9 billion dollars defficit and this is his proposal "Paterson submitted legislation Wednesday for an interim...
  16. tothemax93

    I Love New York (NOT)

    :damn angry: I herd a 5 second news blurb this morning. NY state is thinking of holding tax refunds because of their financial crisis. I saw last year that California did that, and I just new that NY would be next. They didn't say it was for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised. I new they called...
  17. HuecoDoc

    New York Times Vmax article

    Maybe I missed this but it's new to me, a review of the 2009 dated April 16, 2009: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/19/automobiles/autoreviews/19vmax.html?_r=1&pagewanted=1
  18. dannymax

    Motorcycle/Moose mishap in New York

    Don't know this guy but the incident happened about 8 miles from my house. There's just no end to the potential threats out there. dan An upstate man is recovering after his motorcycle ran into a moose on a section of the Thruway in eastern New York. State police said 39-year-old Kim King of...
  19. outlaws justice

    Anyone around Watertown New York?

    I see from the VMOA the members that are in Syracuse, and further away, but anyone not a member near Watertown? Looking for a few fellow Vmax or FZ1 guys and gals to do a little riding with. I am about 30 minutes from the canadian border at the 1000 Islands Bridge crossing. LETS RIDE!!!!