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    Here is a set of manuals I bought for my Gen 1's

    I bought this when I owned my Gen 1's and thought I would post it for those who don't have a copy or may not have all the service supplements. service Manual.pdf I hope these help some of you.

    97 vmax i bought came with supertrap pipes

    aside from sound what if any diffrence comes with removing the screwed on baffles ? will it loose/gain any power-torque, float the valves etc or is this strictly for hiperformance modified bikes ? anyone cruise without baffles ?
  3. SpecOps13

    Bought an APEX APX12220 Battery Last Dec.

    It went bad about 2 weeks ago wouldn't start the bike which gets run every week. Won't charge over 12.06 volts and won't start the bike even right after charging. Contacted APEX this Monday 9/19 2016. Talked with Mike the Sales Manager. He E-Mailed me a questionnaire that I filled out right then...

    Now what??? I may have bought the bike from hell

    Last night I was putting all the body parts back on and getting the bike ready to ride, then I saw these issues. I saw some tranny fluid and some spots that looked as if there was some leaking. I listed links rather than posting the pictures in the forum I wanted to keep them as large as...
  5. L

    HELP ... bought a slip ons exhausts, but I don't know what brand are ..? ??

    Hello, I am from Portugal and bought a slip ons for my vmax 2003, but i don't know what brand they are.:ummm: The sound of slip ons is very good, ...., now have a real muscle V4.:surprise: I just like to know what brand are they? Help me please.:confused2: They have been bought at a store...
  6. Y

    New here, just bought my first Vmax.

    Just found this forum a week or so ago when I found a vmax I wasnted to look at and I bought it a few days ago. Picked up a 1997 with 29k miles on it for $2500 to join my 2014 R1 and my 2009 YZ450F in the garage. Drove 3.5 hours each way to get it. The bike was pretty clean, especially...
  7. davidon

    Anyone bought a private seller bike and had it shipped

    Wondering how the process works? How to handle the payment, paperwork, shipment etc.
  8. R

    just bought and know nothing LOL

    Ok i know it sounda really bad but my husband and I just bought this mini chopper from a friend of ours. He said "just sprau some primer it will start". Yeah right. I looled on line and found our its like a 2002 or so Vmax Mini Chopper. And guess what its don't start. So here is some things that...
  9. donnelly317

    Well I bought a 99 Valk interstate

    Well I drive to Baltimore Sunday night and bought the valkyrie I can't wait to get it registered and get a cruise in. It already has Avon radial tires which is awesome. It didn't fit in the trailer I had I had to remove windshield. Then go to Walmart to buy more ratchet straps and a pillow to...
  10. C

    OK OK.... I bought #7..... 1988 Vmax

    Original Owner... 30k miles, in excellent shape. Got a factory mini screen which I ll sell. Other than that..... all factory original. The exhaust got a garage ding and the guy put the Vance and Hinces tags on it to hide it lol. I rode it home, 25 miles in 35 degree weather with it misting...
  11. C

    Vmax Decals.... bought a new toy....

    Bought a Vinyl cutter the other day. So I thought I would practice a little.... $1 small decals $2.50 large decals $5 chrome large decals. Shipping is $1 usps mail, unlimited stickers I ll offer more soon. Email me [email protected] Thanks Todd
  12. SpecOps13

    Bought a New to Me Car Yesterday.

    Paid a lot less than advertised price. $12,995 +++ added BS. It's absolutely like new, even the interior smell. One owner, always garaged. Sold a bike and a boat and found a place for the spare money. Wanted a Challenger but values are holding too high and they weigh too much. This Mustang...
  13. P

    bought a gen 2

    I pick my gen 2 up on Saturday cant wait
  14. D

    just bought an '06 with 8000 miles

    Been my dream bike since high school. It is pristine-I paid 4900....I think that was fair?
  15. C

    Just bought a snowblower and there in the corner was the guys Vmax.....

    He opens the garage door and in front of me is a Vmax. The cylinder covers say King Kong on them LOL. Its a cruiser bike, forks extended 3 inches, custom wheels Jon Cornell made him, Marks exhaust, Stage 7 carbs, corbin seat etc. Some custom forward controls he made. So we talk about it a...
  16. C

    Bought a new battery

    Stepping up to the new age of battery for my motorcycle. Hard to imagine paying almost $150 for a battery..... but its 10 lbs lighter and has more cranking power and its more stable in cold weather. But almost double the price. But I get tired of having to replace batteries all the time...
  17. C

    I bought a new bike, the most powerful production bike.....

    I just picked this up tonight! 2008 ZX14 with 7000 miles, I can't even tell you how much, but I ll say it was the same price as the asshole in Ohio that had the 2001 Busa I didn't buy! Ok so 2012 was really more powerful than my 2008. Factory claims 200 crank horsepower with ram air, 115 ft...
  18. Johnc1go

    Bought a used Gen II last month

    This is my second Vmax, the first was a 2004. I think Yamaha was very careful with this new bike to fix nearly everything that people complained about on the Gen I. The Gen II has tons of power up and down the RPM range, so much that I have not yet opened up the throttle completely in the...
  19. naughtyG

    Anyone bought from this seller?

    Hi all, looking at clutch friction plates and wondering if anyone here has bought from this seller yet: Great price and free shipping, but wondering if anyone has experience with the quality?
  20. T

    Just bought 97 max and have questions

    Just Not sure where to begin.. SO here is what I have and the issue.. 97 max 2 owners: motor is stock; the airbox has been modified by morley.. I remember his name but did not know that he has a air box mod... ( like I said its been a while) the carbs have been re-jetted- no idea what size...