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  1. R

    2nd generation final drive assembly

    In the middle of a supercharger install, I decided to replace my drive unit with an Otec case. Many parts unavailable and on backorder. Been waiting since December. I'm in need of a used fully assembled rear drive unit so that we can finish this build while waiting on backorder to arive. Any...
  2. Jhbox13

    '85 VMX12N Pickup coil assembly

    Title says it all. Why do I need them you ask? Check out the posting here (page 2 specifically): Part#: 26H-81670-10-00 The following are compatible models: 1983 XVZ12TDK GENERATOR 1983 XVZ12TK GENERATOR 1984 XVZ12DKC2 GENERATOR 1984...
  3. henrysgmc

    Gen 2 Marks Performance Collector Assembly -SOLD-

    Im selling my Marks Performance Collector Assembly that was never mounted on the bike. I decided to go with something else. Text me if interested 845-283-6593 Price is $320.00 shipped.
  4. P

    WTB: Clutch lever Assembly

    Clutch master cylinder is leaking. Bike is sitting for winter and the leak has ruined the clear coat on the left scoop, pretty disappointing. I suppose I could try and replace just the master cylinder, but it appears that the bike has tipped over at some point in it's life and the clutch lever...
  5. K

    CAT Delete/X-Pipe/Collector Assembly

    Been away for a while, sold my 07 VMAX and got a B-King a few years ago and also now have an M109R. Looking at maybe selling/trading in the M109 for a 2nd Gen VMAX. Just doing some research on what's available as far as exhaust mods for the Gen 2. I tried searching, but did not find anything...
  6. T

    Replacing front turn signals with two wire assembly? How?

    Just got new turn signals for Father's Day. Rears went on fine but the front ones are three wire assemblies? Tried both ways and all I get is a solid light with a relay clicking noise when I activate turn switch? Light stays on solid with no blinking. Help please
  7. T

    question about carb needle assembly

    This is my first time posting so forgive me if its in the wrong place. I've been changing jets and needles and I think I must be missing a part . I can see in diagrams of a needle holder which I don't seem have. To be clearer I have a 85 vmax that I bought used and bought Morley kit. I have the...
  8. HyperPete

    M109R2 Headlight Assembly Project

    Well, I decided to get going on the Headlight conversion. I got this M109R2 headlight assembly for $110 shipped: I removed the stock headlamp... ...and bungee corded the new assembly into place. I'm torn - it will provide MUCH better lighting, but I'm thinking it's...
  9. WonkoTheSane

    Replacement drain cock assembly

    I have a badly corroded drain cock assembly (Yamaha part no. 1FK-12560-01-00) that's causing a leak after re-assembly. I found this one on ebay: But at that price, I'm wondering if it...
  10. K

    vmax choke lever assembly needed

    Hi everyone, Im chasing a choke lever assembly for the first generation vmax, need all levers bars and bushes. thanks Rob
  11. 1

    Coolant drain valve assembly

    Hi everyone, As part of my never ending saga of trying to get my Vmax on the road, I'm now having problems getting the coolant sorted out. I had to dump the coolant to replace the valve cover gaskets (good job I did as the coolant was black), but as part of this I tried to turn the drain...
  12. rcdatzme

    Missing Vboost assembly

    Knew something was screwy, further investinagtion revealed the vboost assembly removed by previous owner. Anyone know a good deal one one anywhere?
  13. alorio1

    1936 Chevrolet Assembly Line

    1936 Chevrolet Assembly Line This is really awesome footage. A 1936 Chevrolet assembly factory. Note the automation that was already in place, the workers lack of any and all modern safety equipment, glasses and helmets, and they ALL know exactly what to do and its getting done. Note also...
  14. C

    slide diaphram assembly in pieces? ?

    Hey guys I just was just starting to take my cards apart and when I took my diaphragm cover off the spring came out and the diaphragm was in pieces. The the boot was not attached to the slide. Boot is still intact no tears or rips. Anyone know if there is anyway to fix this or is it supposed to...
  15. kazoovmax

    broken pick up assembly in stator

    I had a oil leak on my 1992, so I replaced the gasket on the stator side cover. I put the cover back on, and I don't know if I bent a bracket or put the pick up on wrong, but I broke the pick up assembly when I tried to start the bike. Now the bike has no spark. I checked with a dealership, and...
  16. B

    1992 fork assembly with triple tree

    Just like it says i have a fork assembly of a 1992 vmax with only a couple hundred miles on the fork seals before i removed them from the bike, over all good condition, can send picture if interested How about $60 plus shipping
  17. ninjaneer

    How To: V-Boost Intake Manifold Assembly Remove/Install

    As part of my crankcase breather housing job, I had to remove the carburetors and V-Boost intake manifold assembly (VIMA). I found what I needed as far as removing the carb rack on the forum, but as far as I could tell, the forum lacked a How-To for removing the VIMA. So here goes: First...
  18. shicks16

    Fork air hose assembly

    Hey all, i have been a long time viewer but have never made a post of my own, not sure if i am posting this in the right section or if this has been asked before but i have been fixing up my 85 Max and while i was pulling the forks from the trees i damaged the air hose assembly between the...
  19. T

    front twheel assembly help

    i took off my front wheel to get a new tire put on it. try to put it back on this morning and it seems that i am missing a bushing. if you are staring straight at the front tire - i'm missing a bushing on the left hand side. the brake disk is rubbing against the fork leg. attached is the...
  20. ColoNat

    drip, drip - leak from draincock assembly at block

    ok, trying to figure out what seals the tube at the insertion point into the block - cannot see any seal or o-ring listed on the diagram. :bang head: the drain tube below the radiator - where it inserts into the block is leaking. anyone have any ideas or has anyone replaced this tube or had...