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  1. J

    My experience getting a 2004 VMX12 road ready after sitting for 5 years

    Hey folks. Long time lurker; this forum has helped me immensely and I thought I would post not only to say THANKS!! but also to share some information that helped me in this year long endeavor. Some backstory to the bike: It's a bone stock 2004 with 47K kilometers. My friend was the second...
  2. Fire-medic

    How to clean your gas cap

    I have a bike that had a stuck-on gas cap. No spray penetrating oils would allow the cap to release. I had to cut off the gas cap/tank neck to release the cap. A new one (gas cap) lists for $160+ at, and probably considerably more at your friendly dealership. If you do have...
  3. K

    Fuel tank CLEAN!

    Complete fuel tank minus cap. Tried to get picture of inside but couldn't get very well. I've never had issues with any rust or anything like that. $160 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. D

    Clean bike in NOVA $1500

    I just went and looked at this guy's bike tonight. Somebody take him the $1500 he's asking for and get it to your house. It needs steering head bearings tightened, a left turn signal bulb, and the starter switch sprayed with something to keep it from sticking...
  5. Conman

    FS: Clean '88 (Bad 2nd)

    I'm testing the waters to see if there's interest in my '88 with 2nd gear on its way out after 42k miles. Looking for $900, will be parted out if there's no interest. Good: It's extremely clean and well taken care of, runs/drives/shifts flawlessly aside from issues mentioned below Good...

    I am really hoping to clean my Vmax and ride it

    After going back and forth all year about selling or not selling my Vmax I decided to keep it. I can wait to clean it, put my new stuff on it, I just bought a BrakeAway cruise control, they finally got a Gen 2 and found out a current model fits the Gen 2's. I wonder how many sales they...
  7. M

    FS: 1990 VMax very clean $3500

    1990 VMax $3500 obo Located in Augusta, GA 19k miles custom paint drag bars Voodoo 4-1 exhaust stage 7 jet kit new tires recent oil change new Odyssey battery runs great email to: [email protected] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. effingidiot

    carb clean

    Been watching peashooter carb cleaning vid on youtube,i can't seem to find B-12 chemitool in the UK.Is there an alternative or will I have to pay postage from the USA.My carbs really need cleaning and synchronising,it starts fine and ticks over but runs a bit rough.When the carbs are sorted it's...
  9. TB99Max

    Easy way to clean front rotors

    So my front brakes have been catching and I'm finally going to remove them and do it right! So what's the best way to clean the floating rotor bolts? (Or whatever they are called). Also, I want to replace the Allen bolts that hold the rotor on. Is stainless the way to go?? Thanks guys!
  10. D

    Seafoam or clean?

    Yesterday I changed the oil, tuned brake lines, got my rear tire shipped in, and decided to tackle a bit of carb diagnosis. As it turns out, the right two vgas carbs were about 3k rpm worth of slack separate from the left side... so I adjusted the left side to match the right and now they...
  11. B

    twisted max clean out your inbox.Can't send PM back.

    Thanks that's all.
  12. M

    1999 Yamaha VMAX - Clean with good Mods

    1999 Yamaha VMAX 1200. -3rd owner. Adult owned. -Clean Texas title in my name -28k miles -2 stock keys -Good tags and inspection (07/14) -UT parking pass through 8/14 -Located Austin,TX Maintenance: -Oil / Filter change - 27950 miles -All brake fluid - 27100 miles -Fork Seals - 25000 miles...
  13. P

    Best tank clean method

    Ok guys I know you have diffrent methods, so how do you clean out your tanks?
  14. E

    How to clean grease-crusted calipers?

    Hi all. I hope everyone's doing okay and getting some good rides in before Mr. Winter attacks... I was just able to purchase two VERY used front brake calipers for my '86 FZX700. The problem is, it looks like these were baked for a LONG time in a grease-filled oven. They're just completely...
  15. P

    Do I have to remove carbs to rejet?

    Hi, I just bought Seans Jet kit. Do I have to remove the carbs to clean the inside and rejet or can i do while it's still on the motor? Thanks!
  16. KJShover

    Clean set-up

    But, I hope something was done about the fuel supply. Or the system is not done getting put together. Don't think the pistons are going enjoy a straight hit, of nothing but the squeeze, too much. It's a nice and clean setup though. .
  17. SledHead

    Clean up

    When I get a new bike one of the first things I do is clean and wax it. I even clean the parts you can't see. If nothing else it helps you get to know your bike better. I pulled the bodywork off the newly acquired 2001 this afternoon and cleaned her up. I swear it make the bike run better.
  18. G

    how can I clean the pilot jet without removing the carbs

    how can I clean the pilot jet without removing the carbs, will the shotgun or pea shooter do it?
  19. davidon

    Clear cover clean up

    Is there any way to polish up the cover on a clear cover part?? I for some reason sprayed carb cleaner on it to remove some spot that would not come off with normal cleaner and now there is a haze on part of the it:bang head::bang head:
  20. ninjaneer

    How To: Recondition the Clutch-side Switch Pod

    So I guess it was inevitable that I'd be writing this one up :rofl_200:. But in trying to hunt down the gremlin that's screwing with my taillight mod, I desperately cracked the switch pod apart hoping to find the critter lurking in there. Sad to say, it wasn't, :damn angry: but not a total...