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  1. D

    Sub-4K bikes?

    Soooo I’m seeing a few Vmax (vmaxes?) for sale with 20k miles or less for around or below 4K. Is this legit pricing for some of the older first gen bikes? I’m headstand to get too optimistic. Just seems like such a beast would be going for more! Sorry for the stupid question. Just wanted to...
  2. Fire-medic

    bikes at my friend's shop

    Tomorrow at Palm Beaches International Raceway (Florida) is an open track day. My friend is getting some bikes ready to run and he has a couple for sale, one of-which he's taking. First is a customer's Hyabusa, stock internals, except for a MTC Gen. II centrifugal clutch. It does have an...
  3. C

    2 bikes for sale

    Weather is warming up and riding season is imminent. I have 2 bikes for sale. 1) 2003 Kawasaki Meanstreak 14,311 miles $2000 2)SOLD 2014 Honda Goldwing Valkyrie 3,902 miles $7,000 Pics on (serious) request. Those are the bottom dollar no-haggle prices. If you want to haggle then add $1,000...
  4. caseyjones955

    Transporting dirt bikes

    I'm entertaining some trades for a vehicle I have, looking at taking in a YZ250 or TE250, I'm interested in how one might safely transport one without a pickup truck. I thought I saw an apparatus on a sedan that went to a receiver hitch and fastened that way somehow, anyone use a system...
  5. Regular Guy

    Rebuilt Title Bikes

    Hey guys, I have a chance to buy a bike for the wife for a fairly good deal but it's a rebuilt title bike. The damage the bike had has been all repaired with new Yamaha parts. It'll save me about half of what a new one would cost but I just have reservations I suppose. Thoughts?
  6. Fire-medic

    6 cyl bikes video

    An interesting view, includes some rare birds like the Honda RC166 GP 350 cc racer, the FGR Midalu 2500 cc bike from the Czech Republic, a Laverda racer of 1000 cc and and the Horex VR-6 1200 cc bike, which has a narrow-angle (15 degrees) configuration like the VW VR-6 engine...
  7. CaptainKyle

    Stepping away from the bikes

    Well I am going to step away from the bikes a little bit & mess with 4 wheels. I have wanted another Chevy Luv for years & some very good Vmax brothers made it happen for the me . I brought home this 72 Luv today already set up for a small block. It has a narrowed 12 Bolt posi with ladder...
  8. Lotsokids

    Father / Son Dirt Bikes!

    A brief history: I bought my son a Honda CRM 125 here in Hungary. It's nice, but I rode a little 50cc scooter when we rode together on the trails. That sucks. So I found a 1984 Honda CR 125 about 4 hours away. Test rode it, everything was fine, but when I got it home, the engine seized on my...
  9. frank5079

    Bicyclist passes guys on their bikes.... :Shocked:
  10. Fire-medic

    Small engine-big on style + 1960 era bikes from catalogs

    Built by an Argentinean, a 210 cc Gilera, his first custom effort. I think it demonstrates you don't need 1000 cc+ to make an interesting bike. From the side, you don't have a good sense of the narrow nature of the bike, but the rear view shows it off. I like the girder, a Sachs, and the...
  11. SpecOps13

    Best AGM Batteries OR ? For Various Bikes.

    The battery in my 89 Vmax is an Odyssey PC-680 that was bought in 03/2007. It's just now beginning to fail (The Bike Has A Good 4 Pole Starter). I'd consider that a great service life for a battery BTW. I think they have cheapened their manufacturing requirements though? I also have an 05...
  12. Fire-medic

    Long Beach custom bikes

    No. 25 reminds me of a Ford Country Squire, not a sporty BMW bike! Some interesting designs in here, but the "Bobber-thing's" force is stiill unfortunately powerful, Luke. No.15 looks like somethng you...
  13. J

    oops, 2 bikes in 1 week.

    I went buy a garage sale today and seen a motorcycle. Its a 2007 Suzuki Marauder 250 with only 750kms on the odometer. Its like brand new. the lady said she road it the first year she bought it and it sat in the garage ever since. I told her I wasn't interested and I had no use for a bike that...
  14. 2

    Why do most or all vmax bikes have a front end wobble if you let go of handle bars?

    ? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  15. V

    New to Bikes and Just got a gen 1 vmax

    As the title states, I just purchased a 2002 Yamaha V-Max and I'm completely ignorant to this bike. So far I've noticed that there are not a lot of options as far as wheels without extensive work to the swing arm and or wheel itself( had my heart set on some ride wright wheels) and the aero...
  16. L

    Chesnee, SC Antique Bikes on Main

    Anyone going today or tomorrow?
  17. donnelly317

    Looking at touring bikes but i dont know!

    Im just not sure what im going to like till I try them out but the ones 6 hrs away and there's nothing closer in that price range. Im confused on what I want. Im selling the VFR and going to get a nice cruiser/touring bike but the question is which one. I don't plan on going cross country on it...
  18. C

    Looking at replacement bikes....

    So shopping around at other bikes. I have plenty of ideas 1 M109R for a street cruising toy. I like the looks and the big 1800 cc motor. I know its not fast, but honestly I don't care about that, that much anymore. Still have my ZX14. Hyperpete you can chime in anytime on this :) 2...
  19. C

    Race bikes vs grudge bikes, the day has come when a street bike is faster.

    I dont really follow the race scene that much anymore. The street scene is just so much more interesting and fun to watch. I stopped by my buddys shop and he has been building another bike to race. His last bike was a bad ass.... 7.0's @202 mph with him on it and National Champ Rob Budgell ran a...
  20. A

    bikes dies after riding for a little bit then wont start

    I've been working on my 85 for a little bit now and got it running and everything, noticed that the spark plug wires are arcing to the motor so I ordered new ones, but I can still ride it's just very rough. I know it's not a good idea doing that probably but it's just around my block, but the...