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  1. F

    FS: highway pegs, billet exhaust inserts, tailbag

    **Generation 2 ** So the highway pegs came from that guy from Australia who sells them on Facebook - rode once with them and decided they weren’t for me (comes with all hardware). Tailbag has no hardware and previous owner polished the aluminum top plate. The muffler inserts have been used...
  2. C

    New, never installed billet forward controls kit

    For Sale: "NEW" Billet Aluminum Forward Controls Kit machined and fabricated by Billet Bike Bits. Contains everything. I sold my 2007 Vmax and never got around to installing this kit, which I still have. Still packaged in the original bubble wrap. Never installed or attempted to install...
  3. D

    WTS VMax Billet Fork Brace

    I believe it an Exactrep mega brace. After a quick trip to the bead blaster to tone down the scuffed polished aluminum, it is now nicely uniform. The problem is it doesn't fit my 1993. I'm assuming it is for 85 to 92. $70 shipped.
  4. Barry barker

    used Billet fork brace

    needs a little more polish but it still looks good. $60.00 [email protected] 501-520-8211 SOLD
  5. Barry barker

    Pro one Billet Mirrors

    These will really add some shine to those master cylinders. Some wear and tear is noticeable but the ball joints are tight. Easily an 8 out of 10 condition. $50.00 delivered to the lower 48. 501-520-8211 [email protected] Just looking for the bottom, it's got to be around here...
  6. Rick52

    Gen 2 Vmax Billet Cam Cap Covers

    $185 Jeff Pahlegy Customs Rick
  7. ragdog2011

    VMAX billet

    Superbrace fork brace slotted brake bar biohazard intake covers biohazard swing arm pivot inserts $150.00 shipped next day try getting that from C.O.O. sale pending
  8. a113ycat

    Billet guards

    Does anyone here in the states make or know where to get the billet guards that are on the bike in this video? I would love to get a set for my '85:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
  9. davidon

    Billet tuning fork emblem

    Anyone know if anyone makes this? I'm looking for something small (1-1.5 in diameter) that looks something like this
  10. F

    Billet cylinder heads

    Anyone made them for the vmax?
  11. C

    billet mirror wanna get this mirror. it looks like the RIZOMA knock off but less half price.......
  12. rebar

    Anyone remember 7zipp billet wheels?

    Im trying to figure out what kind of billet wheels came on the bike I just bought. Any body heard of, or remember a company called 7zipp ? Or at least that's what the engraving looks like..:ummm:
  13. M

    Stock Muffler Billet End Caps

    Does anyone know who makes these and where are they available?
  14. flatslide

    Billet license plate holder

    My new / old UFO built bike has a "chopper style" frame off of the rear wheel. I'd like to learn of a way to illuminate the license plate with leds. I can't include a photo, sorry. I figure that somebody has done this mod, so where are you? he he. Alf:ummm:
  15. one2dmax

    Billet Helmet I want one! Sean
  16. one2dmax

    Custom Billet Cranks and Rods

    Well Guys, Looks like I have "hit the jackpot" so to speak. I did finally find a manufacturer (overseas) that will custom make a 4340 forged steel crank for us. We give them the specs and they will make it. The minimum order is 10 cranks which is way out of my budget to buy for shop stock...
  17. vmaxcruzer

    Billet reflector mod for HAC sissy bar

    We have the same removable sissy bar. I assume you like the stock macho look but the Miss's needs security. Quick change between the two. I don't like the unfinished look in the reflecter department either so I solved that by having a custom billet aluminum reflecter with brake light LED's...
  18. R Dizzle

    Billet Valve Stems

    Just came across these, I ordered the silver ones to go with the Machined Silver Carrs I have coming in a few weeks. I'll let you know how they work out, but I thought they might be of interest to others here. :eusa_dance:
  19. ghostntheshell

    Billet Ignition cover problem...

    Installed my billet ignition cover today. Looks way better than the chewed up stock ignition (looks like someone once used a screw driver) But the key can't enter the ignition properly with it on. I will attempt filing down some of the rubber on my actual key... for now my first mod is a...
  20. naughtyG

    Pics of those M/C billet covers

    Originally Posted by naughtyG Today I got my billet M/C covers in the post, so I went ahead and installed them, taking the opportunity to bleed my clutch and brakes. Didn't take any pics yet, but here they are on fleabay - for only $20 in...