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  1. D

    I'm dying over here.

    Hello, everyone! Jon here. I have a 2007 vmax with 17,xxx miles. She ran really well until a few weeks ago. So here's what happened: my buddy rode my vmax around. (Nothing crazy, I rode next to him on his bike. He rode it just fine). So, we're in traffic for about a minute and the bike shuts...
  2. A

    17" rear wheel??

    I have seen gen 1 vmax bikes with a 17 inch wheel, and I want to do this to mine. Who can help me find someone who can modify the wheel to acxept the shaft drive
  3. B

    Looking for 17'' or 18'' wheel

    I am looking to get a 17'' or 18'' rear wheel for my 2006 so I can put radials on it. If anyone has one for sale please let me know! Thanks
  4. V

    error code 17!

    Hey guys, when starting my gen 2 vmax I'm getting a code 17 on the dash. Im not sure what it could be. the bike is riding at almost 100% but also the check engine light came on. I am not sure what it could mean. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. vmax2extreme

    April 17 - MD Super Show

    Anyone interested in going to a bike show on Sunday April 17? http://adventureparkusa.com/events/ Details: $12 Pre-registration online, use Promo Code CARSHOW $15 at the Door Registration Time (day of event) 9am-11:30am Door prizes, iWheelie Machine, DJ Award Presentation Time: 4:00pm...
  6. C

    17" Dymag front wheel/speedo

    For anyone running a 17" Dymag front wheel, how much does this affect the speedometer and odometer readouts? Thanks, John
  7. C

    Best handling combo for 17 rear 18 front?

    Hey guys. Hope this hasn't been beat to death, but lots of searching yielded no answers to what I'm after. I just picked up my Vmax and it needs tires. It has a 17" rear wheel, and an 18" front wheel. It currently sports a 170/60zr17 rear tire and a 110/90mc18 front. I don't feel like this is...
  8. Y

    17" rear

    Looking to buy either a kosman upgrade or other 17 for my 85. Thanks Jeremy
  9. VMax-Mike

    How Not To Change A 17 Tooth Sprocket

    OPPS :ummm:
  10. Fire-medic

    Sat. May 17 in N.E. Florida-vintage show

    If you're in NE FL on Sat. May 17, you better be here: http://ridingintohistory.org/the-event/#theevent St. Augustine FL Riding into History Concours d’Elegance Saturday, May 17, 2014, 10am-4pm The Councours d’Elegance is again held at the WGV. As always,no entry fee for qualified motorcycles...
  11. B

    1985 17 inch wheel

    anybody seen this http://www.ebay.com/itm/YAMAHA-VMAX-17-WHEEL-XJ900-DIVERSION-WHEEL-SPINDLE-CONVERSION-/261260816561?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts_13&hash=item3cd45bb0b1&vxp=mtr
  12. P

    17" wheels

    i can get a converted 17" xj900 wheel that will fit my vmax for quite cheap and a front thunderrace 17" wheel that will fit the vmax would this be a good idea ? or should i stay stock ront wheel and go 18" rear wheel?
  13. M

    17" & Radial

    Hi guys, new to the forum and to the Vmax, and sizing one up with a view to it being a project. I've moved from the country to the city and as such the twisties are going to be a rarety, so something that goes like stink in a straight line and looks brutal is the order of the day - hence the...
  14. bud7680

    17 yr. old son

    Looking for a first bike for my 17yr. old son. He is 5'10"/250.:moped: I taught him on my GZ250 last year and he rode a moped for 2yrs before that. This is his experience on the road with bikes thus far. I think something like the Vulcan800, Drifter800(cool) honda magna 750 or super magna...
  15. veebooster

    Niagara VMOA Ride 2011 Sept 17

    Meet at the Niagara Gateway (Tims) at the Casablanca exit on the QEW in Grimsby @ 10am Saturday Sept 17th. (Address is 424 South Service Rd Grimsby for those with GPS). Ride will be approximately 4 hrs with all the stops. Of course we'll end up at my place for a BBQ. (cheesecake if I'm nice to...
  16. veebooster

    Niagara Ride 2011 Sept 17

    Details: Meet at the Niagara Gateway (Tims) at the Casablanca exit on the QEW in Grimsby @ 10am Saturday Sept 17. (Address is 424 South Service Rd Grimsby for those with GPS). Ride will be approximately 4 hrs with all the stops. Of course we'll end up at my place for a BBQ. (cheesecake if...
  17. Blurr

    17 in w/overdrive

    Has anyone done the math? Will the increase in accl/rpm per mph be neatly cancelled by running the tall final gear? Looking to find out if the paring will stock performance and mpg while letting me run a lighter wheel.
  18. L

    What size for Rear 180 X 17. using Kosman vmax converstion

    I have order a converted rear wheel from Kosman (180 X 17"). Was wondering on what size aspect ratio to run? 180/55/17? 180/60/17? Also what manufacture should i go with? Looking for medium ride life with good handling.
  19. gamorg02

    17" radials

    for those with 17" both or 17" rear BB has these on sale right now. decent price. plus i've been very happy with shinko http://www.bikebandit.com/shinko-010-apex-radial-motorcycle-tire
  20. maleko89

    17" front wheel, speedo healer?

    Should I live with it or is there a fix for this? I thought Boxenstopp had one but couldn't find it in their catalog.