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  1. vmax2extreme

    2006 Yamaha VMAX 7586 miles

    2006 Yamaha VMAX GEN 1 with 7586 miles. Overall clean bike. Carbs recently cleaned, new rubber and sync'd. New fuel filter. Comes with aftermarket exhaust (holeshot 4-2), smoke turn signals, grips/ends, UFO fork brace, and RPM shift light. Clear title and ready to ride... $5495
  2. Savage99

    2006 Vmax for sale, Rochester, NY

    https://rochester.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2006-vmax/6627437922.html 2006 Yamaha V-max. Won't find a nicer vmax around. Currently has about 17,800 miles. Minor modifications including Carrozzeria rims, Progressive springs and shocks, modified factory seat, includes back rest and winds screen. Has...
  3. C

    2006 Vmax

    2006 Yamaha Vmax 17,938 miles $4000 Pretty much just stock configuration. Pics on (serious) request. You can contact me in this thread or through PM. Thanks, John
  4. tothemax93

    2006 not mine

    Looks like a good deal to me. https://rochester.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2006-yamaha-vmax-only-12k/6319334888.html
  5. C

    2006 Vmax for sale

    Up for consideration I have my 2006 Vmax. $5000...firm 16.7K miles Engine guards with cruise pegs. Stainless steel radiator cover. Supertrapp slip-ons with 4 disc per side and each end plate has a 1 1/8" hole in it. Fairly new Metzler front and Avon Cobra rear tire. National Cycle...
  6. Foxviewnet

    2006 Vmax for sale

    Hey Guys, I hate to post this but I am selling the Max. :wave bye: I just purchased a larger bike for longer touring and range and just decided that I didn't wanna maintain 2 bikes. The wife and I ride a lot 2 up and ...you know! Anyway, here is the CL post. If you are a forum member I will...
  7. Savage99

    Looking for cobra slipons for 2006.

    Looking to buy cobra slipons in nice condition for my 2006 vmax. Would trade my super traps for the Cobras. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  8. Cobbler73

    UFO 4-2-4 on 2006

    I just bought myself an 06 Max with only 3600 miles on it with a bunch of aftermarket goodies. My question is it has UFO exhaust that expands back from the 2 to 1 collector under bike to 2 megaphone cans. It is crazy loud!! Does anybody else have something like this? Are there smaller aluminum...
  9. B

    2006 For Sale In North Carolina

    This bike is in near perfect condition and had always been garage kept, never dropped. I have ALL stock parts and plenty of aftermarket to go along. Clean title in hand, 22,900 miles mostly highway from long trips. Has been tuned on dyno by Max Speed Cycles in Kernersville,NC and made...
  10. jagco1

    Hi guy's me back 2006 vmax fork leaking

    I pick up 2006 vmax with low miles very clean all stock, wfie don't no. "O" to I pick up fj1200 to she did find out about this bike though. Vmax fork oil started leaking and got on the rotors. I did try cleaning them seals with plastic but still leaking. Is there a easy way of replacing the...
  11. liptoss

    2006 rectifier into a 1987?

    Wondering if anyone has bolted a newer rectifier into an older model Vmax? I'm looking to install a 2006 into an 1987. It should work right? If not, what solutions have anyone else come up with? The 1987 OEM is burning up, but still working, but for how long right?
  12. T

    2005 Vmax 7200 miles, $6500

    Super clean 3rd owner Vmax, 72xx miles. New Avon tires, services always performed with Yamalube products. Engine is stock, has Cobra pipes. Bike has never been down, garage stored its entire life. Detailed service records. Haynes manual. Cover included. Comes with tons of extras: factory...
  13. M

    2006 v max for sale

    all factory with 2700 miles on it . asking 6000.00
  14. 0

    2006 Vmax vmx12 (North Texas) $5600

    2006 Yamaha Vmax 1200cc. 25581 original miles. never wrecked or laid down, original factory paint. +Delkevic pipes +T-boost installed +Chrome aftermarket engine guards. works good for road pegs on longer rides. +small windshield +New Shinko tour master tires (400 miles on them) +recently had the...
  15. P

    2006 vmax for sale in iowa

    Looks like I'm headed for divorce...........:bang head: 13,508 miles and counting. New tires, spark plugs, diff fluid, brake fluid, engine oil, oil filter, & fuel filter last fall and less then 200 miles ago. Progressive suspension front & rear. Hayabusa front brake conversion. V boost...
  16. E

    2006 r6

    I was at my local stealership yesterday and they just took a 2006 R6 on trade. It's a great looking clean machine with 9033 miles. Full akrapovic exhaust and new tires. I ask the price and out comes $3695 from the sales guys mouth. In shock I asked again knowing these bike generally bring low...
  17. H

    2006 VMax for sale

    18k mi. Drag bars and back rest. Comes with stock sissy bar and a like new windshield. Asking $5800. I don't get to ride enough to justify keeping her around. In the North Texas, Denton Area. 979-676-1021 Nathan
  18. G

    2006 V-Max nicely mod for sale $7500.

    One of a kind showroom condition, NEEDS NOTHING, 9K mi, NEVER DROP, Original owner, Registration's up to date AND CLEAN TITLE IN HAND. V-MAX 1200cc VMX 1200 Liquid cooled Shaft drive Custom exhaust (Supertrapp) Custom T-Boost installed (Opens the V-Boost at 3000 or 6000 RPM) Low temperature...
  19. M

    Traded my 2006 for a new 2015

    I had been lurking around this forum for a while with the 06, gathering knowledge , when I decided to adopt the more is better attitude and made a quick trade. Already put 163 miles on it since Saturday :eusa_dance: I'm used to zippy bikes, so I wasn't overwhelmed by the power, I'm trying to...
  20. Jpick77

    2006 Vmax with little issues and looking for and suggestions...

    Hey guys, been a while since I have posted. To busy and trying to ride when I can. I have 2006 with roughly 4200 miles on it. I modified the stock exhaust and I really liked the sound. Bike has always run pretty good. Modifications so far are just the modified stock exhaust and a K&N...