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  1. wilsonishere

    Jetting the pilot circuit, need some help!

    So I have a very modified 2001 Vmax and I am trying to get my carbs right. First when I say modified I mean it has the web cams 80-321's in it, a set of extremely ported and milled heads, vboost is eliminated, a set of Dale Walker 4 into 2 pipes with 6in cans, and individual k&n air filters. Now...
  2. maximus speedicus

    Radiator fan motor short circuit

    Recently my max had been blowing fuses on the radiator fan circuit. I installed my own cheap hardware toggle switch to bypass the thermostat so I could kick on the fan whenever I felt like it. That was my first suspect. After going through the circuit, everything seemed to have solid...
  3. maxrom

    Oil level sender circuit (understanding)

    Hy, Rebuilding Royal Venture project Electrical harness from A to Z (doing the harness from zero) I`m trying to understand the way it works so, Testing oil level sender Oil level sender has no contact (open circuit) when float is down= low oil level Oil level sender has contact (close...
  4. HyperPete

    Air horn hookup & switched circuit

    I'm looking for opinions. I finally mounted my Wolo Bad Boy air horn. I tried to run jumpers from the stock horn to the Wolo, but there just isn't enough juice to make it work. The ground side is switched for the stock horn which in my opinion is unusual. I need a switched circuit to tie into...
  5. texas-ss-tornado

    Ignition switch/fuel pump circuit?

    OK, so here's a weird one. Working on an 85. When I turn the key on, the fuel pump doesn't automatically cycle. I can hit the off/on switch several times, nothing happens. Almost by accident, I "wiggled" the ignition switch and it started pumping. Now, once it starts pumping, I can toggle...
  6. O

    Plugged idle circuit

    Just reassembled the bike after installing stage 7 needles, 150 mikuni main jets, and replacing two coast enricher diaphragms there were completely deteriorated. I've got all the carbs sync'ed, and it runs great everywhere except for a hesitation when coming off idle from a stoplight, and a...
  7. ricko

    Sidestand Circuit Question

    My 85 sidestand switch seems to cut 2 cylinders when it's down and in gear. You can ride away with it down, but it quickly reminds you something isn't right. I've read that when you put it in gear with the stand down it should kill ignition. I haven't started going through components yet, but...
  8. Fire-medic

    Speedo required in circuit for functional ignition?

    Is the speedo required to be in the electrical circuit for the ignition & fuel pump etc. to work?
  9. firefly

    A new way of unclogging the idle circuit

    Its very hard to get the A/F mixture screws out while the carbs are on the bike NOT any more! to clean out the idle circuit easily and without too much fuss: 1- Back up the A/F mixture screw all the way. 2- Stick the tip of a 60cc syringe at the hole of A/F & quickly suck air out with the...
  10. acammer

    Pilot circuit mixture screw adjustments, tempurature relation...

    Hey guys. I have been riding the VMax since March of this year, after buying the bike in January. Bike has run very well, starts great, excellent power. I have noticed some drivability issues in the pilot circuit that have become markedly worse as the temperatures have climbing above 90*...
  11. davidon

    Headlight circuit

    Anyone know the wire gauge for the headlight circuit?
  12. flatslide

    Pilot circuit and midrange

    My MAX came to me wearing a 2.5 inch competition kerker baffle. I recently switched in a 2 inch kerker baffle, in an obvious effort to cut down the roar. It's no longer obnoxious loud, in terms of neighbors ears. It seems that I will need to re tune a bit to compensate for the exhaust change...
  13. M

    Circuit diagram?

    I would like to know if i can find the circuit diagram somewhere on the internet. I do have the service manual but that has only the wiring diagram, not the circuit diagram. So please if someone has the diagram or knows where to find it let me know. Thanks, Bas
  14. RagingMain

    The Mains have an effect on the Pilot circuit!!!

    This might seem a little strange or might be old hat to some of you but... I have been tuning the carbs and went for a nice long ride today with Mark's A/F meter ziptied to my bike, shhh dont tell him, and was running 13-13.5:1 while crusing down the highway. Thought to myself, self, this here...
  15. gamorg02

    Enricher "choke" circuit question....

    Just a quick question to help me better understand carbs. When you pull out the 'choke' its not really a choke, it dumps more fuel, so it makes sense it runs better at cold with it on since it needs more fuel to run properly. However once the bike is warm, if you turn on the 'choke' slowly...
  16. strongbow

    Pilot Circuit

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site but have been looking for a while and this seems to be the best vmax site I have come across. Looks like there is alot of very knowledgeable people here. I have a problem which I think is carb related. Anyway if anyone has any idea this is the problem...
  17. Akatora

    Start circuit problem related to cut-off / turn signal relay

    Hello again, After having most starting and ignition related sockets apart (for getting the pins checked and treated with corrosion prevent spray) there occurred two very interesting problems. The problems were not so special, but the solution (same for both problems!) sounds almost like...
  18. mikemax04

    Enrichment circuit

    Started the bike today and let it warm up a bit. As the RPMs grew, I brought the choke lever up some and noticed a few pops in feeling the choke assembly. Could it be that the valves (?) in the enrichment circuit are sticking a bit and not sliding smoothly? That's what it felt like anyway...
  19. firefly

    Carburetor idle circuit cleaning

    A very detailed step by step idle circuit cleaning, I haven't tried it but others say it works. For others who tried it please comment about it and how successful clearing your problem. firfly