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  1. steamer97

    Parts For Sale Carrozzeria forged wheels for Gen1

    $2,500 U.S.D. plus shipping for 18" x 3-1/2" front, 18" x 5-1/2" rear (spline drive for stock gen 1). Lightweight and strong highly polished forged aluminum.
  2. Conman

    Best Aluminum Strip & Seal Method?

    I’ve got some stock wheels and fork lowers that look terrible everywhere and a backrest that has a growing oxidation patch. Right now my game plan is to get the factory coating off with Aircraft Remover and re-seal them with Sharkhide. I’m not looking improve the polish quality from stock...
  3. Fire-medic

    go grab your roll of aluminum foil

    in the kitchen drawer, and look at the ends of the box, there are die-cutouts you push-in, to hold the roll of foil in the box. There are 2 tabs on the ends of the box that when pushed in hold the tube in place for easier dispensing, and less-chance of having the roll jump-out and fall onto...
  4. 912er

    Aluminum Clutch & Brake Levers - Beware!

    I couple months ago I purchased a pair of “CNC Brake Clutch Levers For Yamaha V-Max VMAX” on ebay for my 85 Max. The brake lever was no problem, you do need to use the stock reducer bushing to install. The aluminum clutch lever comes with a .392 or 9.95mm diameter aluminum insert which has a...
  5. jims94vmx

    Anyone do aluminum cnc work

    I have been loving the C-14 I bought but still miss my max! Funny how some new folks joining the COG (concours owners group) are fellow vmax riders also! My question is the bike is great except the slight lean on the riding position. This link shows a great handlebar pullback riser that quite...
  6. HyperPete

    WTB: right side aluminum insert for Gen 1 radiator shroud

    It seems I lost the aluminum insert for the right side radiator shroud on my Gen 1. I'm looking for that or the right side shroud if I cannot find just the insert. Thanks in advance!
  7. D

    Polished pm aluminum wheels w/extended swingarm

    Polished pm aluminum wheels w/extended swingarm SOLD SOLDI have a set of polished aluminum pm wheels and an extended swing arm which includes a chrome adapter for the rear diff. Chrome struts included. Nice tires with a 170 18" radial on rear. Chrome rear diff, brake discs/calipers and nos...
  8. toddo

    aluminum radiator

    Has anybody tried the GPI aluminum radiator for the Vmax that's on ebay. Looks good but for $125 I wonder? I've bought Warp9 aluminum radiators for my CR500 and the fit and finish sucked.:confused2:
  9. J

    Painting header with aluminum colored header paint, it doesnt call for primer...

    I took off my headers and they were super rusted. I sanded and made them pretty smooth and I'm going to paint with header paint. It's rated for 1300-2000 degrees F. It doesn't mention using a primer. Does anyone recommend priming headers even though can doesn't call for it? If so, should...
  10. donnelly317

    identifing chrome vs high polished aluminum

    Exactly what title says.. i've been polishing my aluminum kosmans and the front hub is like being compared to rest and zero imperfections im scared it is chrome.... does anyone know how I can tell???
  11. C

    Aluminum CNC machined New VMax Brake Stay Arm

    Let me know what you think. They are lighter, strong and more solid ( Less flex ) then the original factory stock part. It bolts directly in place of the original factory part, the same as the factory. I ve seen others that only bolt on from one side. Factory arm 10.6 oz's Aluminum...
  12. T

    Question on aluminum corrosion and one other

    Just picked up my first Vmax (06) last Saturday and a few things I noticed that I wanted to ask about. First, and I searched the forum for a good little bit but could not find a thread directly related to this (though I am sure there is one so sorry if it has been answered a million times)...
  13. donnelly317

    polishing the aluminum

    Any help would be apreciated the guy that was suppposed to be polishing all my aluminum has had it for 2 weeks now and just told me he couldnt do it bc of the stock plating on most the parts... I tried a little scotch bright before and it came off pretty easy.. is that the only way pritty...
  14. B

    new aluminum radiators pics

    we have a guy that is building our turbo radiators for the vmax turbo project and here is his first one-while not modeified for the turbo set up its a stock replacement but very good quality work.let me know what you think.mike
  15. timscues

    Delrin or Aluminum Motor Mounts?

    Is there any difference in using the delrin or aluminum motor mounts in a Gen 1? Wear and Tear or vibrations? Also looking for a luggage rack other than Mek out there?
  16. E

    How to clean aluminum?

    Hi folks: Any of y'all know of a good product to clean off finger/handprints from an aluminum muffler? Thanks! Elimax
  17. T

    Florida aluminum cancer

  18. M

    Painting Aluminum Wheels

    I've hated the aluminum wheels on my max since I bought it. You can't clean them, polish them or even make them look half decent..I've tried every kind of polish I can find and still can't make them look nice. And I'm not liking the thought of polishing aluminum everytime I wipe the bike down...
  19. rebar

    Wenol or mothers on aluminum?

    Have any of you guys compared the two? I just went through a Jar of mothers in about 2 months. Previews owner of my bike swore by the Wenol for its protecting sealing properties. But its from Germany and expensive.
  20. M

    Aluminum fan blade Do these work? Too heavy for the factory fan motor? :ummm: Thanks.